BEST IELTS Academic Reading Test 301

BEST IELTS Academic Reading Test 301


IELTS Academic Reading Test
IELTS Academic Reading Test




For a nation with a history of making sophisticated clocks, it is not surprising that Switzerland is the best place for precision and high-tech research. The country is so proud of two Federal Institutes of Technology, like the CERN of particle physics laboratory and a core of IBM research facilities. Also, there are two big pharmaceutical companies called Roche and Novartis. Also, who can forget Switzerland’s world-famous chocolate industry?

British citizens are able to work in Switzerland vise-free and the country offers salaries of up to £72,000 per year for highly-skilled experienced researchers with the option of skiing in the lunch break. It is easy to know why Switzerland appeals to so many. In what fields are these great opportunities available?

IELTS Academic Reading Test

Computing Clout

IBM is one of the global companies that has established a research hub in Switzerland. The Ruschlikon lab located in the south of Zurich draws researchers from around the world, with 80% of them coming from abroad.

This lab is a leader in digital storage technology and semiconductor and optical electronics for online networks. Projects to build a top-class nanotechnology research centre in the place are going on and will be completed by 2014.

Irene Holenweger Koeb, a manager in IBM human resources, says that the lab is looking for a wide range of disciplines including physics, chemistry and mathematics. Also, it is a thriving bioscience group working on the application of nanotechnology to life sciences and other areas. Most of the positions only accept applicants with a Ph.D. but the lab also hires approximately 100 applicants with Bachelors and Masters degrees each year.

IELTS Academic Reading Test

Paul Hurley, a researcher in IBM’s systems software group, in enjoying the flexible atmosphere of his work. There is a relaxed atmosphere in the office at IBM and meetings often take place over lunch or a coffee break.

As a lot of employees are not Swiss nationals, the company offers a lot of support and also has a policy of paying relocation expenses. Koeb says that it is important to gradually ease employees into their new workplace.

IELTS Academic Reading Test

German lessons which are paid for by IBM are offered to new employees working in Zurich. The standard of German is different to German spoken in Zurich. Whilst Hurley has attended the classes, he says a little bit more practice is needed to notice the “Swiss-isms.”

Raising the Chocolate Bar

Switzerland is known for chocolate. Jose Rubio of Lindt’s human resources department says “Our company has 44 nationalities and 18 languages.”

Scientists are able to find jobs within quality management, research and development and in the factory working conditions. The work of R&D is to help improve new recipes and products as well as designing and building new machines for making them. You are able to hone your skills in a well-managed company and have the pleasant task of testing the products to make sure they meet the company’s high standards.

Rubio says that a foreign staff must speak at least one of the official Swiss languages. Most of the positions need a good level of German, as it is vital when working with Swiss coworkers in the production lines.

The ETH in German-speaking Zurich has a sister institution, which is the Federal Institute of Technology in French-speaking Lausanne (EPFL). With over 250 research groups and 10,000 students and faculties, it is focused on interdisciplinary scientific research. The institute’s technology transfer programmes ensure that practical tools and methods make it out of the lab and into the industry.

IELTS Academic Reading Test

Questions 28-30

Choose the appropriate letters A-D.

28.   Ruschlikon lab located in Zurich attracts

  1. almost 80 per cent of research staff from overseas.
  2. 80 per cent of research staff domestically.
  3. at least 80 per cent of engineers from abroad.
  4. 80 per cent of staff with a PhD from overseas.

29.   The lab has a plan to complete in 2014

  1. founding a top-class Ruschlikon lab.
  2. making a world-famous chocolate industry.
  3. founding the best nanotechnology research centre.
  4. researching digital storage marketing.

30.   According to information in the text, the main purpose of the writer is

  1. to survey various high-tech research in Switzerland.
  2. to introduce attractive research centres in Switzerland.
  3. to recruit a variety of human resources in Switzerland.
  4. to understand the world-famous chocolate in Switzerland.

IELTS Academic Reading Test

Questions 31-35

Choose NO MORE THAN TWO WORDS from Reading Passage 3 for each answer.

Raising the chocolate bar

Switzerland is familiar with (31)………… , attracted scientists in quality management, research and development. Those working in R&D aid to improve new versions of recipes, products and design and build (32)………… Foreign staff should fluently speak one of (33)………… official tongues in the least. Especially, a number of workplaces need to have an advanced level of (34)………… With over 250 research groups and 10,000 students and faculties, it emphasizes (35)………… Scientific research.

IELTS Academic Reading Test

Questions 36-40

Do the following statements reflect the claims of the writer in Reading Passage 3?

TRUE – if the statement agrees with the information

FALSE – if the statement contradicts the information

NOT GIVEN – if there is no information on this

36.   Switzerland has a reputation for the history of making precise clockwork.

37.   Coffee in Switzerland is world-famous.

38.   Four-fifths of the staff at the Ruschlikon in Zurich are from overseas.

39.   The Ruschlikon lab is a trailblazer in only the field of semiconductors in digital storage technology.

40.   Most study fields need a high level of English.

IELTS Academic Reading Test



BEST IELTS Academic Reading Test 301

IELTS Academic Reading Test


28. A

29. C

30. B






36. TRUE


38. TRUE



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