BEST IELTS Speaking Interview, 17th April

BEST IELTS Speaking Interview, 17th April


IELTS Speaking Interview
IELTS Speaking Interview



What is your full name?

My name is Rashika Rana.

How may I address you?

You may address me as Rashika.

May I see your identification?

Sure, here you go.

Do you make a list when you shop?

Yes, I always make lists before going shopping because I do not want to spend extra money on unnecessary things. The list helps me to control my budget.

IELTS Speaking Interview

Do you make a list for your work or study?

I am a student, so it is essential to make a list of all subjects and divide time accordingly. I make lists for week wise and set time for each subject. I get good grades in exams because I always follow the list properly. I work in a school/ IT company. I make lists for every day’s work, but according to the situation. I make changes in it or sometimes I cannot follow the list.

Why don’t some people like making lists?

Honestly speaking. The list is beneficial for those people who forget their work or things, but it wastage of time for those people who remember things very well. So that’s why some people do not make a list, as they handle they all work very well.

Do you prefer to make a list on paper or your phone?

In this technological era, every human has its own phone. So I think making lists on the phone is better than a paper list because sometimes paper may misplace but the phone cannot.

IELTS Speaking Interview


Describe a Time When You Felt Not Well Life

– You should say:

– What it was?

– What problems it caused you?

– What you did to control it?

– and explain how you felt about this health problem.

Model Answer

It is well known that health is considered as wealth. Every one needs good health and this is the precondition for a happy life. But once, when I was a teenager, I suffered from a health issue. I had a kidney stone and that was crushed.

Kidneys are considered as the filter for the human body and they may get damaged if the filter does not work in the right manner. Many of the people are suffering from kidney diseases and they did not take care of them. The key reason behind the kidney damage or disease is not taking proper care of the body, avoiding plenty of water and more.

I also suffered from kidney disease and fortunately, it was a minor one. Stones developed in my right kidney and the doctors told me that it had happened to my wrong lifestyle. In fact, they were right. I did not have a standard lifestyle rather I was unconventional than the other people. I did not drink enough water for a day, skipped meals, smoked too many cigarettes, and much more. Often I skipped my breakfast and supper. For all such reasons, my body falls victim to health disorders.

IELTS Speaking Interview

Before being diagnosed with the kidney stone, I felt severe pain in my right abdomen and particularly on the spots where the right kidney is located. Vomiting was another symptom with me. But as I did not have the idea that this might be related to kidney issues, I took some painkillers and felt comfortable. But after some days, I felt the trouble again. There was severe pain in the same place that made me mad almost. So, I went to a local doctor here and he also prescribed me a pain killer and injected me with some serums that reduced the pain level.

I was fine for a few days and met the doctor again. This time, he asked me to have some tests and the X-ray discovered that there is a stone in my right kidney which is blocking the way of filtering water on the body.Thereby, it was necessary for me to remove the stone. I was astonished by how it developed inside the kidney. I heard about it from others that they were suffering from kidney stones. I laughed at them. This time, it was their chance to laugh at me. I also underwent some other tests to be confirmed about the stone and all the tests had the same report.

So, I decided to remove the stone and consulted with a specialist doctor about my kidney issue. The doctor said that there are two ways to remove the kidney. The first way is that I could have an operation where they will penetrate into my belly and somehow bring out the stone and the second one was to insert a crusher through my reproductive organ and crush the stone smoothly. I am afraid of surgeries and operations. So, I agreed with the second option and went for it. On a fixed date, I entered the operation theatre and it was done without any troubles.

IELTS Speaking Interview

It was unbearable to me to tolerate the pain when that attacked me. I could not control myself and often it happened that I pressed the part of my body to get relieved of the pain. I could not have imagined that I will be a patient of kidney disorders but it was bad luck for me. I had to run after the doctors and most of the time the pain attacked me in the night times and it became difficult for me to find a doctor in that particular moment.

Though I went to the hospitals, there were no specialized doctors at midnight and the present medical officers were unable to make the right decisions. So, they only treated me with some painkillers and injections to control the pain. But once the stone was crushed, I felt relieved of the trouble. Now I do not have to run at midnight to find a doctor.

However, the doctors advised me to be aware of the issue in the future. They also advised me to take proper diets and plenty of water in a day. They also told me to cut the smoking as that is a highly harmful activity for kidneys. I try to follow their advice in the present day and been living a trouble-free healthy life.

IELTS Speaking Interview


Q.2. W hat do the people of your country do to remain healthy?

Ans. Well, the people of my country follow different methods to remain healthy. Of course this choice depends on the factors like the age of the person, the nature of his work and so on. For instance, the older people mostly like to indulge in yoga and meditation.

Q.3. Does the life-style of a person effects his health?

Ans. Yes of course. Lifestyle of a person has a direct bearing on his health. A healthy and active life-style results in good health whereas a sedentary life style has a negative impact on a person’ health.

IELTS Speaking Interview

Q.4. Have the eating habits of the people changed? Why? Why not?

Ans. Yes. In fact the eating habits of the people have undergone a drastic change.

This is due to a number of reasons like change in life-style, availability of junk and exotic food and many more.

Q.5.How can healthy eating habits be inculcated in children?

Ans. Healthy eating habits can be inculcated in the children in a number of ways. The first and foremost role can be that of the parents. Healthy and tasty food should be cooked at home and served to the children. This will stop their craving for junk food. Parents too should refrain from having junk food. Not only that, in schools also, the teachers should tell the children about the importance of healthy food. Moreover, junk food should not be available in the school canteen. Rather healthy food and drinks like fruit juice and flavoured milk should be sold.

IELTS Speaking Interview


BEST IELTS Speaking Interview, 17th April

IELTS Speaking Interview

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