BEST IELTS Speaking Interview, 11th May

BEST IELTS Speaking Interview, 11th May


 IELTS Speaking Interview,



What is your full name?

My name is Ramuliya Shuklita.

How may I address you?

You may address me as Ramuliya.

May I see your ID?

Sure, here you go.

Have you ever littered?

Never in my entire life, even a small piece of candy wrapper. I know how such a small action can have a big impact on the environment. That is why my bag or jacket’s pockets are always full of liters after being backed home from somewhere outside.

Why do people liter?

Without hesitation, they may throw things like plastic bottles or cups in public places if a trash bin cannot be found. However, some may even liter right next to a bin, so I believe littering has become a habit of many people.

How do you feel about that?

I often get very furious. I still remember a time seeing a man throwing a plastic cup of milk tea. At that time, I wish I could have enough courage to tell him pick it up and put into the bin. There is no reason to damage the environment with such a lack of awareness.

IELTS Speaking Interview

Do you remember your dream when you wake up?

No, for most of the time. That is why there were mornings I got up with pity for forgetting all the beautiful dreams I had the night before. However, sometimes I have nightmares too, and it is a good idea not to remember them at all.

Do you like hearing others’ dreams?

Yes, most of the dreams I have heard from others are funny stories, so they are so entertaining. Being chased by a cow or flying after a helicopter are some of my little brother’s dreams that used to bring me a good laugh.

IELTS Speaking Interview


Describe a person who contributes to the society.

You should say:

– Who this person is?

– How you knew him/her?

– What type of work he/she does?

And explain why you think he/she contributes to the society?

IELTS Speaking Interview

Model Answer 1:

Introduction: and Who this person is? and How you knew him/her?

It is quite unfortunate that most people are becoming self-centred Unit but still, there are some people who understand their responsibility and contribute towards society and the person I’m going to talk about is a famous Bollywood personality Sonu Sood who is a great social worker. I feel proud that he is from my hometown Moga and is famous internationally for his good deeds.

IELTS Speaking Interview

What type of work he/she does?

Though he has been helping others for ages but got into the limelight during the corona pandemic. It was a time when people were in great fear due to the deadly virus unfortunately, it was a very tough time for daily wagers who lost their work during lockdown they were not able to make both ends meet and this was the time when Sonu Sood announced he would provide food and shelter to all the affected people.

And explain why you think he/she contributes to the society?

In addition, labourers who were working away from their hometowns and were not able to travel back because the public transport was not operational, he arranged hundreds of buses and helped thousands of migrant workers to meet their families.

IELTS Speaking Interview

In fact, he is highly active on social media and whosoever approaches him for help he never says ‘no’. Every time he visits my city he contributes in some way, for example, lately, he distributed bicycles to thousands of school-going girls to empower them.


He great example for others to understand, their role towards society and I wish I too begone a social worker like him one day.

IELTS Speaking Interview


1. Do people nowadays help others more than in the past?

There have been helpful people in every era and they use the means they can to help others in need. I believe that people have more means to help other people anywhere in the world because of technology. That was not possible in the past.

2. Who should teach children to help others? Parents or teachers?

Both parents and teachers share the responsibility to ensure that the children learn to help others. Parents should be role models for their and teachers can have lessons and activities in schools to inculcate/imbibe this value/virtue in children.

IELTS Speaking Interview

3. In what kind of professions do people help others more?

I think in all professions people help other directly or indirectly through their products and services. However, those working in the social/community service fields, like NGOs working to promote child education, women empowerment, and other such social issues, help others more.

4. Why are some people willing to help others?

People who are empathetic, sensitive, and compassionate are more willing to help others. These values are what they have seen and learned from their parents, teachers and other people around them while they are growing up.

IELTS Speaking Interview


BEST IELTS Speaking Interview, 11th May

IELTS Speaking Interview

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