BEST IELTS Speaking Interview, 24th May

BEST IELTS Speaking Interview, 24th May


 IELTS Speaking Interview



What is your name?

My name is Manuireds Freisd.

How may I address you?

You may address me as Manu.

May I see your ID?

Sure, here you go.

When was your last time worked with a team?

The last time I worked in a team was a project I did during the second year of my graduate school. Our tutor gave us an assignment to review the server log of an international trade website and give a brief analysis using data warehouse and data mining technology.

Do you like to work or study with others or just by yourself?

Personally, I would like to work in a team because I’d have partner to share the responsibility with and we could solve problems better, as the saying goes “Many hands make light work”.

IELTS Speaking Interview

What’s the most important thing for teamwork?

I think the most important thing for teamwork is deciding who does what. Every member of team should be assigned specific tasks and he or she should stick to that. Also team spirit is equally important

Do you like to be a leader?

Honestly, I would like to be a leader. Being a leader would reflect the hard work I’ve put into the job. I can win other peoples respect as well

What form of transport do you prefer to use? Why?

Without any doubt I would say motorbikes. You can see people driving a motorbike all over the place in my country. Almost everyone travels by motorbike. The reason why motorbike is so popular I think is due to their reasonable price and convenience. They also extremely varied in terms of size, color and quality, thus a wide variety of choices is available for everyone.

IELTS Speaking Interview


Describe a time when you spent night without electricity.

You should say:

– When it was?

– Where you were?

– What exactly happened?

– Why the power went off?

– What did you do afterwards?

IELTS Speaking Interview



Well, living in India, it is not uncommon to spend nights without electricity.

When it was? and Where you were?

And one such experience I had lately and it was the time when a few of the friends of my brother were invited for his birthday celebration. Actually, last month it was my brother’s birthday, and he invited a few of his friends to stay overnight and have a celebration. Ofcourse, we were super excited about the celebration.

What exactly happened? and Why the power went off?

Somewhere around 9 pm, we had the cake-cutting ceremony, and my brother blew the candles. Out of a sudden, the light went off, and it was actually because of a short circuit. Unfortunately, it was not possible to get the problem fixed this late at night. So, we had to spend the night without power.

IELTS Speaking Interview

What did you do afterwards?

Despite the power cut, we decided to continue the celebration. My brother’s friend Karan is a wonderful singer. So, he kept singing for hours, and we enjoyed his singing, and we danced along it. As we were enjoying the singing and dancing, the weather changed, and it started to rain.

So we decided to sit in the balcony to enjoy gossip as well as enjoy the pleasant weather. We played a few games, especially the talent hunt, and we gossiped for long hours. During this time, we also enjoyed the snacks that we had prepared and enjoying the food in the moonlight and candlelight was more like enjoying candlelight dinner at a restaurant and I must say that it was really a great fun enjoying the gossips and talking about different matters and we felt more connected than that we had felt watching the movie or playing computer games which means we were not at all affected by the power cut.


Now, it was somewhere around 2 am, and we were all exhausted, and we never knew when we hit the bed and fall asleep. Overall, it was the time or experience I had of spending a night without electricity.

IELTS Speaking Interview


1. What is the situation of the power supply in your hometown?

The power supply in my hometown is erratic. Due to rampant urbanization, the number of connections has grown manifold, and the electricity demand has grown substantially. This raised demand usually leads to load shedding and frequent power cuts.

2. What is the most viable solution to provide seamless electricity?

The most feasible solution to provide seamless electricity is to focus on alternative sources of energy such as wind, solar and tidal energy. In short, we must pay excessive attention to electricity production through renewable energy sources.

IELTS Speaking Interview


BEST IELTS Speaking Interview, 24th May

IELTS Speaking Interview

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