BEST IELTS Speaking Interview, 18th April

BEST IELTS Speaking Interview, 18th April


IELTS Speaking Interview
IELTS Speaking Interview



What is your name?

My name is Kadwrwr Kuadj.

How may I address you?

You may address me as Kadw.

May I see your ID?

Sure, here it is.

Is bicycle riding safe in your city?

Bicycle riding is reasonably safe in my city. There are thousands of people who use bicycles to travel from one place to another in my city, and they do so happily. Sometimes I read about bicycle riders meeting with accidents or mishaps in the newspaper, but all in all bicycles riding is quite safe where I come from.

What kinds of people ride bicycle in your city?

People of all age groups ride bicycles in my city. school children use them to go to their schools. Youngsters use bicycles to reach their workplaces, and often, for daily physical exercise to stay fit. Middle aged and old people also ride bicycles for similar reasons where I stay.

IELTS Speaking Interview

What changes have you seen in bicycles in the last few years?

Bicycles have become fancier and more rider-friendly in the last few years. We can see bicycles available today in all frame sizes and wheel sizes, with many speed gears, and we also get to see variants with tubeless tyres. Many other attractive features such as GPS devices and fitness trackers are also included in bicycles to attract more people towards riding them.

Do you think there should be separate tracks for bicycles on roads?

It is indeed a great idea. Many countries in Europe have done this. We should have separate tracks for bicycles on roads in order to provide safety to riders, and to encourage more people to ride bicycles. This also facilitates our environment, because if more people use bicycles,

IELTS Speaking Interview


Describe a worth enjoying theatrical performance.

You should say:

– What the performance was about?

– Where it took place?

– How fine the acting and plot were?

– and explain why it was a worth watching and enjoying theatrical performance.

IELTS Speaking Interview

Model Answer

The annual drama festival of my college is worth enjoying and every year,?different classes stage their productions in the annual drama festival of the?college. Hamlet by Shakespeare was the theatrical performance of my class?this year.

The plot of the drama is known to everyone and thus it was the widely?accepted one this year and for the extraordinary performance, it got the first?prize in the theatrical performance category. The entire performance was?enjoyed by the audiences present at the venue and there was pin-drop silence?on the venue while the performance was on (under my direction).

To make the?drama more enjoyable, some minor changes were made and the background?was set in the setting of India.?The theatrical performance took place at the college auditorium and it was evening when the audiences started to arrive to enjoy the performance.

Though the performance was set to begin at 7.30 pm we got a bit late and it?began at around 8 o?clock. Two of the leading artists were blocked in traffic and?thus made late to arrive at the college. The auditorium was filled with?audiences and we were glad to have so many of them present on the?performance day. Usually, the annual show is performed under the open sky?but due to stormy climate, we had to shift the show inside the auditorium so?that rain or other natural calamities could not hamper the performance.?

IELTS Speaking Interview

The performance created a blend of reactions from the audiences? side. Most?of the audiences adored the performance while some others were on the view?that the local setting of the drama has degraded the entire play.

A third part of?the audience was neutral over the plot making and overall performance.?Before staging the performance, we declared that this is an experimental?performance for us and we also acknowledged that Shakespeare was the?greatest dramatist of the world and undoubtedly all of his plots are?masterpieces and hence, no criticisms would be entertained against this?performance.?This performance gained the title of the best theatrical performance ever?made in the college history and almost everyone including the haters of the?show had to admit that the performance was impressive.

The show was?enjoyable as we made some changes in the actual plot and added some?characters to bring more fun. However, the other plot elements were the same?and the audiences laughed at the additional characters and their?performances. In fact, the scriptwriter had to spend lots of hours to tweak the?plot and character additions. At the same time, the artists of the play had?depicted the characters in perfect manners. So, the entire performance turned?worth enjoying and the audience did enjoy the theatrical performance.

IELTS Speaking Interview


Question 1. Do you think traditional performances are important?

Answer – Traditional performances, whether it’s dance or a local speech to deliver or any song to sing, will tell you more about the culture, and it is good to be part of an audience.

Question 2. Is Learning Drama or Dance Good for Children?

Answer – It is good for children. It teaches a lot about emotion and the play of actors. However, it is still an individual choice to make, but even children who are interested in acting parent can recognise skills at an early stage which will be beneficial to the child.

Question 3. Is learning drama or dancing helpful for kids?

Answer – Yes, the drama will help them know about acts and emotions, as said earlier, and dance will keep them fit, even showing gymnastics skills. It also increases immunity in kids. If they want to compete in future, they can easily do so. However, not only do drama or dance activities have their benefits for kids.

Question 4. Should Government Provide Financial Support to Traditional Performances?

Answer – Yes, and in some places, it does support the government, have started to give financial support to many communities to represent culture on an international level. E.g. Punjab is supported with funds by the government to show dance bhangra in the USA. All act by the government gives extra support to the team and motivates other to participate.

IELTS Speaking Interview


BEST IELTS Speaking Interview, 18th April

IELTS Speaking Interview

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