BEST IELTS Speaking Test, 18th June

BEST IELTS Speaking Test, 18th June

IELTS Speaking Test

May I know your full name? Please.

My full name is Akashita Rai.

How may I call you?

You may call me by my first name as Akashita.

May I see your ID?

Sure, here it is.

IELTS Speaking Test

Do you recycle? Why?

Yes, I recycle many things because I think it is not only the best way to reduce waste material but good for the environment, especially natural resources, metals and water. So we can say the more we recycle, the more we protect our resources.

Did you recycle when you were a kid?

Yes, I am recycling things from my childhood. I live in a joint family. My parents were taught us (me, my brother and two cousins) new things and even till now. they teach us new things. They also taught us how to reuse old items. They were organizing a competition every Sunday that was based on recycling old things. We always made new plans to convert the old thing into a new thing. So in that way. I recycled waste material in my childhood.

Will you recycle in the future?

Yes, definitely I started this process in the past, doing in the present also. and I make sure that I will continue it in future also.

IELTS Speaking Test

What kind of things do you recycle?

I recycle old clothes and newspaper. I make some decorative things and mats from them.

What are good hobbies and bad hobbies? Why?

I think good hobbies are reading books, spending time with nature, sports and family, which make people more physical and mentally healthy. On the other hand, bad hobbies include over usage of the Internet, playing video games which not only affect physical health but effect relationship also.

Do you have a hobby, and what equipment do you need for it?

Yes, I love to do art and craft because it makes me happy, and while doing it, I forget my all tensions and stress. I make new things from waste paper and plastic.

IELTS Speaking Test

Is it harmful to spend too much time on a hobby?

Well, yes, I believe spending excessive time on a hobby may harm people because it affects the work/ study.

IELTS Speaking Test

I used to watch the television series George Shrinks and it had a great impression on me in my childhood. In fact, George, the little hero, of this series became my real-life model. He was a little boy but his life was filled with adventures. He moved from one place to another with the car that his father invented. Interestingly, the Zooper car could take different other shapes like a submarine of a helicopter. And the activities he took part in were really amazing. This is an interesting cue card task for me and it reminds me of my childhood. The remaining answers are here.

George was my hero for his adventurous nature. In my childhood, I was also a young girl who wanted to have an adventure. But unluckily, I did not have the chance to take part in. My parents did not allow me to get out of home activities fearing that I might get injured or harmed. But George was accompanied by his father and had many adventures in his life. So, he became my hero.

IELTS Speaking Test

No, I do not consider George as a hero anymore. In fact, I have become matured and the ideas have changed. The things George took part in were suitable for children only. And as an adult, they do not attract me anymore. Actually, the appeal of that show is for the kids only and I am not interested. My taste has changed and I do not watch the animation movies or attracted to any children’s series.

I used to play like George. I also regretted the Zooper car. Once I dreamt of having a car like that Zooper car which was made by George’s father. Moreover, his encounters with robotic aliens and other people also amazed me. I tried to follow him in my everyday life.

IELTS Speaking Test

Who motivates children the most?

In the early age of children, their parents and teachers motivate them the most. Once they grow up, they are motivated by movie stars, popular people.

How can teachers motivate children?

Teachers can motivate children by encouraging them in different ways like setting achievable goals, allowing them to explore their curiosity and think outside the box. 

How is it different from teaching kids?

Students who are not motivated will not improve academic performance. Motivated students are more excited to participate in class and unmotivated students won’t interact in the whole class.

IELTS Speaking Test

What should teenagers have?

Teenagers have to be motivated, and they should have the willingness to act upon the advice of others. Only then can they change their dreams.


BEST IELTS Speaking Test, 18th June

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IELTS Speaking Test

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