BEST IELTS Speaking Test, 24th June

BEST IELTS Speaking Test, 24th June

IELTS Speaking Test

What is your full name?

My full name is Garesham Radha.

How may I address you?

You may address me as Garesham.

May I see your identification?

Of course, here you go.

IELTS Speaking Test

Why do you think it is essential to learn a foreign language?

In the world most people speaking English even though sometimes we should know some other languages. In my personal experience, I am working in a Middle East country with the local students. So it must be essential to learn a new language to make communication more flexible. So I firmly believe that it is necessary to learn a foreign language to strengthen our career.

How is it helpful to you to speak a foreign language?

It is constructive to speak a foreign language to get a person’s attention. Suppose we are going for a trip in a nation with different speaking language people. We can easily communicate with the shopkeeper to buy an authentic style item at an affordable price.

IELTS Speaking Test

What is the most challenging part of learning a foreign language for you?

In my personal experience, the most challenging part of learning a foreign language is the accent that precisely generates voice. Again, whatever effort we put into that specific area, we tend to use our mother tongue sound. Practise is the only possible way to learn that. Practice as much as you can. That is the only solution.

What is the best way to memorize new words?

The best way to memorize a new word is to make a sentence using that word and practice it in our day-to-day life if it’s apt for the situation.

Is it better to learn a new word from translation or by definition?

In order to remember for the long term, it’s better to learn a new word by definition. Sometimes we use the same word as noun and verb depends upon the sentence structure. If we know the exact meaning of a new word, we can wisely practice the word in daily life.

IELTS Speaking Test

Why don’t some people know the language of the society they live in?

Most people know the language of the society they live in. The exceptional case is that if we live in a community only based on our job, the people might not know the local language. For example, I am living in UAE as a part of my job. I am not good at speaking the Arabic language.

What do you think of children learning a foreign language?

It is their privilege among the society to know a foreign language. The children must learn a foreign language for their better career. People can quickly adapt the wording in their early years.

IELTS Speaking Test

Why are some language classes boring’?

If people are not interested in learning new things, it will usually be boring for them. In the case of language classes, the instructor’s mode of teaching is not live. Usually, the children get bored because we are attempting a new language.

Some students hate to learn foreign languages; what can teachers do to develop their interest?

The teachers can make the classes more interactive by motivating them to speak in the new language. To include more activities related to the session.

Some people travel to learn a foreign language, what do you think?

Even though there are many online courses available, and some people still prefer to travel to learn a new language. In my opinion, this trend is suitable for adapting more knowledge on that language, and always practical knowledge is worth than any other way of learning. It makes the communication more fluent and perfect than another sort of learning.

IELTS Speaking Test

What is the best way to learn a foreign language?

The best way to learn a foreign language is to speak with the native speaker online or offline.

IELTS Speaking Test

The most polite person I have come across in my life is Mr. Johnson, my former colleague at a previous job. I got to know Mr. Johnson through daily interactions at work where we collaborated on various projects.

Mr. Johnson stood out for his exceptional courtesy and manners in every situation. He had a knack for making everyone feel valued and respected. Whether it was addressing a colleague, talking to a client, or interacting with someone from a different department, he always maintained a calm and respectful demeanor.

What impressed me the most about Mr. Johnson was his ability to listen attentively and respond thoughtfully. He never rushed conversations and would often go out of his way to ask about others’ well-being or offer assistance if someone needed help. His politeness wasn’t just about saying the right things; it was about genuinely caring for others and showing empathy.

IELTS Speaking Test

Personally, I felt fortunate to have worked alongside someone like Mr. Johnson. His politeness created a positive and harmonious atmosphere in our workplace, making it a more enjoyable environment for everyone. His example taught me the importance of treating others with kindness and consideration, even in the midst of busy or stressful situations.

Overall, Mr. Johnson’s politeness left a lasting impact on me. He exemplified how simple acts of courtesy and respect can make a significant difference in fostering relationships and creating a supportive community.

In your opinion, why is it important to show respect to others?   

Yes, it is important to show respect to others, if you disrespect others then no one will respect you and they don’t care about you. As already said that politeness, humbleness, and respect are like mirrors, what you show will reflect to you.

IELTS Speaking Test

Can you give me some other examples of how people show politeness in your country?  

People in my country respect others even if they are older or younger, they would not behave harshly and hurt their elders and youngsters. On the bus, youngsters were given their seats for the elder people and pregnants passengers. In schools and colleges students would stand up and give respect when the staff come inside the classroom. Not only in schools and colleges even in their home if any elders would come they stand up from their place and welcome them.


BEST IELTS Speaking Test, 24th June

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IELTS Speaking Test

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