BEST IELTS Writing Task 2, 19th April

BEST IELTS Writing Task 2, 19th April


IELTS Writing Task 2
IELTS Writing Task 2


Some people think that good health is a basic human need, so the medical service should not be run by profit-making companies. Do you think the disadvantages of the private health care outweigh the advantages?

Give reasons for your answer and include any relevant examples from your own knowledge or experience.

Model Answer:

Good healthcare service is a fundamental need for every citizen in a country and when this sector is run by money making private organisations, it is clear that the government provided health care service is not up to mark and need improvements. I believe that when the healthcare service is owned and run by some bunch of money-makers, mass people would suffer to a great extent and this policy has far more demerits than few advantages it offers.

First, when government incapable of providing sufficient treatment and hospital facilities, the healthcare sector is then turning into a profitable business sector for many private organisations. Those private organisations’ main objective is to make money and thus only rich citizens can accommodate their treatment. Since the government does not have any control over the treatment facilities of these hospitals and healthcare centres, they charge people as much as they like. Thus they make the overall health care system expensive in a country.

Second, the private healthcare centres are often accused of overcharging and wrong treatment and yet they are not punished for the misdeed they conduct. Many people opine that private healthcare centres and hospitals are far neater and clean and have more qualified doctors. However, should not those doctors be treating in public hospitals instead of making money? Thus the professional ethics of doctors are ruined by their practice in private hospitals. Furthermore, the government collects a huge amount of tax from its citizens and should be obliged to provide health care services to people for free rather than letting private hospitals loot people.

In conclusion, a better environment and more doctors and nurses in private hospitals are often considered as the great advantages for the patients.  However, the amount they charge for treatment is outrageous and mass people cannot afford that. The government should ensure proper healthcare facilities for all of its citizens and quality public health care service is a better solution than allowing private companies control this important sector whose sole objective is to make profits.

IELTS Writing Task 2


BEST IELTS Writing Task 2, 19th April
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