IELTS Writing Task 2 Topics

IELTS Writing Task 2 Topics

1. Writing Task 2 – teaching methodology in the modern classroom

2. Writing Task 2 – Impact of the advertisements on people

3. Writing Task 2 – whether rich countries should help the poor or administration

4. Writing Task 2 – how consumers influenced by advertisements

5. Writing Task 2 – environmental issue – should be managed by individual person or country

6. Writing Task 2 – is it important for everyone to learn English?

7. Writing Task 2 – should universities only offer practical degree courses

8. Writing Task 2 – causes and solutions to children’s sufferings and obesity.

9. Writing Task 2 – opinion on the early or late retirement are of the workers.

10. Writing Task 2 – How humans damage the environment and its solutions.

11. Writing Task 2 – points to consider before moving to new nation.

12. Writing Task 2 – view on whether to save language or not.

13. Writing Task 2 – friends are more important than family in today’s world others oppose it

14. Writing Task 2 – whether directors should get much salary increases than ordinary workers

15. Writing Task 2 – Computers replace jobs due to advancement of technology.

16. Writing Task 2 – Whether tax should be paid to G.F.S or not?

17. Writing Task 2 – sports contribute to peace building internationally. Do you agree or disagree?

18. Writing task 2 – Lifetime Imprisonment is better than death penalty

19. Writing Task 2 – Foreign language instruction should begin in kindergarten.

20. Writing Task 2 –Who, makes a better parent, a mother or a father?

21. Writing Task 2 – Government investment in music and theatre, is a waste of money.

22. Writing Task 2 – Who should choose career for students.

23. Writing Task 2 – famous people are being hounded by press.

24. Writing Task 2 – Work experience sessions instead of attending schools.

25. Writing Task 2 – Should government ban the sale of bottled water?

26. Writing Task 2 – Should government knock down the museums due to internet?

27. Writing Task 2 – Public libraries are necessary or not?

28. Writing Task 2 – Developing countries should repay the foreign debts or not?

29. Writing Task 2 – Discuss why people travel these days more and it’s benefits.

30. Writing Task 2 – People wearing same clothes following same culture.

31. Writing Task 2 – Advertisements aimed at children should be allowed or not?

32. Writing Task 2 – Discuss on whether people should save money or spent.

33. Writing Task 2 – Importance of technology solutions and other values.

34. Writing Task 2 – Should rich countries employ labour from poor countries?

35. Writing Task 2 – Views on whether money is more important or job satisfaction?

36. Writing Task 2 – Shopping is a leisure activity or should we shop out of necessity?

37. Writing Task 2 – Arguments for and against the maintenance of zoos.

38. Writing Task 2 – Experience is being priced more by employers than university degrees.

39. Writing Task 2 – Should government build new buildings using traditional styles?

40. Writing Task 2 –Wealth of nation depends on citizens. Do you agree?

41. Writing Task 2 – Tobacco and alcohol are drugs that cause addiction. This should be legal or illegal?

42. Writing Task 2 – One day world’s oil and gas reserves will run out.

43. Writing Task 2 – Today’s society provides various ways to lose weight. What is your viewpoint?

44. Writing Task 2 – How companies keep their employees motivated and satisfied in globalistion?

45. Writing Task 2 – In some country’s children have strict rules while in other country’s they are allowed to do everything.

46. Writing Task 2 – Children do not respect their parents as they did in past.

47. Writing Task 2 – Eating meat or fish is not only better for health but also benefits the world as whole.

48. Writing task 2 – In your opinion, what is most important characteristics that a people should have?

49. Writing Task 2 – To eliminate the problem of careless driving, we should teach the safe driving skills to children at school.

50. Writing Task 2 – Provocative adverts have no place in a civilized society. Discuss.

51. Writing Task 2 – Staying in one place or moving in search of another, Which do you prefer?

52. Writing Task 2 – People are less active and fit nowadays than in past.

53. Writing Task 2 – Download copyright music and books made easier with modern technology.

54. Writing Task 2 – Scientists agree that people are damaging their health by eating too much junk food.

55. Writing Task 2 – Best way to travel in cities is car or bicycle?

56. Writing Task 2 – Effective way to reduce the pollution is to tax the companies which cause it.

57. Writing Task 2 – Why do many adults stop doing physical exercise?

58. Writing Task 2 – What problems may caused with different ideas and attitudes with parents.

59. Writing Task 2 – How is your generation different from your parent’s?

60. Writing Task 2 – Some people say it is good idea to wear a uniform at work.

61. Writing Task 2 – Ragging is much debated today that it should be banned in educational institutions.

62. Writing Task 2 – Methods used in advertising is unethical and unacceptable in today’s society.

63. Writing Task 2 – Important things in life are mostly free or can’t be bought.

64. Writing Task 2 – Should government censor the Internet for the welfare of students and citizens?

65. Writing Task 2 – People should not spend time thinking about the past.

66. Writing Task 2 – How important the balance between the work and other aspects of one’s life.

67. Writing Task 2 – Compare and contrast knowledge gained from experience with knowledge gained from books.

68. Writing Task 2 – Group’s or organizations are an important part of some people’s lives.

69. Writing Task 2 – The big cities are constantly growing. Why is this happening?

70. Writing Task 2 – Discuss the possible causes of illiteracy and its effect on society.

71. Writing Task 2 – Contemporary technologies are making a single globe tradition. Do you agree?

72. Writing Task 2 – Children learn best by observing the behaviour of adults and copying it.

73. Writing Task 2 – Is women solely responsible for bringing up children.

74. Writing Task 2 – Smokers can cause themselves serious health problems.

75. Writing Task 2 – Teachers are not as important as they used to be because of choice.

76. Writing Task 2 – What do you think is the most important invention from past 100 years.

77. Writing Task 2 – Work training is more important than giving a board-based education.

78. Writing Task 2 – way to increase recycling is for governments to make it a legal requirement.

79. Writing Task 2 – Most of writers of fiction do not earn money to live from their writing.

80. Writing Task 2 – What are the affects of performing tasks such as banking, shopping and business transactions.

81. Writing Task 2 – How important homework for children?

82. Writing Task 2 – Successful sports professionals can earn a great deal than other profession.

83. Writing Task 2 – Increase in population is unsustainable and will lead to global crisis or beneficial for growth of world’s economy?

84. Writing Task 2 – Today everyone has a right to access to Internet and that governments should provide this access for free.

85. Writing Task 2 – What do you think is reasonable amount of paid vacation time for employees to have?

86. Writing Task 2 – Today’s school teach their students how to survive financially.

87. Writing Task 2 – Nowadays food has become easier to prepare. Has this change improved the way people live?

88. Writing Task 2 – Parents are the best teachers. Support your answer.

89. Writing Task 2 – Should animals be used in testing new drugs and procedure?

90. Writing Task 2 – How to tackle the problem of pollution in cities?

91. Writing Task 2 – Using a computer every day have more negative than positive effects on children?

92. Writing Task 2 – Multinational companies and their products are becoming important. This is damaging quality of life.

93. Writing Task 2 – What are the important qualities of a good leader?

94. Writing Task 2 – The older you get the more difficult life becomes. Discuss.

95. Writing Task 2 – What are causes and and effects does have on the city dwellers from high levels of migration.

96. Writing Task 2 – Traditional ideas are not helpful for young generations to prepare for modern life.

97. Writing Task 2 – Some people think that individual can prevent global climate change.

98. Writing Task 2 – Tourism has been a good source of revenue. Discuss advantages and disadvantages.

99. Writing Task 2 – Is it possible to balance demand of work and personal life.

100. Writing Task 2 – How music influence individuals and societies?

101. Writing Task 2 – children from poor families are better equipped after facing challenges.

102. Writing Task 2 – everyone today should pay small amount in order to help homeless people.

103. Writing Task 2 – Using consumer goods like refrigerator and washing machines, advantageous or disadvantageous.

104. Writing Task 2 – Capital punishment should be banned or not?

105. Writing Task 2 – developing countries should refuse to pay debts of the foreign countries.

106. Writing Task 2 – People should have right to carry a gun, as crime rate is on increase.

107. Writing Task 2 – Amount of violence shown on TV and in cinema affects the actions of young people.

108. Writing Task 2 – Is minimum qualification should be fixed for right to Vote?

109. Writing Task 2 – Tensions are inseparable part of human life.

110. Writing Task 2 – Will it be better to have a single language for whole world.

111. Writing Task 2 – Examinations have always disliked by everybody.

112. Writing Task 2 – Past has no value for those who are living in the present. Do you agree or disagree?

113. Writing Task 2 – Fatherhood ought to be emphasized as much as motherhood.

114. Writing Task 2 – Media coverage by celebrities have a negative effect on children.

115. Writing Task 2 – Economic progress is important for government.

116. Writing Task 2 – Which would you prefer, working for a large company or for a small company?

117. Writing Task 2 – Motorways help people to travel long distances but also cause problems.

118. Writing Task 2 – Parents today are keen to provide all the technological gadgets to their children.

119. Writing Task 2 – Is freedom of speech necessary in a free society?

120. Writing Task 2 – Parents give children everything they ask, is it good for children?

121. Writing Task 2 – Population growth is unsustainable in such countries like China, India and Japan.

122. Writing Task 2 – Choose career according to social status and salary or whether to enjoy the career.

123. Writing Task 2 – Radio is enjoyable and practical than TV.

124. Writing Task 2 – Advances made in agriculture, many people around the world still go hungry.

131. Writing Task 2 – A person should never make an important decision alone.

132. Writing Task 2 – Luck has nothing to do with success.

133. Writing Task 2 – What is the most important characteristics that person should have.

134. Writing Task 2 – Teacher should make learning enjoyable?

135. Writing Task 2 – Traffic on roads is getting worse day by day.

136. Writing Task 2 – Universities should accept equal numbers of male and female students in every subject.

137. Writing Task 2 – We cannot help everyone in the world that needs help.

138. Writing Task 2 – How technology affected the types of relationships that people make?

139. Writing Task 2 – Hobbies need to be difficult to be enjoyable.

140. Writing Task 2 – Happiness is considered very important in life.

141. Writing Task 2 – Major role in personality and development: Nature or Nuture?

142. Writing Task 2 – Prisoners become good citizens and they talk teenagers, the danger of committing crime.

143. Writing Task 2 – Single-sex school performs better academically.

144. Writing Task 2 – In modern world we are more dependent or more independent?

145. Writing Task 2 – Should governments give more financial support to local film industries?

146. Writing Task 2 – Distance learning can replace school?

147. Writing Task 2 – Government should make university education free for all students, regardless of financial situation.

148. Writing Task 2 – Every year several languages die out.

149. Writing Task 2 – Buildings should be protected by law or replaced by new buildings?

150. Writing Task 2 – Is it better for college students for study to live far away from home rather than live at home.

151. Writing Task 2 – Older generations hold some traditional ideas on the correct way.

152. Writing Task 2 – In multi-cultural societies, people of different cultural backgrounds live and work together.

153. Writing Task 2 – More and more people are moving to cities in search of better life has its own problems.

154. Writing Task 2 – Development of internet has positive or negative development?

155. Writing Task 2 – Old generations tend to have traditional ideas about how people should live and behave?

156. Writing Task 2 – Increase in the cost of fuel and decrease the environmental pollution.

157. Writing Task 2 – Why people are using more and sugar-based drinks.

158. Writing Task 2 – Money spent on space exploration is a complete waste.

159. Writing Task 2 – Teaching children at school is best or at home?

160. Writing Task 2 – Is Physical strength important for success in sport or mental strength?

161. Writing Task 2 – Range of technology available, increase gap between rich and poor?

162. Writing Task 2 – What are reasons for not enough respect for elderly people.

163. Writing Task 2 – Parents give job to their children in order to develop characters and self-sufficiency.

164. Writing Task 2 – What can we do to help protect wildlife.

165. Writing Task 2 – Should governments and teachers be responsible for what is to be taught in schools?

166. Writing Task 2 – Who is the better parents, A men or a women?

167. Writing Task 2 – Is styles changing affect the family relationships.

168. Writing Task 2 – Some people are born to be leaders.

Writing Task 2 – Advertisements reflects the popular goods but they don’t show the real needs of society.

170. Writing Task 2 – only governments and large companies can improve the environment.

171. Writing Task 2 – What is the cause of leaving school with negative attitude.

172. Writing Task 2 – Teenage years are the happiest times of most people’s lives.

173. Writing Task 2 – Young people lack an understanding of how to manage their finances.

174. Writing Task 2 – Nowadays plastic money replacements are extremely popular.

175. Writing Task 2 – Advantages and disadvantages of having a car.

176. Writing Task 2 – Students at university are not choosing science.

177. Writing Task 2 – Idea of having a single career is becoming an old fashioned.

178. Writing Task 2 – People attend colleges and universities for many different reasons.

179. Writing Task 2 – Some universities offer online courses as an alternative classes.

180. Writing Task 2 – Teachers have influence on student’s intelligence and social development than their parents.

181. Writing Task 2 – By the convenience of phones or tablets, there is no need to go cinema.

182. Writing Task 2 – It is best to accept a bad situation.

183. Writing Task 2 – Sports is a big business with high earnings.

184. Writing Task 2 – People in some countries are living in a “throw-away” society.

185. Writing Task 2 – Protection of environment by a transnational organization or every country?

186. Writing Task 2 – The family structure has changed.

187. Writing Task 2 – Curfews in which teenagers are not allowed to be out.

188. Writing Task 2 – Mobile phones should be banned in public places.

189. Writing Task 2 – Fossil fuels, such as oil and natural gas ae the main source for many countries.

190. Writing Task 2 – Action movies lead to car accidents.

191. Writing Task 2 –Money spent on protection of wild animals, and that money could be better spent on human population.

192. Writing Task 2 – Some people believe that hobbies need to be difficult to be enjoyable.

193. Writing Task 2 – imprisonment is the most common solution to crimes.

194. Writing Task 2 – Government only provide primary education and no secondary education.

195. Writing Task 2 – University students should study a full range of subjects instead of specific subjects.

196. Writing Task 2 – historical sites are mainly visited by tourists but not by local people.

197. Writing Task 2 – Entertainment such as video games on handheld devices are harmful for individuals.

198. Writing Task 2 – Communication between managers and workers are the most important factor.

199. Writing Task 2 – Are there more advantages than disadvantages of living in a house.

200. Writing Task 2 – Best way to reduce crime is to give longer prison sentences.

201. Writing Task 2 – Problem of illegal drugs can be solved by legal drugs?

202. Writing Task 2 – Spending time of computers rather than sports is a negative or positive development?

203. Writing Task 2 – Eat food produced from local farmers is better for economy & environment.

204. Writing Task 2 – Most of world’s problems are caused by overpopulation.

205. Writing Task 2 – Television has destroyed communication among friends and family.

206. Writing Task 2 – Everyone should stay at school until 18.

207. Writing Task 2 – Staying hotels is not a good option.

208. Writing Task 2 – Some international companies are very powerful, is it negative development.

209. Writing Task 2 – Research the history of one’s own family is a positive or negative development?

210. Writing Task 2 – International car free day is an effective way of reducing air-pollution?

211. Writing Task 2 – Are schools no longer necessary?

212. Writing Task 2 – Sone people believe that space tourism could be developed in future?

213. Writing Task 2 –What problems will your country face in the next ten years?

214. Writing Task 2 – Nowadays some people deliberately damage public places.

215. Writing Task 2 – Scientists say that in future humanity speak the same language.

216. Writing Task 2 – In future cars will be driven by computers.

217. Writing Task 2 – Nowadays both parents should go out for work.

218. Writing Task 2 – In primary education children should learn how to grow vegetables and keep animals.

219. Writing Task 2 – Governments should ban dangerous sports.

220. Writing Task 2 – Some people live alone instead of a large family.

221. Writing Task 2 – Technology and advanced automation reduced manual labour.

222. Writing Task 2 – Increasing violence in society is result of more fundamental problems as unemployment.

223. Writing Task 2 – Family structure has changed as well as role.

224. Writing Task 2 – Who should be responsible for our old people?

225. Writing Task 2 – Visa application should be relaxed for people.

226. Writing Task 2 – Education is very important.

227. Writing Task 2 – People who start a university course but do not complete it should be fined.

228. Writing Task 2 – The number of car accidents increasing annually.

229. Writing Task 2 – Advances in technology and automation, reduced the need manual work.

230. Writing Task 2 – What are the advantages and disadvantages of internet access for minors?

231. Writing Task 2 – Music is a good way to bringing people together.

232. Writing Task 2 – Some people think that the tradition skill of letters will appear completely.

233. Writing Task 2 – Advertising has become part of everyone’s life.

234. Writing Task 2 – cultural traditions are destroyed when they are used as money-making attractions.

235. Writing Task 2 – Many offenders commit more crimes after serving the first punishment.

236. Writing Task 2 – Many working people get little or no exercise.

237. Writing Task 2 – Details of politician’s private lives should not be published in newspapers.

238. Writing Task 2 – Movies should only be for entertainment.

239. Writing Task 2 – Young people have different ideas and attitudes.

240. Writing Task 2 – Many famous sports players advertise products.

241. Writing Task 2 – It Is Better To Learn Cooking After People Become Adults.

242. Writing Task 2 – Nowadays, news companies spend a lot of money covering international news.

243. Writing Task 2 – Many animals are being hunted to the brink of extinction in order to fulfil the demand and greed.

244. Writing Task 2 – Life teaches us the lessons and such lessons are the key to success.

245. Writing Task 2 – As children grow older, the relationship they have with their parents’ change.

246. Writing Task 2 – Some people prefer one-to-one lessons.

247. Writing Task 2 – Many people think that social networking have had a huge negative impact.

248. Writing Task 2 – Capital punishment should be abolished.

249. Writing Task 2 – Children’s should do what their parents tell them to do.

250. Writing Task 2 – Instead of preventing climate change, we need to find a way to live in with it.

251. Writing Task 2 – Children should be educated in single sex schools or in a mixed school?

252. Writing Task 2 – Solving urgent problems in world is possible by nation’s corporation.

253. Writing Task 2 – Large businesses have big budgets for marketing.

254. Writing Task 2 – Is it advantageous or disadvantageous to pay online with phone Apps.

255. Writing Task 2 – Governments need to build more roads metropolitan cities.

256. Writing Task 2 – Schools do not make enough efforts to teach young people.

257. Writing Task 2 – Taxes are a good idea or not?

258. Writing Task 2 – earing should be saved for future or for enjoyment?

259. Writing Task 2 – Main purpose of public libraries is to provide books.

260. Writing Task 2 – how companies keep employees motivated and satisfied.

261. Writing Task 2 – What would be the most important element of an ideal society?

262. Writing Task 2 – Allow 18 years old to start driving.

263. Writing Task 2 – Aim of university education is to help graduates get better jobs.

264. Writing Task 2 – Vehicle road worthiness, road condition and human error are the main factors of rising road toll.

265. Writing Task 2 – Success in life is the result of way brought up as a child by the parents.

266. Writing Task 2 – Open-plan offices offer a better working environment for staff.

267. Writing Task 2 – Tablets and laptops provided in school, replacing books and other printed materials.

268. Writing Task 2 – Is it a good idea to place restriction on number of children a family can have to control rising population.

269. Writing Task 2 – Teaching music in school is a vital part of growing up.

271. Writing Task 2 – Unemployed receive a regular payment only encourages people not to seek work.

272. Writing Task 2 – Define the term “globalisation”.

273. Writing Task 2 – Is it necessary to attend a parenting training course.

274. Writing Task 2 – What incentives could be offered that would persuade more people to embrace electric cars?

275. Writing Task 2 – Organic fruits and vegetables are more expensive than conventional.

276. Writing Task 2 – Strong tradition helps to civilise a nation.

277. Writing Task 2 – Many people like to wear fashionable clothes.

278. Writing Task 2 – Fast Food is becoming cheaper and more widely available.

279. Writing Task 2 – Research of new medicines and treatments are essential for improving health.

280. Writing Task 2 – Families and countries will suffer problems when children has risen.

281. Writing Task 2 – Many of us prefer to throw damaged things away.

282. Writing Task 2 – Working after retirement age should be restricted.

283. Writing Task 2 – Some old people struggle today with the use of modern technologies.

284. Writing Task 2 – More people are choosing to socialize online rather than face to face.

285. Writing Task 2 – Large International sporting events brings drawbacks.

286. Writing Task 2 – Some individuals are naturally good leaders.

287. Writing Task 2 – Many young people now know more about international pop and movies stars than people in history.

288. Writing Task 2 – Scientists and technology experts seem to be more valuable.

289. Writing Task 2 – Building cities with vertically, with tall towers, is better than building cities horizontally.

290. Writing task 2 – All children should have a pet or an animal to look after.

291. Writing Task 2 – New editors decide what to broadcast on television.

292. Writing Task 2 – Poor infrastructure hinders under-developed countries should be the first problem tackled by the foreign aid.

293. Writing Task 2 – Young people spend too much of their free time in shopping malls.

294. Writing Task 2 – People who choose a job early and keep doing it are more likely to get a satisfying career life.

295. Writing Task 2 – Animal species are becoming extinct due to human activities on land and in sea.

296. Writing Task 2 – Majority of criminals who were sent to prisons would commit crimes when set free.

297. Writing Task 2 – Newly built houses should follow the style of old houses in local areas.

298. Writing Task 2 – Some people do not go directly to college but travel or work for a short time.

299. Writing Task 2 – Organized tour to remote areas and community increasingly popular.

300. Writing Task 2 – Some people think, industrial growth necessary and some think it is creating an environmental problems.

301. Writing Task 2 – New media has become too much influence people lives today.

302. Writing Task 2 – The best way tp reduce crime is to educate their parents with parental skills.

303. Writing Task 2 – Nowadays people prefer to get advice from medical problems and do not want to visit doctor.

304. Writing Task 2 – When a country develops its technology, the traditional skills and ways of life die out.

305. Writing Task 2 – Large shopping malls are replacing small shops.

306. Writing Task 2 – For a country, it is possible to be economically successful and have a clean environment.

307. Writing Task 2 – Wealth does not necessarily granted happiness.

308. Writing Task 2 – Students leave high school without leaving the way how to manage their money.

309. Writing Task 2 – People in many countries are spending less time with their family.

310. Writing Task 2 – A few languages are increasingly spoken in different countries.

311. Writing Task 2 – What discovery in the last 100 years has been most beneficial for people.

312. Writing Task 2 – Government should invest money in science education rather than other subjects.

313. Writing Task 2 – Tendency of news reports in media to focus more on problems and emergencies.

314. Writing Task 2 – Users of social media are replacing face-to-face contact in country.

315. Writing Task 2 – New technologies have changed the way children spend their free time.

316. Writing Task 2 – Growing number of overweight people is putting a strain on health care system.

317. Writing Task 2 – Young people have little leisure time and are under a lot of pressure to work hard.

318. Writing Task 2 – It is difficult for people in cities to get physical exercise.

319. Writing Task 2 – Writing, Reading and maths are three recognized traditional subjects.

320. Writing Task 2 – Young people have ideas that are different to those of their parents or grandparents.

321. Writing Task 2 – The aging population is good for business.

322. Writing Task 2 – Some people think that society should be based on rules and laws.

323. Writing Task 2 – Advertising discourages people from being different individuals by making us all want to do the same and look the same.

324. Writing Task 2 – Research has shown that overeating is as harmful as smoking.

325. Writing Task 2 – Some people spend lot of money celebrating personal events.

326. Writing Task 2 – News media are important in modern society.

327. Writing Task 2 – Many people are working longer hours.

328. Writing Task 2 – Some people say that bicycle are a good, modern means of transportation.

329. Writing Task 2 – Due to Television and internet it is easier today for a large number of people to become famous.

330. Writing Task 2 – Many feel that going to gym is the best way to stay fit.

331. Writing Task 2 – Should a city try to preserve its old, historical buildings or destroy them.

332. Writing Task 2 – International travel has many advantages to both travelers and the country that they visited.

333. Writing Task 2 – In many countries, more and more people choose to buy imported food rather than locally food.

334. Writing Task 2 – Some people say that what children watch influences their behaviour.

335. Writing Task 2 – Today, more and more people are traveling than ever before.

336. Writing Task 2 – Earth is being filled with waste material such as plastic bags and other rubbish.

337. Writing Task 2 – Businesses should do anything they can to make a profit.

338. Writing Task 2 – Some people like to do what they already do well.

339. Writing Task 2 – Trade and travel would be a lot easier with a single, global currency that we all use.

340. Writing Task 2 – It has been more than 30 years since man first landed on the moon.

341. Writing Task 2 – Describe a custom of your country that you would like people from other countries to adopt.

342. Writing Task 2 – We ae becoming increasingly dependent on computers.

343. Writing Task 2 – In Britain, old people go to live in a home with other old people where they are look after by nurses.

344. Writing Task 2 – Foreign language instruction should began in Kindergarten.

345. Writing Task 2 – Sports and exercises classes are replaced with the academic subjects.

346. Writing Task 2 – Watching television is bad for children.

347. Writing Task 2 – International entertainers, including sports personalities, often get paid millions of dollars in a year.

348. Writing Task 2 – A person you know is planning to move to your town or city.

349. Writing Task 2 – The 21st century has begun. What changes do you think this new century will bring?

350. Writing Task 2 – What factors are related to academic success in high school students?

351. Writing Task 2 – A company wants to build a large factory near your community.

352. Writing Task 2 – Some people enjoy change, and they look forward to new experiences.

353. Writing Task 2 – The wealth gap between 1st world countries and 3rd world countries seems to be increasing.

354. Writing Task 2 – According to those in the travel business, the nature of he average ‘holiday’ is changing.

355. Writing Task 2 – People who have original ideas are much greater value to society.

356. Writing Task 2 – Prevention is better than cure.

357. Writing Task 2 – Advertising can tell you a lot about a country.

358. Writing Task 2- If you could change one important thing about your hometown, what would you change?

359. Writing Task 2 – Many people think that nowadays people are being subjected to more and more pressure in their work.

360. Writing Task 2 – Television has had a significant influence on the culture of many societies.

361. Writing Task 2 – Way to guarantee getting a good job to complete a course of university education.

362. Writing Task 2 – Classmates are more important influence than parents on a child’s success in school.

363. Writing Task 2 – Nowadays, education overseas has become more accessible and growing numbers people send their offspring to study in other countries.

364. Writing Task 2 – Research indicates that the characteristics we are born with have much more influence on our personality and development.

365. Writing Task 2 – Research figures show an increase in violent crime among youngsters under the age of 18.

366. Writing Task 2 – Compare the contributions of artists to society with contributions of scientists to society.

367. Writing Task 2 – According to those in the travel business, the nature of he average ‘holiday’ is changing.

368. Writing Task 2 – You have decided to give several hours to improve community where you live.

369. Writing Task 2 – Marriages are arranged by parents.

370. Writing Task 2 – Young people have become richer, healthier and live longer, but they are less happy.

371. Writing Task 2 – Human needs for farmland, and industry are more important than saving land for endangered animals.

372. Writing Task 2 – Father ought to be emphasised as much as motherhood.

373. Writing Task 2 – As mass communication grow, societies are becoming more and more alike leading to a phenomenon known as globalization.

374. Writing Task 2 – Should parents be obliged to immunise their children against common children diseases?

375. Writing Task 2 – Increasing business and cultural contact between countries is positive development.

376. Writing Task 2 – Young people to succeed academically, some people believe that non-academic subjects at school.

377. Writing Task 2 – We all work and will work in our jobs with many different kinds of people.

378. Writing Task 2 – Student literacy is decreasing dramatically with the increasing popularity of computers.

379. Writing Task 2 – It is important to have single language as an international official language.

380. Writing Task 2 – Celebrities such as singers and film stars earn too much money.

381. Writing Task 2 – Fashion trends are difficult to follow these days.

382. Writing Task 2 – Do you support the new movie theatre built in your neighbourhood.

383. Writing Task 2 – Using cell phone driving is dangerous because it causes the driver to become distracted.

384. Writing Task 2 – Sell organic fruits and vegetables even though they often cost more than conventional fruits and vegetables.

385. Writing Task 2 – Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of sending children to preschool at a young age.

386. Writing Task 2 – A growing number of people rely on restaurants and convenience food rather than home-cooked food.

387. Writing Task 2 – People should never eat meat because raising animals for human consumption is cruel.

388. Writing Task 2 – The best way to discourage smoking is to make smoking illegal in public places.

389. Writing Task 2 – Very few school children learn about the value of money.

390. Writing Task 2 – Families are now not as close as they used to be.

391. Writing Task 2 – Women should allowed to join the army, the navy and the air force just like men.

392. Writing Task 2 – Going overseas for university study is an exciting prospect for many people.

393. Writing Task 2 – Business should hire employees for their entire lives. Do you agree or disagree?

394. Writing Task 2 – It is becoming more and more difficult to escape the influence of media on our lives.

395. Writing Task 2 – Children’s lives these days are quite different from our generations.

396. Writing Task 2 – Some people believe that children’s leisure activities must be educational.

397. Writing Task 2 – Fashion trends are difficult to follow.

398. Writing Task 2 – Many part of the world are losing natural resources, such as animals, forests, or clean water.

399. Writing Task 2 – Telecommuting refers to workers doing their jobs from home for part of each week.

400. Writing Task 2 – Some prefer to complain in writing and some prefer to complain in person.

401. Writing Task 2 – People should read those books that are about real events, real people, and established facts.

402. Writing Task 2 – What are some important characteristics of co-worker?

403. Writing Task 2 – Discuss the causes and some effects of a widespread drug used by young people in modern-day society.

404. Writing Task 2 – Children these days are not getting the social and emotional learning they need.

405. Writing Task 2 – Many people believe that women make better parents than men.

406. Writing Task 2 – Children should be required to help with household tasks as soon as they are able to do so.

407. Writing Task 2 – Some parents buy their children a large number of toys to play with

408. Writing task 2 – High school graduates should travel or work instead of going directly to study at university

409. Writing Task 2 – Disruptive School Students have negative influence on others?

410. Writing Task 2 – The position of the women in society has changed markedly.

411. Writing Task 2 – Popular events like Football World Cup are essential in easing international tensions.

412. Writing Task 2 – Television programs are of no value for children.

413. Writing Task 2 – Best way of learning about life is the advice of family and friends.

414. Writing Task 2 – The Government has announced that it plans to build a new university.

415. Writing Task 2 – Is travel a necessary component of education or not?

416. Writing Task 2 – Only Staff who worked in a company for a long time should be promoted?

417. Writing Task 2 – Recycling is a politeness activity.

418. Writing Task 2 – Sports events get the nations together and help alleviate the violence in the world.

419. Writing Task 2 – In some parts of the world, traditional festivals and celebrations have disappeared or are disappearing.

420. Writing Task 2 – A company should concentrate on sales or reputations as long-term strategies in the market.

421. Writing Task 2 – Euthanasia is no longer acceptable in modern society.

422. Writing Task 2 – Do you think place where a person grew up helps him/her in accomplishing goals in life.

423. Writing Task 2 – Medical technology has increased average life expectancy.

424. Writing Task 2 – Work from home has been possible mainly because of advancement of computer and internet technology.

425. Writing Task 2 – Some film companies spend millions of dollars on the production of a single movie.

426. Writing Task 2 – Money and Time spent on music classes in schools are not necessary.

427. Writing Task 2 – Violence and conflict were more evident under male leadership.

428. Writing Task 2 – Financial management education should be mandatory component of the school program.

429. Writing Task 2 – Is it wise for an industry to replace its experienced but old workers with new individuals?

430. Writing Task 2 – Concern for the environment growing rapidly.

431. Writing Task 2 – In recent years, through internet, air travel, trade and popular culture, globalisation has rapidly increased.

432. Writing Task 2 – Due to Science and Technology, people all over the world are having the same lifestyle.

433. Writing Task 2 – Do you think that formal written examinations are a good way to access knowledge at school?

434. Writing Task 2 – Many people nowadays change career more frequently.

435. Writing Task 2 – People do not have such close relationship with their neighbours.

436. Writing Task 2 – Multi cultural societies, in which mixture of different ethnic people bring more benefits.

437. Writing Task 2 – Polygamy has led to massive divorce rate around the globe.

438. Writing Task 2 – English will remain as the dominant international language.

439. Writing Task 2 – Some people argue that, who will pay he bill of pollution?

440. Writing Task 2 – When families have a meal together it is considered social activity.

441. Writing Task 2 – Unemployed people should be made to work for their welfare.

442. Writing Task 2 – Opinions vary on whether students should take a gap year before going into higher education.

443. Writing Task 2 – Is fast food blame for obesity in society or is gaining too much weight.

444. Writing Task 2 – Without capital punishment our lives are less secure.

445. Writing Task 2 – Societies benefit from closer relationship we have with foreigners through international tourism.

446. Writing Task 2 – Because of email and telephone, communication among people is less personal now.

447. Writing Task 2 – Wild animals have no use in the 21st century.

448. Writing Task 2 – Law should not be rigid or fixed.

449. Writing Task 2 – Young people are encouraged to work or travel for a year.

450. Writing Task 2 – Public transport is essential but problematic.

451. Writing Task 2 – Television has changed the quality of life.

452. Writing Task 2 – Obesity is an increasing public health problem in some parts of the world.

453. Writing Task 2 – Schools should not force children to learn a foreign language.

454. Writing Task 2 – Some people think that studying at college or University is best route for career.

455. Writing Task 2 – Zoos are inhumane and should be abolished.

456. Writing Task 2 – In many parts of world there is profitable market for products which lighten or whiten skin.

457. Writing Task 2 – Modern buildings change the character and appearance of towns and cities.

458. Writing Task 2 – Many men and women are making the decision to have children later in life.

459. Writing Task 2 – Some people say that parents should control their children’s behaviour.

460. Writing Task 2 – Foreign visitors should pay more than local visitors for historical and cultural attractions.

461. Writing Task 2 – Exposure to international media such as films, TV and magazines has a significant impact on cultures.

462. Writing Task 2 – The idea of cloning horrifies most people, yet it is no longer mere science fiction.

463. Writing Task 2 – Currently there is trend towards the use of alternative forms of medicines.

464. Writing Task 2 – Stress is now a major problem in many countries around the world.

465. Writing Task 2 – In many countries, the proportion of older people is steadily increasing.

466. Writing Task 2 – A country becomes more interesting and develops more quickly when its population includes a mixture of nationalities and cultures.

467. Writing Task 2 – Some universities offer graduate students skills that assist to find employment.

468. Writing Task 2 – The exploration and development of safe alternatives to fossil fuels should be most important global priority today.

469. Writing Task 2 – Some people think that children’s spending time of TV, video and PC games is good, while others think it is bad.

470. Writing Task 2 – Governments should be responsible for funding and controlling scientific research.

471. Writing Task 2 – Some people think that main purpose of schools is to turn the children into good citizens and workers.

472. Writing Task 2 – The world would be a much poorer place without colour.

473. Writing Task 2 – Today, majority of children are raised by their grandparents.

474. Writing Task 2 – Some people think that competitive sports have positive effect on the child’s education.

475. Writing Task 2 – What ways could mobile phone and the internet be useful to old people?

476. Writing Task 2 – Air transport is increasingly used to export types of fruits and vegetables

477. Writing Task 2 – The unlimited use of cars may cause many problems.

478. Writing Task 2 – Consumers are faced with increasing numbers of advertisements from competing companies.

479. Writing Task 2 – Formal examinations are the only effective way to assess a student’s performance.

480. Writing Task 2 – Some people think that men and women have different qualities.

481. Writing Task 2 – The food travels thousands of miles from farm to consumers.

482. Writing Task 2 – There days many children have difficulty paying attention and concentrating in their classes.

483. Writing Task 2 – Solar energy is becoming more and more popular as a source of household energy.

484. Writing Task 2 – Some people think is students are afraid of the teacher it is better.

485. Writing Task 2 – There is an increasing amount of advertising directed at children.

486. Writing Task 2 – Charity organizations should only offer help to people of their own country.

487. Writing Task 2 – Workers over 50 are not responsive to rapidly changing ideas in the modern workplace.

488. Writing Task 2 – Some people think that good health is a basic human need.

489. Writing Task 2 – In some places, money earned from tourism has become an important part of the economy.

490. Writing Task 2 – In some educational systems, children are required to study one or more foreign languages.

491. Writing Task 2 – In some countries, people spend a lost of money on their pets.

492. Writing Task 2 – For a long time there has been concern about the quality of food we eat.

493. Writing Task 2 – In some parts of the world, the rate of divorce has increased dramatically.

494. Writing Task 2 – Children learn better when they are placed in classes with children of similar academic abilities.

495. Writing Task 2 – Studying abroad is important because it expands a person’s knowledge and understanding.

496. Writing Task 2 – Extreme sports like skiing, rafting, diving should be banned.

497. Writing Task 2 – Supermarkets should only sell food produced from within their own country.

498. Writing Task 2 – Advertising campaigns on TV that are targeted at children should be banned.

499. Writing Task 2 – We cannot help everyone in the world that needs help.

500. Writing Task 2 – A foreign visitor has only day to spend in your country.

501. Writing Task 2 – The fictional violence portrayed on television is harmless entertainment.

502. Writing Task 2 – Some people think that all University students should study whatever they like.

503. Writing Task 2 – Some people think that government should give financial support to creative artists.

504. Writing Task 2 – The gap between the rick and the poor is increasingly wide.

505. Writing Task 2 – In some parts of the world, people are living longer.

506. Writing Task 2 – Strict punishments for driving offences are the key to reducing traffic accidents.

507. Writing Task 2 – Today, more and more parents depend on their children’s grandparents for childcare.

508. Writing Task 2 – People can perform everyday tasks without meeting other people because of technology.

509. Writing Task 2 – Doctors all over the world agree that fast food is bad for people’s health.

510. Writing Task 2 – Some companies reward employees for exceptional work by giving them extra money.

511. Writing Task 2 – The some countries around the world, voting is compulsory.

512. Writing Task 2 – There are social, medical and technical problems associated with the use of mobile phones.

513. Writing Task 2 – Some people think that to learn about other countries, they need to travel.

514. Writing Task 2 – Some people think that children would benefit if they attend nursery school before primary school.

515. Writing Task 2 – People in senior management positions in companies have much higher salaries than other.

516. Writing Task 2 – A global trade increases between different countries, many daily necessities are produced in other countries.

517. Writing Task 2 – The best way to for governments to solve the problem of traffic congestion is to provide free public transport.

518. Writing Task 2 – Some people think that keeping pets is good for children.

519. Writing Task 2 – Some people believe that animal husbandry is the biggest factor causing global warming.

520. Writing Task 2 – Directors and managers of organisations are often older people.

521. Writing Task 2 – Some people feel that paparazzi should not follow celebrities.

522. Writing Task 2 – In some countries, health care is free, paid for by the state.

523. Writing Task 2 – The Trend of online shopping is increasing significantly.

524. Writing Task 2 – Science tells us about the activities which are good for our health and others which are bad.

525. Writing Task 2 – Many people think that important things in life are mostly free or can’t be bought.

526. Writing Task 2 – Many young people regularly change their jobs over the years.

527. Writing Task 2 – It is now illegal to reject someone applying for a job because of his or her age.

528. Writing Task 2 – Parents should be teaching their children to use recycled things and avoid wastage.

529. Writing Task 2 – In some countries, a few people earn extremely high salaries.

530. Writing Task 2 – Number of children at secondary or high school who are taking science subjects is declining.

531. Writing Task 2 – Some people think one should plan detailed activities for their leisure time.

532. Writing Task 2 – These days many families move abroad for work.

533. Writing Task 2 – Some people believe that a vertical city in which people work and live in tall buildings is a good idea.

534. Writing Task 2 – In some countries, many more people are choosing to live alone nowadays than in the past.

535. Writing Task 2 – Some people think the cheap air flight gives ordinary people more freedom.

536. Writing Task 2 – Nowadays people use social media to keep in touch with others and be aware of news.

537. Writing Task 2 – What are the reasons for the creation of ‘throwaway societies’.

538. Writing Task 2 – Nowadays celebrities earn more money than politicians.

539. Writing Task 2 – In many countries, prison is the most common solution for crimes.

540. Writing Task 2 – Some of today’s school insist that all students have their own laptop computer in class.

541. Writing Task 2 – Many people nowadays travel abroad for their university education.

542. Writing Task 2 – Do you think design of buildings have positive or negative impact.

543. Writing Task 2 – Some people believe that government should not spend money on international aid.

544. Writing Task 2 – It is not necessary to have access to the internet to live a full life.

545. Writing Task 2 – Some people think that students benefit from going to private secondary schools.

546. Writing Task 2 – Female foeticide is a major issue in some areas of the world.

547. Writing Task 2 – All secondary school students should learn a second language.

548. Writing Task 2 – Many people think that regions affect a successful person.

549. Writing Task 2 – Some people are happy to spend the whole of their life living in the same area.

550. Writing Task 2 – Although sports events are very popular, violence at these events is on the increase.

551. Writing Task 2 – In recent years, there has been an increase in the number of people killed on the road.

552. Writing Task 2 – Students from rural areas often find it difficult to access university education.

553. Writing Task 2 – The first car appeared on the British roads in 1888.

554. Writing Task 2 – Several languages are in danger of extinction because they are spoken by very small numbers of people.

555. Writing Task 2 – Essential population increase is raising the pressure on the earth.

556. Writing Task 2 – Economic growth is the only way to end worldly poverty.

557. Writing Task 2 – For some people, shopping is not just about buying what is necessary, but a form of entertainment.

558. Writing Task 2 – Some people think that it is wrong for humans to search for new worlds in space.

559. Writing Task 2 – In today’s job market it is far more important to have practical skills than theoretical knowledge.

560. Writing Task 2 – Successful sports stars and glamorous film stars are a role model for youngsters.

561. Writing Task 2 – Some people say that physical education classes are an important part of a child’s education.

562. Writing Task 2 – It is often argued that children must be protected from unsuitable materials on TV.

563. Writing Task 2 – Does television removes our loneliness or not? Discuss

564. Writing Task 2 – Some people think that it is acceptable to use animals for the benefits of humans.

565. Writing Task 2 – In many countries, television shows many foreign-made programmes.

566. Writing Task 2 – Many people think that mobile phones cause more harms than the benefits.

567. Writing Task 2 – Car ownership has increased so rapidly over the past thirsty years.

568. Writing Task 2 – Some people believe that competition helps children to be better prepared for their future.

569. Writing Task 2 – People over the age of sixty-five can continue to live full and active lives.

570. Writing Task 2 – Some people say that success is ’10 percent and 90 percent is hard word’.

571. Writing Task 2 – Some people say that best way to stay fit is to join gym or health club.

572. Writing Task 2 – Overpopulation of urban areas has led to numerous problems.

573. Writing Task 2 – Modern medical science has made it possible to combat many diseases.

574. Writing Task 2 – Youth drug abuse is a serious problem. What are possible causes of this behavior?

575. Writing Task 2 – The only effective way to deal with unemployment is to introduce rapid urbanisation.

576. Writing Task 2 – Nowadays children are undisciplined because their parents are busy with their career.

577. Writing Task 2 – Xenophobia has accelerated rapidly in the Western countries.

578. Writing Task 2 – Many parents encourage young people to leave home when they become older.

579. Writing Task 2 – Maintaining safety standard while building homes is very important

580. Writing Task 2 – Children in many countries are getting involved in paid jobs.

581. Writing Task 2- The government should take every precaution to protect its citizens from natural disaster.

582. Writing Task 2 – To solve every-increasing environmental hazards throughout the world, the best way is to increase the price of fuel.

583. Writing Task 2 – Scientists and news media are presenting ever more evidence of climate change.

584. Writing Task 2 – Placing advertisements in schools is great resource for public schools that need additionally funding.

585. Writing Task 2 – What is the best invention of last 100 years?

586. Writing Task 2 – Some practical skills such as money management should be taught in high school.

587. Writing Task 2 – With the rise of eBooks comes the decline in paper books.

588. Writing Task 2 – Crime in developed countries is one of the biggest problems in society.

589. Writing Task 2 – What should be done to encourage people to protect the environment.

590. Writing Task 2 – Companies should be required to allocate a certain percentage of these positions to women.

591. Writing Task 2 – Is the traditional music of a country more important than the international music?

592. Writing Task 2 – Some people think that all teenagers should be required to do unpaid work in their free time to help the local community.

593. Writing Task 2 – Some people believe that exams are an inappropriate way of measuring students’ problem.

594. Writing Task 2 – What sort of safety law would you introduce, if you were given a chance?

595. Writing Task 2 – Some people think one should stay all their life in the same job.

596. Writing Task 2 – Tobacco and alcohol are drugs that cause addiction and health problems.

597. Writing Task 2 – What elements are required for job satisfaction?

598. Writing Task 2 – Governments spend millions of dollars each year on their space programmes.

599. Writing Task 2 – Many countries spend too much money on training of a few individuals for international sports competitions.

600. Writing Task 2 – More and more people today are using computers and electronic devices to access information.

601. Writing Task 2 – Due to so many young people dropping out from school, the rate of unemployment is increasing.

602. Writing Task 2 – Some people think that it is necessary for adults to receive education in class.

603. Writing Task 2 – all countries throughout the world are facing health issues related to modern lifestyles.

604. Writing Task 2 – Companies should encourage high level employees who are older than 55 to retire.

605. Writing Task 2 – The increased use of text messaging using mobile phones is largely to blame for the falling standards in written English.

606. Writing Task 2 – Creative artists like painter and musicians should be financially supported by the government.

607. Writing Task 2 – Many people think that employing and exploiting animals for basic human needs is totally justified.

608. Writing Task 2 – In many countries today there are many highly qualified graduates without employment.

609. Writing Task 2 – Some people believe in the traditional idea that the woman’s place is in the home.

610. Writing Task 2 – Subjects such as Art, Sport and Music are being dropped from the school curriculum.

611. Writing Task 2 – The threat of nuclear weapons maintains the world peace.

612. Writing Task 2 – Over the past few decades, with the help of internet, an unimaginable amount of information become widely available to the general public.

613. Writing Task 2 – An increasing number of large shopping areas, malls and department stores are leading to the decline of smaller corner shops.

614. Writing Task 2 – These days schools are considered a place for friendship; and the adult working years for loneliness due to urbanization.

615. Writing Task 2 – It is evident that the sports persons have to work hard and sacrifice comforts of life to achieve success.

616. Writing Task 2 – Some people believe that is we have hobbies, we can learn from it.

617. Writing Task 2 – It is generally seen that music plays a significant role in our life. It affects human beings mentally and physically.

618. Writing Task 2 – People believe that working in a group occupies an important place for the development of live skills.

619. Writing Task 2 – Balanced diet is the key for good health.

620. Writing Task 2 – Nowadays, the quality of life in cities is being affected negatively.

621. Writing Task 2 – Nowadays, with the more use of internet for reading, people are using less books.

622. Writing Task 2- Is is usually argued that curtail the intake of fast food, taxes should be levied to increase the final rates of the food items.

623. Writing Task 2- Is is recently been observed that the young people are addicted with drugs and crime due to modern city lives.

624. Writing Task 2- Many people today have children much later in in life.

625. Writing Task 2- It is generally believed that travel is best form of education.

626. Writing Task 2- These days many TV reality stars are becoming famous.

627. Writing Task 2- In some countries it is compulsory to learn another language at school.

628. Writing Task 2- People are advised by doctors and governments to exercise regularly.

629. Writing Task 2- Sometimes, in medical emergencies, hospitals choose to give care to younger patients first.

630. Writing Task 2- Some people say that sporting clubs pay their players too much money.

631. Writing Task 2- Many people believe that a good education is the best start you can get in life.

632. Writing Task 2- Some people think that a sense of competition in children should be encouraged.

633. Writing Task 2- Modern technology has a great impact on our environment.

634. Writing Task 2- Increasingly, the Western world has been outsourcing its labour-related jobs to cheaper alternatives available in less-development countries.

635. Writing Task 2- Some people regard video games as harmless fun, or even as a useful educational tool.

636. Writing Task 2- Nowadays, world is facing many environmental problems.

637. Writing Task 2- Some people think that some types of criminals should not go to prison.

638. Writing Task 2- A growing number of people feel that animals should not be exploited by people.

639. Writing Task 2- Countries around the world will be facing significant challenges relating not only to the environment, but population and education as well.

640. Writing Task 2- Many people prefer to watch foreign films rather than locally produced films.

641. Writing Task 2- Nowadays the way modern society is developing is being shaped by people’s migration to large cities.

642. Writing Task 2- In many countries, good schools and medical facilities are available only in cities.

643. Writing Task 2- History tells that people have often thought about creating an ideal society.

644. Writing Task 2- In some countries it is thought advisable that children begin formal education at four years old.

645. Writing Task 2- The availability of entertainment such as video games on handled devices is harmful to individuals and to the society live in.

646. Writing Task 2- Many people are working longer hours. Why is this happening?

647. Writing Task 2- Some people say that public libraries should be free.

648. Writing Task 2- Encouraging the development of creative industries such as production of video games and computer software is the best way to reduce youth unemployment.

649. Writing Task 2- Nowadays, some employees give increasing importance to employing people with social skills in addition to good qualifications.

650. Writing Task 2- A group of people say that increasing the number of sports facilities would ensure the improvement in public health.

651. Writing Task 2- Some Universities offer online courses as an alternative to classes delivered on campus.

652. Writing Task 2- The internet is now used all around the world as a source of information and communication.

653. Writing Task 2- Many people today, especially in the developed world, are choosing to have fewer children, or none at all.

654. Writing Task 2- The movement of people from the countryside into the cities is happening in many parts of the world.

655. Writing Task 2- Children as young as eight own a mobile phone nowadays.

656. Writing Task 2- In some countries at secondary or high school, there may be two streams of study: academic or vocational.

657. Writing Task 2- More women nowadays work outside and spend a little time with family and kids.

658. Writing Task 2- Many developed countries now have large numbers of people over the age of 65.

659. Writing Task 2- In the future, knowing more than one language will no longer be as important as now.

660. Writing Task 2- Some people say that seeing ancient objects in a museum can give the public a unique awareness of history.

661. Writing Task 2- Nowadays, the designs of the buildings in the community are affected by other cultures.

662. Writing Task 2- Some people think movies should only be for entertainment.

663. Writing Task 2- Society is becoming obsessed with natural goods.

664. Writing Task 2- The dangers of smoking are well known, yet many people continue with this habit.

665. Writing Task 2- People as individuals are powerless to save the environment.

666. Writing Task 2- Nowadays technology is increasingly being used to monitor what people are saying and doing.

667. Writing Task 2- Some people get into debt by buying things they don’t need and can’t afford.

668. Writing Task 2- Cyclists are 15 times more likely to be killed on British roads than car drivers.

669. Writing Task 2- It is generally believed that taking vitamin pills will make you healthier.

670. Writing Task 2- Some people believe there should be a tax on junk food to stop people consuming so much.

671. Writing Task 2- In some countries, obesity among children has become a major medical and social issue.

672. Writing Task 2 – Some people say that driving personal vehicles on city roads should be made prohibitively expensive so that everyone uses public transport.

673. Writing Task 2 – In some countries the average weight of people is increasing and their levels of health and fitness are decreasing.

674. writing Task 2 – Today more people are travelling than ever before. Why is this the case? What are the benefits of travelling for the traveller.

675. Writing Task 2 – Some people argue that capital punishment is good for a country.

676. Writing Task 2 – In some countries young people are encouraged to work or travel for a year between finishing high school and starting university studies.

677. Writing Task 2 – Nowadays the way many people interact with each other has changed because of technology. In what ways has technology affected the types of relationships people make?

678. Writing Task 2 – Many people believe that reducing speed limits is the best option for road safety improvement.

679. Writing Task 2 – School Teachers are more responsible for social and intellectual development of students than parents.

680. Writing Task 2 –  Some people say that the government should control the amount of violence in films and on TV in order to control violent crimes in society.

681. Writing Task 2 – In many countries the proportion of older people is steadily increasing. What problems will this cause for individuals and society?.

682. Writing Task 2 – Nowadays more people are choosing to live with friends or alone rather than with their families.

683. Writing Task 2 – Some people claim that what many people eat in western countries is unhealthy food and that their diet is getting worse.

684. Writing Task 2 – The Internet has transformed lives and economies but it is turning the world into a global village. Soon everybody will think and behave in the same way.

685. Writing Task 2 – Some people believe that Art gives our lives meaning and purpose. Others believe that it is merely a distraction from real life.

686. Writing Task 2 – Nowadays there are more opportunities for women than there were in the past. Some people think this situation has caused more problems than it has solved.

687. WRTITNG TASK 2 – Multinational companies are becoming increasingly common in developing countries.  What are the advantages and disadvantages of this?

688. WRITING TASK 2 – Doing an enjoyable activity with a child can develop better skills and more creativity than reading.

689. WRITING TASK 2 – Museums and art galleries should focus on works that show the history and culture of their own country rather than works of other parts of the world.

690. WRITING TASK 2 – Some experts believe that it is better for children to begin learning a foreign language at primary schools rather than secondary school. Do the advantages of this outweigh the disadvantages?

691. WRITING TASK 2 – Most people have forgotten the meaning behind traditional or religious festivals; during festival periods, people nowadays only want to enjoy themselves

692. WRITING TASK 2 – The internet has transformed the way information is shared and consumed, but it has also created problems that did not exist before


693. WRITING TASK 2 – Big salary is much more important than job satisfaction. Do you agree or disagree? Provide relevant examples if necessary

694. WRITING TASK 2 – In some parts of the world, people have become more focused on themselves than their communities. What problems can this situation cause and how can they be solved?

695. WRITING TASK 2 – Some people think paying taxes is a big enough contribution to their society, while others think people have more responsibilities as members of society than only paying taxes.

696. WRITING TASK 2 – Due to the development and rapid expansion of supermarkets in some countries, many small, local businesses are unable to compete

697. WRITING TASK 2 – Some people suggest that a country should try to produce all the food for its population and import as little food as possible.

698. WRITING TASK 2 – Genetic engineering is an important issue in modern society. Some people think that it will improve people’s lives in many ways. 

699. WRITING TASK 2 – parents want to achieve balance between family and career but only a few manage to achieve it.

700. WRITING TASK 2 – It is commonly believed that nowadays main factors that affect a child’s development are media, pop culture and friends.

701. WRITING TASK 2 – In many countries, a small number of people earn extremely high salaries. Some people believe that this is good for the country, but others think that governments should not allow salaries above a certain level.

702. WRITING TASK 2 – Despite a large number of gyms, a sedentary lifestyle is gaining popularity in the contemporary world.

703. WRITING TASK 2 – The money spent by governments on space programmes would be better spent on vital public services such as schools and hospitals.

704. WRITING TASK 2 – Modern technology is now very common in the most workplaces. How do you think this has changed the way we work?

705. WRITING TASK 2 – Some people prefer to live in a house, while others feel that there are more advantages to living in an apartment

706. WRITING TASK 2 – In many countries, there is a shortage of housing due to a growing population. Some people argue that new towns should be built in the countryside, others argue for the regeneration of cities

707. WRITING TASK 2 – Many people join distance-learning programmes (study material, post, TV, Internet) and study at home, but some people think that it cannot bring the same benefit as attending colleges or universities does.

708. WRITING TASK 2 – Life has become much more stressful compared to our parent’s generation. As a result, stress-related illnesses are increasing around the world.

709. WRITING TASK 2 – Countries are becoming more and more similar because people are able to buy the same products anywhere in the world.

710. WRITING TASK 2 – Environmental problems are becoming a global issue. Environmental problems are counter-challenging the quality of life people enjoy in modern advanced societies.

711. WRITING TASK 2 – Some people believe that the best way to learn English is to study with native teachers.

712. WRITING TASK 2 – In some countries, people prefer to rent a house for accommodation, while in other countries people prefer to buy their own house.

713. WRITING TASK 2 – Some young people look forward to a year of travelling, a gap year, before they begin work or university and see it as a chance to broaden their horizons.

714. WRITING TASK 2 – Governments spend a lot of money on public celebrations such as national holidays and public festivals.

715. WRITING TASK 2 – Due to the development and rapid expansion of supermarkets in some countries, many small, local businesses are unable to compete. 

716. WRITING TASK 2 – These days, in many countries, fewer and fewer people want to become teachers, particularly in secondary schools. 

717. WRITING TASK 2 – The widespread use of the Internet has brought many problems. What do you think are the main problems associated with the use of the Internet? What solutions can you suggest?

718. WRITING TASK 2 – Some people prefer shopping in shopping centres while others prefer local markets. What are the advantages of each? Which shopping experience do you prefer?

719. WRITING TASK 2 – Using cell phones and computers made communication among people much easier. As a result, letter writing could be lost in the future

720. WRITING TASK 2 – Very few school children learn about the value of money and how to look after it, yet this is a critical life skill that should be taught as a part of the school curriculum.

IELTS Writing Task 2 Topics

IELTS Writing Task 2 Topics

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IELTS Writing Task 2 Topics

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