BEST IELTS General Reading Test 326

BEST IELTS General Reading Test 326


IELTS General Reading Test



Unit accommodation

Should you stay or should you leave?

You have been through the whole process – filled in a UCAS application form, sent the results of you’re a levels, passed your English exam and was finally given an offer to join a university. Now you are on your way to moving to the university accommodation of your choice; a question arises in your head —-where is the best place for a student to stay while being at uni in the UK?

A survey has shown that over 60 per cent of first-year students look for a room within the available university-managed accommodation houses. The reason for that is simple — a fresher tends to feel lonely, lost and homesick more often than a final year undergraduate. In addition to that, halls of residence are like a refugee camp where the newcomers can gather together so as to survive in the new environment, which initially may be so obscure that they often get lost amid the disturbing and exciting big city.

IELTS General Reading Test

On-campus housing facilities also count for their final choice — the majority of the residents said that a place with a homey atmosphere, like a lounge with comfortable sofas and a TV or a fully-equipped kitchen and a launderette, was crucial for their well-being.

Having said that, the second year undergraduate students are not so keen on staying in the halls of residence or flats administered by their university. At this stage, either the accommodation bureau is not up to offer a place to older students (as there is a policy for welcoming the first-year students before anyone else, and, then, if a room remains empty, they will consider other applications) or they have met a few friends who they get along with. They feel it is time to go house-hunting.

IELTS General Reading Test

This is when the adventure for undergraduate students starts again. Now they are familiar with their university policies and the new city life; they are about to be bombarded with new rules and regulations set by estate agencies. Payments are to be made PCM. (per calendar month), a monthly deposit is to be given beforehand, flats and house rents are either bills, inc. Or bills etc. (including or excluding bills) and so on.

No matter what they go for, around 30 per cent of final year undergraduates send their applications, forms, and hope to come back to the university accommodation and their halls of residence so that they can finally complete their degree.

IELTS General Reading Test

Tips for undergraduates

In the halls of residence

Make the most of your room, keep it neat and clean, and you will have a nice study environment. Socialise – the kitchen, lounge and bar are there for you so that you can make few friends. When you cook or do the washing, think about others – do not leave your personal stuff lying around.

When house-hunting

Set your own budget and ask your flatmates to do the same. This way, you do not end up signing over budget contracts and getting into debt.

Check out the facilities included in the rental price before you move to the new place. Do they meet your needs?

Take a look at the neighbourhood and local transport for cheap accommodation; faraway suburbs turnout to be overpriced at the end of the day!

IELTS General Reading Test

Questions 1 – 8

In boxes 1- 8 on your answer sheet write.

TRUE – if the statement is true

FALSE – if the statement is false

NOT GIVEN – if the statement is not given in the passage.

1. A fresher goes through more emotional distress than other undergraduates.

2. Few students are fond of staying in a place which resembles their home.

3. Second-year students do not stand a chance of being offered a room in halls of residence.

4. House-hunting is more exciting than moving to university-managed accommodation.

5. A range of financial terms is included in a property rental agreement.

6. New friends should have parties in communal areas in halls of residence.

7. Students will be in the red unless they set a budget before they go house hunting.

8. Reasonable rental prices can be found near the university and local amenities.

IELTS General Reading Test

Read the text below and answer Questions 9-14.

Natural landscapes for you!

 If you are eager to be in contact with nature, then these options of adventure holidays are definitely to be in your choice list.

A) Incas in the jungle!

 Enjoy the mysterious trail in the Andes mountains and be astounded with the magical monuments of Machu Picchu! The historical Incas and the fascinating reminiscences of their culture will be a thrilling moment in your life!

B) Magnificent Serra da Canastra

Ever seen huge waterfalls? Not yet? Then, you are welcome to a unique place! Follow trails through the jungle and go hiking on Minas mountains so as to reach astonishing waterfalls! As you celebrate your arrival, you can swim in the clearest water and have an unforgettable experience.

IELTS General Reading Test

C) Seven sisters & you

Here is the long walk through the English countryside – among sheep and goats and an amazing lake -until you reach an untouched beach, full of pebbles, and seven white cliffs! Contemplate the sea that always greets the seven sisters.

D) Long way down in Queenstown

Fancy a radical sport? Well, you are in the ideal place for bug jumping! Walkthrough the forest and enjoy the natural landscape before you see yourself jumping over it!

E) Visit the Treasure Island!

Come on hiking over the coastal area of Ireland! Known as the Emerald island, this can be an exciting journey, as you can go horse-riding there! Enjoy the freedom of the greenest countryside you have never seen.

IELTS General Reading Test

F) Desert Landscape

Explore the desert lands in Chile! As you walk through the hot, arid plateau during the day, you will be surprised with the historical importance of Atacama! And the salt basins will impress you with its exuberance.

G) Bonito is really beautiful!

Go on a trip to the Pantanal Jungle and watch a variety of fauna and flora as you travel by boat on the river! When you arrive at Bonito, you can go water-rafting on the waterfalls or snorkelling in the lakes under the caves!

H) Come on rocky time!

If you are into rock-climbing, then you are coming to the right place! Join groups of rock climbers, and you can see terrific views whether you are going up or down! Camping is an alternative to those who want to go on longer journeys!

IELTS General Reading Test

Questions 9 – 14

Match the adventure holidays to the statements 9 – 14Write the appropriate letters (A – H) in the boxes 9 -14 on your answer sheet.

NB: Some of the holidays may be chosen more than once.

9. The water is very salty there.

10. You can see natural landscapes from a different angle.

11. As you swim. The flowing water splashes over the rocks.

12. There is a range of wild animals in this place.

13. You can find the ancient ruins there.

14. Do not attempt to swim there without appropriate equipment.


IELTS Academic Reading Test

BEST IELTS General Reading Test 326

IELTS General Reading Test










9. C

10. D or H

11. B

12. G

13. A

14. G

IELTS General Reading Test

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