BEST IELTS General Reading Test 327

BEST IELTS General Reading Test 327


 IELTS General Reading Test



Questions 14 – 18

Read the Information Guide for Westley Public Library on the following page. Look at the following customer bills (Questions 14 – 18) that need to be worked out.

According to the Westley Public Library Information Guide, match the customer bills (Questions 14 – 18) with the prices given (A – I).

14. 2 CD ROMs for 2 weeks.

15. 1 ½ hours on the internet.

16. 6 internet sheet printouts.

17. 2 books late for 1 week.

18. 6 months library membership.

IELTS General Reading Test


A. $3

B. $2

C. $20

D. $12

E. $2.50

F. $1

G. 30 cents

H. 50 cents

I. $1.50

IELTS General Reading Test

Westley Public Library – Information Guide

10. Only members of the Library may borrow items from the Library. Membership for this year is $24 for 12 month or pro rata monthly membership. Membership runs from 1st January to 31st December.

11. Library membership consists of the right to take out 6 hardbacks and six paperbacks. Extra borrowing may be added on at the librarian’s discretion.

12. Hardback books are taken out for a maximum of two weeks and paperbacks for a maximum of three weeks. Renewals are permitted. The books can be brought in and re-stamped for renewal or, in emergencies, members may phone in.

13. Overdue books will be charged at a rate of 50 cents per book per week or part of a week. Lost books will be charged at the current market price plus a postage/administration charge.

14. Popular books can be reserved on a waiting list. There is no renewal for books in this category.

IELTS General Reading Test

15. The Library has a CD ROM section from which members are allowed to borrow. Members borrowing a CD ROM pay a charge of $1 per CD ROM for a period of two weeks – a maximum of 3 discs may be borrowed at any one time. The Library member will be liable for any loss or damage to the CD ROM.

16. The Library has a video and DVD section. Library members can borrow up to 2 DVDs at a time for a two day period. Members must pay a refundable $20 deposit to borrow DVDs.

17. The Library has 10 internet terminals. Use of the terminals is not restricted to members. Any person can reserve a 30 minute or 1 hour session on one computer in the Library for internet use at the rate of $1 for 30 minutes and $2 for an hour. 8 PCs will be available to be reserved and 2 will be there on a “first come, first served” basis. Printouts of internet pages will be charged 5 cents a sheet. All PCs are equipped with CD writer facilities.

18. Your suggestions for new books to be ordered are always most welcome and may be written in the suggestion book.


Mon/Tues/Thurs/Fri 9.00 am – 6.00 pm

Wed 9.00 am – 8.00 pm

Sat 10.00 am – 1.00 pm


IELTS General Reading Test

Questions 19 – 20

Look again at the Information Guide for Westley Public Library. Complete the following statements (Questions 19 and 20) with words taken from the guide. Write NO MORE THAN THREE WORDS for each answer.

Write your answers in boxes 19 and 20 on your answer sheet.

19. If a book that you want is already taken out, put your name on the ____________ and the book will be kept for you when it is returned.

20. If library customers have any ideas on how to improve the library, they can leave a written note of their recommendation in the _______________.

IELTS General Reading Test

Read the text below and answer Questions 21-28.

Halifax College

A. Halifax College is a school situated just outside the Nova Scotia capital city of Halifax. Opened in 1935, it was first privately run by the Halifax Church Council. In 1960 it was purchased by the provincial government and since then it has been enormously extended and now operates as a day school as well as keeping its original boarding element. Currently enrolment stands at 550 but this is expected to rise to 750 by 2005.

B. The school’s mission is the pursuit of excellence by its students both in academic and extracurricular fields. Prospective students are expected to show high academic potential and proficiency in any sporting or musical activity is also looked for. Entrance to the College is by an in house examination. Six scholarships are offered per year by the College in academic, sporting and musical areas (2 in each). Details of these scholarships and the entry procedure can be obtained from the Admissions Office.

C. Academic life at Halifax College is naturally geared towards students’ success in achieving their High School Diploma. Halifax College offers all the usual core and elective subjects and also offers a few unusual ones. See the prospectus for details.

IELTS General Reading Test

D. The school is divided into three sub-schools:

Elementary Years 1 – 6

Part 1 Secondary Years 7 – 9

Part 2 Secondary Years 10 – 12

Each sub-school has its own administration and is headed by its own principal. The School Council is the umbrella organization that administers the school as a whole.

E. As mentioned earlier, sports and music are considered very important at Halifax College. At the College we have our own facilities for football, baseball, hockey and lacrosse. In addition to these we have our own gymnasium, sports hall, indoor swimming pool, athletics track and indoor and outdoor tennis courts. Students also have the opportunity to row at our boathouse on the Iona River. Music is centred at our purpose-built music school which has facilities for learning a variety of instruments and its own performance hall.

F. The future of our students is of the greatest importance to us here at Halifax College. To cater for this the College has a Careers Office staffed by a full time careers officer. Students can see the officer at any time to discuss their future careers and tertiary education options. The College has a library with an enormous selection of information concerning further education institutes in Canada and abroad. Various career lectures are organized through out the school year and students can also book aptitude tests and mock university and job interviews.

IELTS General Reading Test

Questions 21 – 25

The reading passage on Halifax College has 6 paragraphs A – F. From the list of headings below choose the most suitable headings for paragraphs B – F.Write the appropriate number (i – xi) in boxes 21 – 25 on your answer sheet.

NB There are more headings than paragraphs, so you will not use them all.

i. Student Prospects

ii. Study Choices at Halifax College

iii. The Teaching and Study Staff

iv. College Buildings

v. School Structure

vi. The History of Halifax College

vii. Working at Halifax College

viii. Special Circumstances

ix. Extracurricular Activities

x. Competition at Halifax College

xi. Joining Halifax College

21. Paragraph B

22. Paragraph C

23. Paragraph D

24. Paragraph E

25. Paragraph F

IELTS General Reading Test

Questions 26 – 28

Read the Information about Halifax College again. Using NO MORE THAN THREE WORDS, answer the following questions. Write your answers in boxes 26 – 28 on your answer sheet.

26. What is the current school population?

27. How does the average student enter Halifax College?

28. Where can the students practice their skills in boats?


BEST IELTS General Reading Test 327

IELTS General Reading Test


14. B

15. A

16. G

17. F

18. D



21. XI

22. II

23. V

24. IX

25. I

26. 550



IELTS General Reading Test

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