BEST IELTS General Reading Test 332

BEST IELTS General Reading Test 332


IELTS General Reading Test



Read the text below and answer Questions 15 – 27.


A. SMART CASUAL Women. Wear a pencil skirt or dress pants, paired with a silk or button-down top and high heels. Men: Opt for dressy trousers, paired with a collared shirt and loafers. When to wear it: office parties, happy hours, business luncheons.

B. DRESSY CASUAL Women: Avoid wearing denim, tennis shoes, and cotton tees. Instead, opt for silk pants, dress pants, or a skirt. Pair with a patent leather flat, or one with nice embellishments such as a bow, buckle, or a print. Men: Wear trousers and a dress shirt with oxfords. Pair with a blazer or sport coat. Avoid showing up with wrinkles or clothes one size too big, too small, or in a non-coordinating color. A tie is optional. When to wear it: church, dinner, or an invite received via phone or e-mail.

IELTS General Reading Test

C. COUNTRY CLUB CASUAL Women: Choose an open-necked or polo shirt. You can also opt for dresses and skirts with minimal accessories. Men: Wear an open-necked or polo shirt, paired with khakis. Accessorize with leather shoes and a belt. When to wear it: cruise lines, the country club, friend’s home for dinner, nice restaurant.

D. BUSINESS CASUAL Women: Put on a skirt, khakis, or dress pants paired with long sleeve or three-quarter sleeve tops. A casual dress and flats are options as well. Men: Wear a button-down or a polo shirt, paired with khakis, or dress pants. If you so desire, layer with a v-neck sweater, a blazer, or a sports coat. A tie is optional. When to wear it: company party, daily work attire, business lunch meetings.

IELTS General Reading Test

E. COCKTAIL ATTIRE Women: Wear a shorter dress with some frill. The classic little black dress makes for great cocktail attire, and is the easiest to show your personality by accessorizing to suit your mood. Men: Wear a dark suit, coat, and tie. Opting for dark jeans paired with a jacket and tie is also acceptable at some cocktail event, depending on how casual the atmosphere is. When to wear it: adult birthday parties, evening social events.

F. LOUNGE Women: Wear a dress that would be appropriate for brunch or afternoon tea. It should fall to, or slightly above, the knee, and not be too sparkly or low-cut. Incorporate a jacket or shawl to cover the arms. Men: Opt for a dark suit, paired with a French-cuffed, crisp white shirt. You can go with or without a tie. Opting for a vest instead of a tie adds to the informality of the look. When to wear it: daytime engagement parties, business breakfasts, afternoon tea.

IELTS General Reading Test

G. WHITE TIE Women: A floor-length ball gown is a must. Accessorize with opera length gloves, glamorous jewels, and up-do hairstyles. Men: Wear a short or waist length black tailcoat (tails should reach the back of your knees,) white bow tie, starched white shirt, and a cummerbund (optional). Sport high-quality black pants. When to wear it: charity fundraisers, government ceremonies, weddings, and the opera.

H. BLACK TIE Women: Gussy up in a floor-length ball gown. A very dressy cocktail dress may be acceptable depending on the venue of the event. Men: Wear a dark suit or a tuxedo without tails. Pair with a white shirt and a tie, or a bow tie with or without a vest and a cummerbund. When to wear it: charity fundraisers, political dinner parties, weddings.

I. BLACK TIE OPTIONAL Women: Look glamorous in a long gown, cocktail dress, or luxurious separates. Accessorize with items such as long gloves, clutches, and jewelry to top off the whole look. Men: If you own a tuxedo, put it on, else, wear a suit in a dark color such as charcoal or black, paired with a white dress shirt, and a solid colored tie. Make sure patterns are kept to a minimum. Accessorize your look with a pocket square and cuff links. When to wear it: elegant events such as galas, silent auctions, weddings, formal dinners.

IELTS General Reading Test

Questions 15-20

In which paragraph will you find the answer to the following questions?

15. The occasion when men can wear lace-less shoes.

16. When should women not wear too many items of jewellery?

17. For women, the dress you choose to wear will depend upon the location of the occasion.

18. What you wear if you are at a party where the host is blowing out two score candles on his birthday cake.

19. Events where ladies accessorize their shoes.

20. The dress to wear when you are meeting a client over breakfast.

IELTS General Reading Test

Read the text below and answer Questions 21 — 27.


• All vehicles shall display standard size sticker of 6″ x 9″ name and logo of our company. If the vehicle does not have a sticker, we request you not to board the vehicle.

• All vehicles will be provided with a first aid kit, umbrella and fire extinguisher.

• Smoking and or food consumption in vehicles is prohibited.

• Pickup and drop will be strictly from point to point (home to office to home)

• The permitted speed limit is 40 kms per hour in residential areas and 60 kms per hour on normal roads and highways.

• Employees are requested not to give their land phone/mobile numbers to any of the drivers.

• Drivers will not wait for more than five minutes at each pick up point. You are expected to board the car within this time failing which you may have to make own arrangements for commuting.

IELTS General Reading Test

• In case of any vehicle break down while in commute, replacement of vehicle shall be provided immediately; however if there is a delay in providing the replacement vehicle, the expenses incurred by the employee for commuting from the breakdown point to their office/residence shall be reimbursed. However, between 8pm to 7am employees are requested to wait for company transport.

• All women employees will be picked up from the front of their residence and will be dropped back in front of their residence.

• Employees are requested not to board the car in case there are any unknown persons in the cab along with the driver (other than our security personnel).

• Employees should request for a cab at least 15 minutes before their log out time. This will give us time to organize for a cab for your drop back to home.

IELTS General Reading Test

• Any female employee being asked to work beyond 8pm will be entitled to use the cab facility for their drop back to home. However, the request for a cab needs to be sent by the line manager to the local travel desk at least four (4) hours in advance.

• Female employees working between 8pm to 7am will be provided with an escort guard, if they are the first pickup and last drop.

• Employees should ensure they fill in the trip sheets and sign the same after every pickup and drop.

• Routing and clubbing will be done by the transportation team and the same will be shared with all users. Employees are requested to follow the routing accordingly.

• Cab facility will not be provided for those employees leaving office before their working hours.

IELTS General Reading Test

• At the time of drop, if there is any other employee who stays on the same route and expected to logout within 15 minutes time, the employee may be requested to wait for a maximum of 15 minutes for the other employee and clubbing would be done accordingly.

• Employees are requested to keep the local travel desk informed at least a day in advance, if they do not require a pickup / drop. Last moment cancellation is not encouraged.

• During the commute, if there is a conflict between the driver and other commuter for whatsoever reason, employees are requested not to get down from the cab and if you feel necessary please Inform us on 1234567890.

IELTS General Reading Test

Questions 21 — 27

Do the following statements agree with the information given in the text? In boxes on your answer sheet, write

TRUE – if the statement agrees with the information

FALSE – if the statement contradicts the information

NOT GIVEN – if there is no information on this.

IELTS General Reading Test

21. If the vehicle does not have a first aid kit, umbrella and fire extinguisher, you should report the matter to the Transport Department.

22. You may smoke in the cab as long as you are holding the cigarette outside the window of the car.

23. The cab can travel at 50kmph on highways.

24. If the Security Guard in the cab is unknown, do not board the cab.

25. If your shift is up to 5 pm, and you leave at 4.30 pm, you will be provided with a cab.

26. If a female employee gets off work at 9 pm, she will be given a cab as long as she requests for it four hours before 8 pm, that is, by 4 pm.

27. Male employees will not be picked up from in front of their residences.

IELTS General Reading Test


BEST IELTS General Reading Test 332

IELTS General Reading Test


15. A

16. C

17. H

18. E

19. B

20. F



23. TRUE





IELTS General Reading Test

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