BEST IELTS General Reading Test 333

BEST IELTS General Reading Test 333


IELTS General Reading Test



Read the text below and answer Questions 1 — 8


A. Apo Island: This Island is named one of the 100 best dive sites in the world, thanks to the administrators who have taken all efforts in ensuring that the island lives up to world class standards. Locals supported initiatives of scientists from Silliman University to make the island one of the most well-documented and best protected marine sanctuaries in the country.

B. Monad Shoal: Divers from all over the world flock to Malapascua Island to see the elegant, oddly-shaped thresher sharks that breach the waters off the island, moving their way into the depths of Monad Shoal, where divers patiently wait for a sighting. A second dive through the blue waters of Maiapascua in the afternoon will show you manta rays taking over the shoal.

IELTS General Reading Test

C. Anilao: Most Manila-based divers will point to Anilao when asked about their favorite dive site. There are dozens of dive sites in Anilao as weekend warriors troop to the place for a good weekend dive. Anilao has good diving conditions all year round and it has an incredibly rich marine life and fantastic underwater landscapes you need not go far to enjoy.

D. WWII Wrecks: in Coron Bay, Palawan. The sunken remains of the WWII Japanese warships have been an interesting diving attraction in this dive site in Coron Bay where some of the most diverse and richest marine life thrives.

E. Barracuda Lake: in Coron Island, Palawan. Apart from wreck diving, Coron Island has Barracuda Lake, an underrated dive site in the Philippines. This lake is full of sharp thermoclines and alien underwater landscapes. Add to that the Iegerd of the centuries-old monster-sized barracuda said to be the size of five large oil barrels.

F. Ticao Pass: This is known as “the Manta Bowl”. The rough waters off Ticao provide a perfect spot for the majestic manta rays. Divers can enjoy truly breathtaking sightings of these gentle giants gliding overhead. There are also whale sharks that use the pass on their way to Donsol — a favorite snorkeling spot.

IELTS General Reading Test

G. Honda Bay: This is an affordable luxury dive site. Teeming with rich marine life, Honda Bay has the advantage of being dotted with spectacular islands with sparkling white-sand beaches.

H. Blue Hole in Romblon Island, Romblon. This site may not be as popular as the others since Romblon is a largely unvisited province. Blue Hole is a product of the efforts of the three German-Filipino Eschweiler brothers — Peter, Philipp, and Patrick. And it is an underwater sinkhole where divers can stare into a bottomless abyss.

IELTS General Reading Test

Questions 1— 8

For which dive spots are the following statements true?

Write the correct letter, A-H, in boxes 1- 8 in your answer sheet. You may use any letter more than once.

1. A lot of divers come here on Saturday and Sunday.

2. Bright white beaches are found here.

3. This dive site received the support of the local population.

4. The sight of large sea life here will take your breath away.

5. A very wide variety of marine life can be found here.

6. This site receives visitors from different parts of the world.

7. This dive site is much better than the rating people give it.

8. Three siblings helped develop this dive site.

IELTS General Reading Test

Read the text below an answer Questions 9 —14.


Discus Throw: In this event, the athlete will attempt to throw a heavy disc as far as he/she can. The discus is usually made of plastic, wood, fiberglass, and carbon fiber. Then the athlete will spin counter clockwise around one and a half times through the circle, after which the athlete can release his/her throw.

The six key movement of discus throw are: wind up, move in rhythm, balance, right leg engine, orbit, and delivery.

Shot Put: Shot put is a track and field event in which the athlete will throw a shot – a heavy metal ball, the farthest that he can without leaving a circle that is 7 feet wide. This sport was known to have started by the Ancient Greeks, but the first event of it on record was in Scottish Highlands during the first century. In 1896, shot put for men became an official event for Olympics; women were included in 1948.

IELTS General Reading Test

During the throw or put as it is called, there are different styles can be used to get the maximum distance. The glide style involves rotating 180 degrees towards the putting direction and there’s the spin style in which the thrower faces the rear, then spins to the throwing direction but giving the upper body a hard twist to get the highest possible throwing momentum.

Javelin Throwing: The javelin throw is part of the track and field event. A javelin or a spear about 8 feet long is to be thrown. The participant first runs within a predetermined area and then throws the javelin. The participants must hold the javelin at its grip and throw over hands, over the participant’s upper arm or shoulder.

IELTS General Reading Test

Javelin is a part of the men’s decathlon and the women’s heptathlon.

Hammer Throw: Hammer throw is one of the oldest events in track and field competitions. A heavy object on the end of a thin wire is hurled for maximum distance. The game dates back to the 15th century.

It was used to be thought of as a strength event, but now it’s based more on speed. The action of throwing involves two swings, then around three or four body rotations in circular motion using a heel-toe movement of the foot. This is then moved in a circular path. It gradually increases its velocity, and then the participant throws the ball from the circle.

IELTS General Reading Test

Questions 9 — 14

Do the following statements agree with the information given in the text.


TRUE – If the statement agrees with the information

FALSE – If the statement contradicts the information

NOT GIVEN – If there is no information on this.

9. Discus throw is not part of the women’s heptathlon event.

10. Hammer Throw is one of the earliest events introduced in the Olympics.

11. Shot put for women was introduced into the Olympics more than half a century after it was introduced for men.

12. The last key movement in a discus throw is delivery.

13. Strength is the key in doing well in the Hammer Throw.

14. The Javelin cannot be more than 8 ft. in length.

IELTS General Reading Test


BEST IELTS General Reading Test 333

IELTS General Reading Test


1. C

2. G

3. A

4. F

5. D

6. B

7. E

8. H


10. TRUE

11. TRUE

12. TRUE



IELTS General Reading Test

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