BEST IELTS General Reading Test 435

BEST IELTS General Reading Test 435

IELTS General Reading Test

Schopenhauer On Education

Schopenhauer says in his essay of education that ideas are formed only after the observations. For him, Observation is deserved for being in the first place. He contrasts two types of individuals: An individual who has his own experience and an individual who learned and heard from others. He praises former types of individuals because whatever ideas he gained comes from his own experience. So, he can use the ideas correctly. On the contrary, latter types of individuals’ ideas are not derived from their own experience so there is a possibility that they will apply those ideas wrongly. 

He criticized teachers by stating that teachers are stuffing the ideas to the young mind rather than developing their acuity and discernment. He emphasizes that the principal point in education is, “one’s knowledge of the world begins at the right end”, this should be the aim of education. Teachers should encourage students to observe their surroundings and to form ideas based on that. One must take care of childrens to not use words which they don’t know the clear meaning of. Learning words is not going to be useful. One needs to understand the words. One’s Observation precedes one’s idea, this should not be the reverse. 

IELTS General Reading Test

About Memory, he said that it should be greatly exercised from an early age. We should carefully consider what needs to be retained. There are ideas which last long. It is essential to select the important and significant ideas to keep it in memory. This selection should be made by the masters in every branch of knowledge. Almost and always one’s maturity of knowledge is the work of one’s experience alone. 

Choose the correct letter, a, b, c or d.

15. Idea are formed after the

A. Practice

B. Observation

C. Exercise

D. Sleep

IELTS General Reading Test

16. Schopenhauer praised the individual who

A. Gain ideas from his own experience

B. Learn from the books

C. Hearing from the Masters of Knowledge

D. Live without knowledge

17. Teachers should not

A. Let the students to observe their surroundings

B. Stuff their minds with other ideas

C. Let them to play in the open fields

D. Let them to eat food

IELTS General Reading Test

18. Childrens should not be allowed to use the words which

A. Have a bad meaning

B. They don’t know the clear meaning of.

C. Have no meaning

D. Is foreign to them

19. Who should select the knowledge that should be retained by the childrens?

A. High School Teachers

B. Business People

C. Masters of every branch of knowledge

D. Parents

IELTS General Reading Test

Directions for purchasing Bees

The best time to establish an Apiary is from the middle of February to the middle of March, the stocks will have passed in safety through the winter, the combs are then empty of brood, the light of honey, and the removal safe and easy. Stocks should be selected by a competent judge, as the weight alone cannot be relied on, a swarm of the preceding year should be selected, and one that contains not less than twelve pounds of honey; there are few commodities in which a person can be so easily deceived as in a hive of Bees.

I would therefore recommend the young Apiarian to take the opinion of some experienced person before he makes his purchase, a hive of the preceding year can only be known by a close inspection of the combs, which but few persons have the courage to engage in; if the hive is not of the preceding year its weight is no criterion of its value, for an old hive always contains a large quantity of the pollen or dust of flowers which the Bees carry home on their legs, especially in the Spring and Autumn.

It is an essential ingredient in the food with which they nourish their young, but good for nothing else, indeed the Bees will die of hunger upon the combs that are filled with it:—”Yet,” says Gelieu, “they lay up useless hoards of it, which they go on augmenting every year, and this is the only point on which they can be accused of a want of that prudence and foresight so admirable in every other respect.”

IELTS General Reading Test

The Bees appear to be aware of the perishable nature of this substance, for they never fill a cell entirely with it, but leave room for a small quantity of honey in each cell containing pollen, before it is sealed up, by this means the air is most effectually excluded, and the pollen preserved for a considerable time; should, however, the Bees be compelled to consume the honey from those cells containing pollen before they can make use of it for their young, it moulds and becomes of no value, and causes them great labour to remove it.

For when in this state, they have no means of displacing it but by eating away the cells in which it is contained, and conveying it out of their hives in small pieces, about the size of peas, hard and mouldy. I have seen the entrance of old hives in the month of April almost filled up with the pellets of mouldy farina.

IELTS General Reading Test

The process is tedious, takes up much time, and the ravages made by it upon the combs appear irreparable; still in a short space of time, if the weather is favourable, the combs are repaired, as if no injury had befallen them, and filled with honey or brood.

It is a very heavy substance, so that if weight be the only criterion, farina will be purchased instead of honey, therefore in the purchase of old stocks it will be necessary they should weigh eight pounds more than swarms of the preceding year; in the purchase of swarms less experience is necessary, and by attending to the following rules the young Apiarian will not be imposed upon.1st. That the swarm is purchased before the 14th of June, the longer before that time the better.

2ndly. That it does not weigh less than three pounds and a half. I have known some swarms to weigh six pounds, but this is of rare occurrence.

IELTS General Reading Test

It is very important to observe, that when a swarm of Bees is purchased it must be removed to the place in which it is to remain, upon the evening of the day it swarmed, for should the removal be delayed even till the next day, the combs will in all probability be broken and the stock destroyed.

I should recommend the purchaser to send his own hive to the person of whom he intends to buy a swarm and to desire him not to put any sticks across the interior of the hive, as is the usual custom, for they cause much trouble to the Bees in forming their combs, and render their extraction almost impossible. The prosperity of the hive will much (perhaps entirely) depend upon its being finally placed upon the evening of the day it swarmed.

IELTS General Reading Test

Choose NO MORE THAN TWO WORDS AND/OR A NUMBER from the passage for each answer.

From the middle of February to the middle of 20___________ is the best time to establish an 21____________. Bees leave room for a 22_____________ quantity of honey with even a single cell containing pollen. A 23__________ of the preceding year should be selected is not only depending on the weight, the one that, does not have less than 24___________ pounds of honey.

The young 25______________ recommended to take opinion on some experienced person before make his purchase. It is very important to observe, when a swarm of Bees is purchased it must be removed to the place in which it is to remain, upon the 26__________ of the day it swarmed, for should the removal be delayed even till the next day… The hive 27__________ will much depend upon its being finally placed upon the evening of the day it swarmed.

IELTS General Reading Test


BEST IELTS General Reading Test 435

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IELTS General Reading Test

15. B

16. A

17. B

18. B

19. C









IELTS General Reading Test

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