BEST IELTS General Reading Test 445

BEST IELTS General Reading Test 445

IELTS General Reading Test

Rapid Police Response

Police bureau in the USA and Canada believe it is important to respond to calls for help as fast as possible. The ability to act fast has been improved with the help of tech­nology. The phone and radio, already in use, is useful in reducing police response time. Recently, the ‘911’ emergency system was introduced, which allows the people easier and quicker contact with police, and the use of police computer systems, that allows police to plan patrols and assign emergency calls to the police officers closest to the location of the emergency.

As an important part of police strategy, rapid police response is seen by police officers and the public alike as offering tremendous benefits. The best benefits of rapid response are the ability of police to apply first-aid life-saving techniques fast and the greater chance of arresting people who have committed a crime. It aids in finding those who witnessed an emergency or crime, and to collect evidence. The overall prestige of a police force is enhanced if a rapid response is persistent, and this in itself leads to prevention of crime. Rapid response offers the public some level of trust in the police force.

IELTS General Reading Test

While these may be the expected results of rapid police response, actual research has not shown it to be quite so useful. For eg., it has been shown that rapid response leads to a greater chance of arrest only if the police responds in the order of 1-2 minutes after a call is received by the police. Even when the times increase to 3-4 minutes (still quite a rapid response) the likelihood of an arrest is sub­stantially reduced.

Similarly, in recognising witnesses to emergencies or crimes, police are far more likely to be fortunate if they arrive at the scene no more than 4 minutes, on average, after receiving a request for help. Still both police officers and the public outline  ‘rapid response’ as reaching to the spot up to 10-12 minutes after calling the police for help.

IELTS General Reading Test

Complete the sentences using NO MORE THAN THREE WORDS from the passage for each answer. 

15. In the USA and Canada, it is important for the _____ to respond to calls for help as fast as possible.

16. The ________ was introduced, which allows people easier and quicker contact with police.

17. One of the best benefits of rapid response is the ability of police to apply ______ life-saving techniques fast. 

18. Rapid response offers the public ________ in the police force.

19. A rapid response leads to a greater chance of arrest only if the police respond within ________ after a call is received by the police. 

IELTS General Reading Test

Read the text below and answer Questions 20-27.

Comic Books and Novels Reading Passage

In spite of the subtle difference between comics and novels, some talented writers such as Joe Hill have produced excellent content in both mediums. Many classic novels have been reimagined into comics. A study at Ankara College Foundation Private School compared comprehension of Shakespeare in the classic novel as well as comic form.

The students were of a similar academic level. It was found that students who used the comic book scored higher compared to those who used the traditional novel. For one, the art in the comic book added extra features to the story that potentially made it easier to follow compared to the poetic and wordy prose used in a novel. The graphics also gave a face to a name.

IELTS General Reading Test

Language and style are distinct, demanding features of a novel, which is abstract. Novelists have to concoct words that will lead the reader to the imagination of characters and places closest to their own. For the reader, the experiences and emotions are realistic. Modern day comic books, on the other hand, are chained to the Heroic or villainy superheroes, which highlight the unnatural possibilities, thus moving away from reality. 

At the same time, due to the use of both verbal and visual illustration in comic books, there is less text and transition is faster. For instance, in the first chapter of the classic novel, Wandering Heart, Jessica is inside the Capes corner worried about her love life. Her friends call out the hero Sky. Sky rejects her friend’s suggestions about dating Jessica, which leaves her depressed. This first chapter in the comic book was condensed into six pages allowing for a quick transition.

IELTS General Reading Test

The transition in prose must also be smooth, though there is space to divert the storyline for a while only to connect later, to retain interest considering its volume. Additionally, every character, painted or penned, must be one that the reader cares about or is curious to know. The rule ‘show, don’t tell’ is universal. It might be easier to fill pages with detailed descriptions, which is what contributes to the volume of a novel and the comic illustration has to match with the words in limited space.

Maus by Art Spiegelman was the first graphic novel to win the Pulitzer Prize in 1992, and today more and more classic novels have been rewritten as graphic novels. For instance, graphic novel authors have reimagined Frankenstein by Mary Shelley numerous times. Graphic novels could easily be mistaken as nothing more than a fancy name for a comic book. While both qualify as true-blue literature, both are works of fiction and use panel style illustrations for telling the story, the presentation sets them apart.

IELTS General Reading Test

A graphic novel presents a story in a mature and complex manner. It can be lengthy even wrapped in a book or two, has a sustained storyline, and comes in a book format, paperbound or hardbound. Comics, as defined by Scott McCloud, are juxtaposed pictorial and other images produced in a deliberate sequence and intended to convey information or to produce an aesthetic response in the viewer. Thus, they often have a light comedy feel storyline and do not typically follow the patterns of a graphic or any novel for that matter. The story will often not unfold in one sitting. For example, Spiderman or Green Lantern would have appeared and will continue in editions issued in sequence. 

Comic books are perceived as content for childish and immature readers and graphic novel fans hate to be mocked for reading comics. Fortunately, with the popularity of sci-fi movies and animated versions of classics, both genres have hitherto maintained a place in bookstores.

IELTS General Reading Test

Classify the following descriptions as relating to

A. comics

B. novels

C. both comics and novels

Write the correct letter Aor as your answer to each question.

20. work of good writers

21. easy to understand due to illustrations

22. readers can relate to the characters

23. possibility of temporary diversion from the storyline

24. element of the extraordinary

25. smooth progression in the storyline

26. rapid transition

27. building on content with elaborated representations

IELTS General Reading Test


BEST IELTS General Reading Test 445

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IELTS General Reading Test





19. 1-2 MINUTES

20. C

21. A

22. B

23. B

24. A

25. C

26. A

27. B

IELTS General Reading Test

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