BEST IELTS Speaking Interview, 20th January

BEST IELTS Speaking Interview, 20th January

IELTS Speaking Interview

What is your full name?

My full name is Rawish Kumar.

May I see your ID?

Sure, here it is.

Which is your favorite season?

Spring is my favorite season. It comes between the winter and summer. I like it for two reasons. One is that the weather is pleasant and the days get longer. Other is, the colorful flowers start blooming which lifts up my mood.

IELTS Speaking Interview

What sports are popular in different seasons in your country?

Vallam Kali also known as boat racing is one of the most popular sports in Southern parts of India. It is mostly practiced in Spring season. Apart from that there are Winter sports like Skiing, Snowboarding and Ice skating that are mostly played in Uttarakhand and Jammu & Kashmir.

In which season do you think it’s best to get married?

The best season to get married is autumn, specially September and October as the weather is pleasant then. Moreover, these months are auspicious according to the Hindu Calendar, so a lot of couples prefer getting married in autumn.

IELTS Speaking Interview

What problems are caused by extreme seasonal weathers?

Global Warming is one of the major environmental problems caused by extreme seasonal weathers. There are several imbalances such as enraged heat waves and rise in sea levels. To add more natural calamities like draughts, snow storms, floods and more are occurring frequently due to extreme weather conditions.

Do you think television has changed in the past few decades?

In my opinion, the size of television and technology has changed while the fundamentals remain the same. Moreover, television shows are no longer confined to a single country, but have reached a number of other nations and are diversifying greatly in terms of content and audience performance.

IELTS Speaking Interview

Has television changed your life in any way?

There are both beneficial and harmful consequences of television. In my instance, I do not believe it has totally changed my life, but it has affected me in so many ways. I learned a great deal through watching the Discovery and Science Channels. While I squander an excessive amount of time watching movies and cartoons.

Do you think children are addicted to TV these days?

Yes, they are somewhat addicted to watching cartoons and pointless programmes on television. However, with the development of other technological devices, television has acquired a negative aspect.

IELTS Speaking Interview

Do you like to watch TV? – How often do you do it?

I enjoy watching television, but due to my busy schedule, I rarely do so. Moreover, as everything is now portable, whenever I have free time I prefer to view television programming on my mobile phone rather than on my television. I watch television twice per month if I have the time.

Why do you think certain TV shows are so popular?

I believe that television programmes become so popular because they are able to connect with the individual’s nerves. Moreover, shows like Tarak Mehta ka Ooltaa Chashma combine humour with family values, resulting in their eventual popularity.

IELTS Speaking Interview

IELTS Speaking Interview

About two months ago, the Covid-19 pandemic lockdown and quarantine began. When it was first announced I was in a state of shock, so far, the concept of this virus had been abstract, something present but not likely to harm me. Needless to say, when the fact that this notion was indeed real and impacting me directly hit home, I was a tad bit overwhelmed.

Soon, however, I settled into a new routine, I worked out every morning and evening, ate healthy and woke up on time. I found myself extremely satisfied with this new work routine, not only was I getting time for my hobbies and getting work done, but I was having fun while doing it. This was indeed a blessing in disguise for someone like me. I rediscovered my love for writing and restated my online blog, I gained deep-set contentment from sharing everything I had to be grateful for in these trying times.

IELTS Speaking Interview

I got into reading again, and even experimented with my coffee that I had been mindlessly consuming for years without any thought to the process. I reworked so many flaws in my previous way of life, identifying things that used to be a source of stress and worry to sort them out. I managed to complete projects that I had all but given up hope on, which motivated me incredibly. The amount of self-discovery I have gone through these past weeks has been enlightening to say the least.

Not only have I learned about myself, I have learned more about my friends and family as well. The people who still took the time to talk to me every day now hold an even more special place in my heart.

While I am acutely aware of how severe the situation is globally, on some level I can’t help but be thankful for all this, for me it was a much-needed period of discovery, to organize my life and realign my goals. I have no doubt in my mind that once this entire thing blows over I will be more than dedicated to my relationships and work life balance. I am grateful for everything in my life and that I can still support myself on my savings as well as working from home. I am grateful for this extended break no matter how bleak the situation might seem.

IELTS Speaking Interview

Is your country changing rapidly?

Without a shadow of a doubt, my nation is changing at a rapid speed due to a variety of factors. The first one is the advancement of technology, as people can do every type of activity while sitting at home, like shopping, studying, business, banking, and many more, thanks to digitalization. The other one is infrastructure, because every type of service is developing, like buildings and houses. Furthermore, due to the availability of modes of transportation, individuals are relocating abroad for a multiple reasons.

What can smart phones do these days?

To be honest, smartphones are like oxygen for human beings as they can do every type of work like computers, like online payments through e-commerce, entertainment in the form of watching movies and listening to music, and communication through social platforms such a WhatsApp and Instagram. Apart from that, they are helpful to find any type of information with one click, and they also help individuals find directions with the help of Google Maps.

IELTS Speaking Interview

Since most people do work on their computers, why do they still need to go to the office?

There are many reasons behind this situation. I agree that the majority of people do work on computers, but in every organization, every type of person works, rich or poor, so it is not necessary that everyone can afford a computer. Moreover, home doesn’t provide a working atmosphere, so people need to visit the office for collaboration, face-to- face meetings, and many more things. Apart from this, some jobs require special equipment along with a strong internet connection, which is not always possible at home.

IELTS Speaking Interview


BEST IELTS Speaking Interview, 20th January

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IELTS Speaking Interview

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