BEST IELTS Speaking Interview, 17th February

BEST IELTS Speaking Interview, 17th February

IELTS Speaking Interview

What is your full name?

My full name is AVC R.

How may I address you?

You may address me as AVC.

May I see your ID?

Sure, here it is.

IELTS Speaking Interview

Where can they go out for entertainment, or to enjoy themselves?

Of course, if one does not love spending time in museums, there are options to go out for drinks or networking while doing sports. It is possible to find an appropriate occupation for everyone!

Which do you prefer: eating in restaurants or eating at home?

Since I love trying new things out, eating out is my preferred option – I always go for dishes that I would never cook myself otherwise.

Which are the best places to eat out?

To me, the best restaurant is one that combines good food and exceptional atmosphere. I know only a couple of such places in my city and I wish there were more!

IELTS Speaking Interview

How much time do you like to spend out of home?

I am keen on spending time away from home, especially when it comes to working. I find so much more inspiration and motivation when not stuck in my house.

Where do you like to work?

When I am not at office, I tend to go to a park or a cafe, where I can smell pleasant odors, drink a cup of tea or coffee and distract myself from time to time.

Do you like taking photos?

Yes, for me – taking a photo is not only the process of capturing a moment and storing it in some kind of an endless memory, it’s also art. I find it so creative to look for a perfect background, a pose, a model, and then – finally take a shot.

IELTS Speaking Interview

What type of photos do you like taking?

Since the camera embedded into my cellphone is a very nice one – I have plenty of opportunities for experiments during the day when it comes to photography. However, I am inclined to take photos of people. Some of the best photos that I took were taken in unknown places where people posed for my camera.

What do you do with the photos you take?

I start from sorting out my photos – immediately delete the worst ones to clear up space. The next step is always editing – I take some time choosing the best ones and color correcting them. Sometimes, I share a few pictures with my friends and followers on Instagram. I usually print a photo or two if I want to gift them to someone or just frame them.

IELTS Speaking Interview

The advent of mobile phone is a boon to our society. It has not only brought world closer but also has made technology available to a common man. Exchange of messages has become so easy that within no time one can convey information in the form of texts, pictures or videos.

IELTS Speaking Interview

Although, there are so many kinds of mobile sets available due to continuous up gradation of models and software, keeping my first phone with me as a remembrance really makes me feel happy. I still have my first phone which is Nokia 1100. I purchased it from Gaffar market in New Delhi. Though it is fifteen years old, I am still very possessive about it .I had purchased it out of my pocket money and I got it for Rs 5000. It’s a grey colored, small and trendy set. The phone has got basic features without a touch screen and the internet facility. I used it to make calls while on move and be in touch with my family and friends.

It is still functional and I sometimes use it, especially when I am travelling. It’s really convenient with an excellent battery backup and I need not care of recharging it time and again. The ring tones are of vintage style, which make me feel nostalgic and remind me of my young days. Its flash light is so powerful that there is no requirement of a torch in my house. The best part of this set is its simple operation and management. The set is so strong and sturdy that even if it falls down one need not worry about its malfunctioning. Moreover, even if there are some breakages the spares are very cheap.

IELTS Speaking Interview

It’s saddening that the set is losing its charm as there are so many new smart phones available. Nowadays, its spares are not available in open market and I have to order to the Nokia company for the replacement. Irrespective of this, I adore my Nokia 1100 and do not want to part away from it.

What do you think about people who speak loudly on cellphone in public places?

Be it public place or anywhere, speaking loudly on phone, I believe is quite unethical. When one speaks loudly on phone, firstly it disturbs the other person on phone. The disadvantage with phones has been that one cannot see the expression of other when talking, so speaking loudly could be taken any ways. Apart from the person on the other end, it also creates nuisance for the people around.

IELTS Speaking Interview

Do young people use cellphones the same way old people do?

I think definitely not. But for that matter, in my opinion it is not just about old and young, it is also about two different individuals. I have seen older people loving whatsapp and facebook and using it extensively. And even some young, who prefer not using them. But, if we take it in a more general way, young people often click photos and listen to music or probably play games on the phone. However, older people are more fond of chatting with their peers.

What is your opinion on selfies with cell phone?

Selfies are a great way of expressing oneself. But, overdone, just like other things does great avoidance. Selfies in a positive way, do help a person knowing their individuality. So, it tells that one need not to be part of something to be happy. In my opinion it’s good, only if not done extensively.

IELTS Speaking Interview

Are cell phones important to you?

Well, being the part of the 21st century, yes cell phones are important for me. I need it to do my work and communicate with people. But, certainly not the smart phones have much importance in my life. I think any phone that allows me to communicate well with others, is important.


BEST IELTS Speaking Interview, 17th February

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IELTS Speaking Interview

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