BEST IELTS Speaking Interview, 28th July

BEST IELTS Speaking Interview, 28th July


IELTS Speaking Interview



What is your full name?

My name is Lappita Sharma.

How may I address you?

You may address me as Lappita.

May I see your ID?

Sure, here you go.

Do you like jewelry?

I love collecting tiny pieces of art like jewellry since they are not only accessories but perfect complements to your whole look. There are thousands of types and designs of jewelries for you to choose from so I bet everyone, regardless of gender, can find at least one item they love, from earrings, bracelets, necklaces to watches.

The materials which they are made of, also vary from luxurious ones such as silver, gold, diamond to more affordable and street-style ones like artificial stones, copper or other metals. Thus, they can go with different kinds of styles and if you do it right, they will make your outfit less boring and livelier.

Do you wear any jewelry?

Even though I have a whole jewelry collection at home, I’ve never attempted to put on more than five pieces since I live with a motto: “simplicity is the best”. I have a habit of picking up eye-catching accessories whenever I come across one but always consider carefully before matching them with my costume.

IELTS Speaking Interview

Do people in your country ever wear jewelry, such as rings or neckless? Why do people like to wear those things?

Beyond a shadow of a doubt, most people show a big preference for accessories like jewelry in the belief that they beautify the body. It’s a common sight that women wear necklaces or bracelets made of gold every time they are present at a special occasion like weddings or parties. Besides, such pricey accessories symbolize people’s social status as well, so it is used as a means to show off things people have.

How often do you wear jewellery?

Once in a while, especially when there is a special event. On that occasion, I often have my bracelet or necklace on so that I can feel more confident in myself.

What kind of jewellery do you like to wear/see on other people?

If I were to choose, I’d opt for gold necklace or bracelet. The reason behind this is that they are eye-catching and a girl would look gorgeous with some accessories on such body parts. For me, any piece of jewelry has its own beauty, depending on the beholders and the appropriateness of the situation.

IELTS Speaking Interview


Describe a surprise that made you happy.

You should say:

– What it was?

– Where it happened?

– When it happened?


IELTS Speaking Interview

No doubt, surprises and good news always delight a person and bring a huge smile on the face. Though there has been many surprising moments in my life.

But one that I am going to share here is the surprise: that my sister gave on my 16th birthday. My elder sister, who has been living in Canada for a long time now, couldn’t travel to India for almost 5 years and without any intimation.

She arrived on my 16th birthday, and I was on cloud nine to see her on the doorsteps as she entered; she gave me a warm hug and wished me happy birthday and handed over a parcel to me as I opened the parcel, I couldn’t believe my eye because it was the latest iPhone handset that I was dreaming for a long time I was super happy on this day because nothing could have been a better gift for me on this special day.

But this was not it because my sister had already arranged a celebration in the city’s most expensive restaurant where she had already invited all the friends and relatives. I was so happy and grateful to my sister, who made all these arrangements. We all enjoyed the party to the fullest, and it gave me the chance to share my happiness with everyone. During this celebration, many photographs were clicked, and I still have those and whenever I checkout these photographs, I recall the memories and the surprise that my sister gave.

Overall, it was a wonderful surprise that my sister gave and I can never forget.

IELTS Speaking Interview


How do people express happiness in your culture?

In my culture, people express happiness in various ways. One common way is through verbal expressions, such as saying “Congratulations” or “Well done” to someone who has achieved something. People may also express happiness through physical gestures, such as hugging or high-fiving. Additionally, it is common to celebrate happy occasions, such as weddings or birthdays, with music, dancing, and feasting. Overall, expressing happiness in my culture is a social and communal experience that involves sharing joy and positive energy with others.

IELTS Speaking Interview

Do you think happiness has any effect on people? How?

Yes, happiness can have a profound effect on people. Studies have shown that experiencing happiness can lead to physical, emotional, and psychological benefits. Happy people tend to have better immune function, lower stress levels, and increased overall well-being. Happiness can also enhance social relationships, improve work performance, and boost creativity. Overall, happiness can have a positive impact on every aspect of a person’s life and is an important component of overall health and happiness.

How can people be happy?

There are many ways people can pursue happiness. One important way is by cultivating positive relationships with others, such as spending time with loved ones and engaging in social activities. Another important strategy is engaging in activities that bring joy and meaning, such as pursuing hobbies or volunteer work. Additionally, practicing self-care, such as getting enough sleep, exercise, and healthy eating, can promote happiness. Finally, adopting a positive attitude and practicing gratitude can also enhance happiness and overall well-being.

IELTS Speaking Interview


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BEST IELTS Speaking Interview, 28th July

IELTS Speaking Interview

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