BEST IELTS Speaking Interview, 24th August

BEST IELTS Speaking Interview, 24th August


IELTS Speaking Interview



What is your full name?

My name is Rajesh Choudary.

How may I address you?

You may address me as Rajesh.

May I see your ID?

Sure, here it is.

Do you often wear makeup?

Yes, almost everyday. If I’m just bumming (relaxing) around the house, I don’t bother putting make-up on. However, I have a very professional job, so I always put on my best attire (clothes) and make-up when I go to work. If I go without make-up, I feel sloppy (messy) and unprofessional. I also like to wear make up when I go out, just so I feel more confident with my appearance.

What does wearing makeup mean to you?

To me, it’s a way of taking pride in (be proud of) my appearance. It makes me feel like the best version of myself. Furthermore, I’m artistic, so I see my face like a canvas (a picture painted with oil paints on canvas or other cloth)

IELTS Speaking Interview

Do you give makeup as a gift?

Sometimes, but I’m always hesitant, as I don’t always know the right shade of make-up to buy for another person. If someone requests make-up, I would certainly buy it for them. However, I would feel too nervous to pick it out myself, so I would opt for buying a gift card instead.

What do you think when you see a man wearing makeup?

Nothing in particular. Everyone has the right to express themselves, so who am I to judge? I wouldn’t even blink an eye if a guy walked by me wearing make-up. Actually, I often see it in my city, so I’m quite used to it.

What kinds of city do you like?

A mix of modern and old. I like when there is an old historic quarter, but also a district with skyscrapers and a more futuristic look. Moreover, I require a city with friendly people and smiles- I couldn’t live in fast-paced, robotic city like New York City for example.

Which city do you want to go to?

I’ve always dreamt of going to San Francisco. I’ve always seen the Golden Gate Bridge, charming doll-house like homes, and cable cars on TV and imagined myself there. Moreover, San Francisco seems to be a very liberal city which I would be into.

IELTS Speaking Interview


Describe a good part of your personality or character.

You should say:

• what it is

• what this part of your personality or character is like

• how it affects your life or work

And explain why you think it is good.

IELTS Speaking Interview


Well, I’m going to talk about a good aspect of my character. I’m kind of an ambitious person, even though I’m not sure if this personal trait is really beneficial for me in every situation. I think it helps me pretty well, not only in my studies but also in my own life, though.

Personally, I suppose it is quite good for young people to have this kind of personal trait, because it allows them to live and work more positively. I normally tend to set high goals and show strong determination to achieve them by all means, no matter what difficult situations I’m in. I mean, I do not like playing it safe. Instead, I like being challenged in general.

However, when you have too high expectations of something and you are not able to live up to them, you may feel under pressure and lose confidence in yourself. So you should be careful and be sure that your goals are realistic for you to pursue.

Up to now, I have found that my ambition has had more of a positive influence on me than a negative one. Because of my ambitious nature, I force myself to set clear targets, to be committed and to try my best to attain my goals, and all these things motivate me a lot to follow my plans with drive and energy. It’s an amazing feeling of achievement on those occasions when my efforts are successful.

IELTS Speaking Interview


How do you think the personalities of men and women vary?

It is often said that men can be more opinionated and less empathetic than women and it is true that this is often a male stereotype.

However, compared to previous generations, many men today are more in touch with their feelings, less moody and are much more aware of the challenges faced by regarding juggling a family and parenthood.

How do companies try to assess the personalities of people who are applying for jobs?

Rather than a traditional interview nowadays, many companies demand high grades in psychometric tests which have been designed to test character in order to select candidates who are compatible with the company mentality.

Whilst these tests may highlight insecure or weaker candidates, I am not convinced that it is the most effective way to judge personality.

IELTS Speaking Interview

Why do you think they do this?

In my opinion, these tests are used to save time as most jobs today attract numerous applicants and it must be hard to choose the strongest and most suitable.

That said, to be defined by an algorithm or computer program is terrifying and critics suggest that it cannot effectively determine those with good communication skills or natural leaders.

IELTS Speaking Interview


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BEST IELTS Speaking Interview, 24th August

IELTS Speaking Interview

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