BEST IELTS Speaking Interview, 29th September

BEST IELTS Speaking Interview, 29th September


IELTS Speaking Interview



What is your full name?

My full name is Sonia Rani.

How may I address you?

You may address me as Sonia.

May I see your ID?

Sure, here it is.

How do you celebrate New Year?

I usually celebrate my new year with my family and friends. We all get together at my home and spend quality time with each other as well as we take dinner at night together and watch a movie together.

How do people in your country celebrate New Year? Do you have any ceremonies?

In my country India, people celebrate the New Year with their family and friends and also make up various dishes at home to eat, dance together, play games etc.

IELTS Speaking Interview

What do people do on New Year’s Day?

On the New Year, people like to wear new clothes and take blessings from God and Goddesses and from grandparents and parents.

Why do people think New Year is a new beginning?

People think the New Year is a new beginning because, on the New Year, people make a new resolution to follow as well as start new things in their lives.

Have you ever celebrated NY that you still remember?

Every year, I celebrate my New Year with my friends and family, but if I talk about my last New Year at that time, it was my special New Year because my uncle and aunt came from the USA, so I spent a lot of time with them.

IELTS Speaking Interview

What do you like to talk about?

I like to talk about education. Because sometimes I have so many problems regarding my study. I share various kinds of these problems with my friends. They always give me a better suggestions.

Did you change the way you discussed when you were a child?

No, my way of discussion almost remains the same as in my childhood. I’m not particularly eager to change it.

Do you change your opinions frequently?

No, I don’t change my opinion quickly. I give my opinion after understanding the situation carefully.

What topics do you usually talk about with your friends?

I mostly like discussing education and serials with my friends. I like to watch TV. Sometimes I share stories of publications with my friends. At the weekend, I want to visit a park with my friends and discuss some significant problems in Maths.

IELTS Speaking Interview

Are you more of a listener or a speaker?

I am a good listener. I like to listen to music in my free time and listen to all lectures carefully during school. I think good listening is more important. I also want to listen to English music.

What are some key points to being a good listener?

I think concentration is more important. We can do some exercises and meditation for good engagement.

IELTS Speaking Interview


Describe a place you visited on vacation

– Who is your friend?

– What habit does he/she have?

– When you noticed this habit?

– And explain why you want to develop this habit?

IELTS Speaking Interview


Among all the friend circles I have, Krishnendu is my best friend. We are school friends it’s been more than 15 years of our friendship.

One of the habits which I admire more about him is that he perform exercise on a daily basis. He usually performs the exercise for about half an hour, but most importantly, he performs on a daily basis and never misses a schedule on a single day until unless he is unwell. He said that it increases his concentration power and has increased his immunity level.

IELTS Speaking Interview

There was a function in school which was held around 2011 where there was a seminar for students regarding health that class motivated him a lot, and from the next day, he made a table for the list of exercises which he has to perform on a daily basis and started following it. That time his weight was around 92kgs, but within a span of 6 months, his weight reduced to 75 kgs.

Due to health benefits, I also want to develop this habit. Not only it increases our immunity and makes us fit, but it also increases our concentration power and boosts our inner soul with positive energy.

IELTS Speaking Interview


What are some popular attractions that people like to visit in your country?

India is a traditional country with different kinds of religions co-exist. Different religions religious places like temples, gurudwaras, mosque, etc. have been built across India and is the most popular attractions which one needs to explore.

Do old people and young people like to go to different places for vacation?

Yes, Old people like to go to different religious monuments as I mentioned earlier about young people like to visit hilly areas where they can perform various sports activities which most of the time old people avoid.

IELTS Speaking Interview

What do old people and young people think about when making travel plans?

Because of the age factor, older people think about the short tour, which is most of the time city-specific, and when it comes to modern age thinking, they think about the long tour, which is not limited to the city but most of the time outside the city.

How do people get to know about new places?

Social media plays a very vital role by which one can post pictures and videos about a new place where very few people know about. I personally visited a place in south India named K Gudi, which no one around my social network has ever heard. I came to know this place via Facebook as I have joined the group named solo travelers.

IELTS Speaking Interview


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BEST IELTS Speaking Interview, 29th September

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IELTS Speaking Interview

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