BEST IELTS Speaking Interview, 21st June

BEST IELTS Speaking Interview, 21st June


IELTS Speaking Interview



What is your name?

My name is Duke Lake.

How may I address you?

You may address me as Duke.

May I see your ID?

Sure, here is my passport.

Do you often travel by boat?

No, I don’t often travel by boat. I don’t live in the coastal area and where I live people do not travel by boat. Boating is done only in places with water such as the Sukhna Lake. Have you ever been on a boat while you were on holidays (on vacation)? No, I have never traveled to a coastal area for holiday. I never got a chance.

IELTS Speaking Interview

Have you ever been on a boat tour while you were on holidays?

No, I have never been on a boat tour, but yes, I did boating once then I went to Chandigarh to visit my relatives. They took me to the Sukhna Lake.

Why are some language classes boring?

Some language classes are boring because of the teaching methods used. If there no interactive and fun activities involved in teaching a language and only textbook teaching methods are followed, students become bored easily. Incorporating technology in classrooms, keeps the students interested in learning and they learn it easily. For example, there should be audio-visual means used.

IELTS Speaking Interview

Some students hate to learn foreign languages, what can teachers do to develop their interest?

Some students hate to learn a foreign language mainly due to lack of interest and uninteresting teaching methods used. Teachers play an important in developing students’ interest. Interactive and fun activities should be included to keep the children involved and interested in learning. If students are taught only from text books and there is a pressure of examination, it leads to students becoming bored or disliking language classes

IELTS Speaking Interview


Describe a course that impressed you a lot.

You should say:

– What the course was about?

– Where you took the course?

– What you did during the course?

– And explain why it impressed you a lot?

IELTS Speaking Interview

Model Answer 1:


Well, to learn new skills people often attend some short-term courses and I too have attended many of these.

What the course was about?

Here I would like to talk about the one which impressed me the most and it was a two weeks Cookery course that I attended last year.

IELTS Speaking Interview

Where you took the course?

Cooking is an essential skill to possess for all, regardless of gender and age, so to be able to cook food I decided to join this course at an institute in my city. I got impressed by the leaflet I found in the newspaper which stated, become an expert cook in 10 days. Since, I wanted to try my luck in cooking so without thinking much I joined. There were around 10 others in the group and we all were age mates, so I started to enjoy it from day one.

IELTS Speaking Interview

What you did during the course?

The trainer got us familiar with some of the most common ingredients and taught us the basics. The course was well planned and structured that we learnt cooking Indian curries, snacks, desserts and some international food items. We also learnt some kitchen hacks and some instant recipes to prepare food in no time.

And explain why it impressed you a lot?

I was really impressed the way our trainer taught us and his friendly behaviour because of which we could enjoy the lessons.


Today, I can prepare food for myself and my family especially when my mother is not well. In addition, I am planning to move abroad for my higher study and this skill is going to benefit in long run and the credit goes to the short course I joined and I would definitely recommend others to join this interesting course.

IELTS Speaking Interview


1. Why do some people have a better memory?

The human brain is very complex, and it is very difficult to understand why some people have a better memory than others. Part of the reason can be genetics and some people are just born with better memory. But at the same, I think memory is like a muscle and can be trained. People can use many techniques to train their memories to be better.

IELTS Speaking Interview

2. Which can help people remember things better, words or photos?

Yes, images are far more memorable than words. We are all familiar with saying “a picture speaks a thousand words”. Words are hard to remember because they’re abstract and our brains can’t easily latch onto them. On the other hand, our brains store and recall images much more easily.

3. Can technology help people remember things better? How?

I don’t think that technology helps people remember things better. In fact, relying on technology means we don’t need to remember very much. We can just set reminders on our smartphones for everything and get an alert when it’s time to do it. Also, internet has made information about any topic readily available to us. So we don’t feel the need to remember information that can be easily found through search engines like google.

IELTS Speaking Interview


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BEST IELTS Speaking Interview, 21st June

IELTS Speaking Interview

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