BEST IELTS Speaking Interview, 6th July

BEST IELTS Speaking Interview, 6th July


IELTS Speaking Interview



What is your full name?

My name is Urvashiko Satija.

How may I address you?

You may address me as Urvashiko.

May I see your Identification?

Sure, here it is.

Do you like to travel?

Yes, absolutely. Travelling is my top hobby because whenever I travel, I can meet and get to know many new people from different cultures and nations, which helps me to broaden my horizons.

Do you often travel by air?

No, not much. Travelling by air too often is out of my reach for a student like me. However, I do travel by air once or twice a year to an ASEAN member because the airfares to these destinations are quite affordable.

IELTS Speaking Interview

How long was the longest trip you took?

I went on a 9-day trip to Thailand and this was my longest trip ever. I spent 3 days in Bangkok, 2 days in Pattaya and 3 days in Phuket. The remaining one day was allocated for moving.

Which country would you like to travel to in the future?

Italy is my dream destination as it is home to the most stunning churches in the world. Also, I love the Italian culture, language and friendly people whom I’ve met in Vietnam.

Would you like to travel to space?

Yes, it sounds a bit weird and scary though. I am curious about how other planets look and how I would be when there is no gravity. This idea really scares me off but as it sounds pretty intriguing, I would like to try travelling to space once.

IELTS Speaking Interview


Describe a large company that you are interested in

You should say:

– Which company is it?

– What is it like (what kind of business it does)?

– How do you know about it?How do you feel about it?

– Why do you have interest in this company?

IELTS Speaking Interview



  There are many large and reputed companies all over the world like TATA, Reliance, Amazon etc. Here I am going to talk about the large company which I am interested in.

Which company is it?

    Here I am going to talk about a reputed company, namely, Amazon. It is an  American multinational technology. It was founded on 5 july 1994 at Bellevue, Washington, United State. The Founder of Amazon is Jeff Bezos.

IELTS Speaking Interview

What is it like (what kind of business it does)?

  Amazon includes vast services such as e-commerce, cloud computing, digital streaming, and artificial intelligence. Also, this company helps the product or service providers by selling books, music, movies, housewares, electronics and many other useful things, either with direct sellers or with the middle man between retailer and buyer. The headquarters of Amazon are in Seattle, Washington.

How do you feel about it?

   Amazon has few great innovations which are warmly welcomed by the consumers. It also has supported nearly 1.6 million indirect jobs in the fields like construction and hospitality. I believe that there are lots of things about amazon we are grateful for.

IELTS Speaking Interview

Why do you have interest in this company?

 It is a big company where I think I can gain more knowledge, explore more and also can get so many benefits like the best package, insurance, health and wealth.


    Not only Amazon, there are so many reputed companies with this same work culture. I was so interested to know about how the order is taken and how it is delivered to the correct place so I decided to join that big company.

IELTS Speaking Interview


1. What are the differences between a big company and a small company?

     Big companies are in different cities and states and they provide many facilities to their employees like travelling allowance, health insurance etc also it has a good salary package.

     Small companies have their limits that they are located in particular cities and states. There is no allowance for travel. Health insurance also the salary package was very normal.

IELTS Speaking Interview

2. Are there many big companies in your country?    

Yes, there are many  big companies in my country. Also it has many branches in different states in my country.

3. What are the good things about working for a big company?

     Employees are offered with a good salary package, they can develop their career and opportunities. Diversity and equality in the company.

4. How can a small company grow big?

     There are many methods for a small company to become a big one. First the company should know about the employees needs and satisfy it like allowing travelling facilities, health insurance etc. then it should follow some strategies to build the company as a small to big company.

5. Should big companies donate more to charities?

     Of course yes, they should donate more to NGOs or other charities. It can help some ordinary people who are in need of food, cloth. Even they can support the children for their education who don’t have the facilities for their education.

IELTS Speaking Interview

6. Should big companies be punished more seriously if they break the law?

    No, the law is equal for all. So it does not matter whether it is a big company or a small company.

7. Are there any big companies in your hometown?

      No, there are no big companies in my hometown, as I was in a small village.

8. Is it difficult to get a promotion in a large company?

     Yes, it is very difficult to get a promotion in a big company, because many well skilled people and experienced people work there, so it is very tough to come over, moreover it is possible only if the person works very hard and works with patience.

IELTS Speaking Interview


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BEST IELTS Speaking Interview, 6th July

IELTS Speaking Interview

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