BEST IELTS Speaking Interview, 2nd September

BEST IELTS Speaking Interview, 2nd September


IELTS Speaking Interview



What is your full name?

My name is Persona Shift.

How may I address you?

You may address me by my first name as Persona.

May I see your identification?

Sure, here you go.

Do you like art?

I have a lifelong passion for art since I was a child. Beside the official art class in school, I also joined a drawing class in The Children’ House and my teachers were very pleased with my drawings. I also participated in some drawing competitions back then. Until now I still draw in my free time, although not as often as I used to do.

IELTS Speaking Interview

Do you think art classes are necessary? (Why?)/ How do you think art classes affect children’s development?

Yes, definitely. Learning arts, especially at a young age, can help stimulate children’s cognitive development and encourage them to think outside the box. Because they’re still little, their ideas are very fresh and lovely, which is worth appreciating.

Are you good at art?

Art is a really vast subject, I believe and if it is about drawing things here and there, I would say I am pretty fine at it. But, I am surely not one of those who can make some masterpieces. I think I am good at it, all thanks to the art classes that I attended during my teen years. They were a great help during my growing years and taught me lot of creativity. Now, I can easily draw simple day to day things like pen or a face.

What kind of paintings do people like?

In my opinion, people love hanging landscape paintings at home. Bringing in the beauty of Mother Nature somehow ease people’s mind after a long day at work. Another style of drawing that most people also like is portrait. It could be portraits of someone important to them or even their lovely pets.

IELTS Speaking Interview

What benefits can you get from painting as a hobby?

I think the mediation efficiency worth mentioning first. Colours in some ways reflect our thoughts and emotions very well and somehow stimulate our body to defend against our negativity inside. For me, in particular, I think what’s so interesting about painting is that you have no idea how harmonized colours can become until you actually try.

How often do you visit art galleries?

To tell you the truth, I have never visited art galleries before. Unless I have a guide to acknowledge me, art galleries would be quite boring for me.

What kinds of things do you like to draw?

My main inspiration is Japanese manga. The drawing topic is extremely varied, however only manga seems to show great potency for my level. I have a big collection at home and as I sometimes go through it again, I can see how much I’ve improved.

IELTS Speaking Interview

Is it easy to learn how to draw?

I think I must say it’s even challenging for a lot of people. I absolutely failed when it comes to drawing still life paintings like fruit and flowers. I think for those who succeed in drawing or arts in general, they first must have God-gifted talent, then comes to the long-term commitment to arts that requires extreme practice and high patience.


Describe an important letter you wrote to someone.

You should say:

– When you wrote it

– Whom you wrote it to

– What it was about

And explain why it was an important letter.

IELTS Speaking Interview


There have been so many letters that I have written in my life, both at personal and professional level. But, the one letter that I regard as truly important for me and the one which actually helped me shape my career is my resignation letter.

I remember working for a multi-national company for about a year and it was during that time that I realized that this job is not giving me any fun and excitement to live about. There is a fixed salary that I get and there is nothing much more than that. No targets to meet and nothing exciting.

IELTS Speaking Interview

There is no work pressure and the feeling of getting things done, because you are working as a team and it is more about collective, so neither the praise nor the punishment comes to individual and I think in some ways it takes away the individuality from the person.

The reason the letter is very important for me is because I had to think lot of times and it was after I had written around 3 resignation letters that I finally decided that I want to do something else with my life. It was a great experience in that company but what was great was to be able to end the journey at the right time. So, I had to fight with my friends and family and the people who care for me the most and then do something that is best for me.

It was after that letter that I realized that I do have lot of courage and can do whatever I want to in my life.

IELTS Speaking Interview


Do you think handwriting is still important?

Yes, I think so. Handwriting skills will always be important. Formal letters are needed in business. Writing skills are also needed in writing resumes. We all know that we belong to a global village. Today we have to compete with children all over the world. We have to apply for jobs in multinational companies. So we need good writing skills. Even though technology has reduced the need of writing skills, still, I feel that it is very important in today’s world.

Do you think handwriting will die in the future?

No, definitely not. Handwriting will never die. Its need may decrease because of technology; still there will be many areas in which handwriting will be needed. I also feel that, that day is still very far when each and every person on earth will have access to technology.

Do you think children should be taught to write like in the old days?

Yes, I think so. Writing is an art, which is going down because of modern technology. Computers automatically check the spelling and grammar because of which children are losing such skills.

IELTS Speaking Interview

Compare the way you learnt to write and the children today learn to write?

I learnt to write by joining dots. Even today children learn in the same manner but there are many cursive writing books available these days which were not so common earlier.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of emails and letters?

There are many advantages of e-mails. They are quicker and cheaper than traditional /conventional letters. You can send e-mail with the click of a mouse. Once the initial cost of a computer and an Internet connection has been met with, e-mails are practically free. Moreover, you can send attachments also with e-mail. Perhaps the biggest advantage of e-mail is that it is eco-friendly as no paper is used. E-mails can also be kept in your inbox for as long as you want.

IELTS Speaking Interview


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BEST IELTS Speaking Interview, 2nd September

IELTS Speaking Interview

IELTS Speaking Interview

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