BEST IELTS Speaking Interview, 16th September

BEST IELTS Speaking Interview, 16th September


IELTS Speaking Interview



What is your full name?

My name is Chirafi Tara.

How may I address you?

You may address me as Chirafi.

May I see your ID?

Sure, here it is.

IELTS Speaking Interview

Are you working or studying?

I am currently working as a Manager at one of the leading chocolate manufacturing companies in my country. 

How long have you been working for this company?

I have been working for this company for almost 3 years in the same position. However, I have 6 years of professional experience in total.

Are there many animals or birds where you live? [Why/Why not?]

Yes, there are many animals and birds where I live. I am fortunate to reside in a place surrounded by nature, with parks, forests, and open spaces. This natural environment attracts a diverse range of animals and birds, making it a haven for wildlife. I often spot squirrels, rabbits, and various bird species, which adds to the charm of my surroundings.

IELTS Speaking Interview

How often do you watch programmes or read articles about wild animals? [Why?]

I enjoy watching programmes and reading articles about wild animals quite often. It’s fascinating to learn about different species, their behaviours, habitats, and the conservation efforts being made to protect them. These programs and articles provide valuable insights into the natural world, expanding my knowledge and appreciation for wildlife. They also raise awareness about environmental issues and inspire me to contribute to the well-being of our planet.

Have you ever been to a zoo or a wildlife park? [Why/Why not?]

Yes, I have been to a zoo and a wildlife park several times. Visiting these places allows me to observe and appreciate animals up close, especially those that I may not encounter in my everyday life. It provides an educational and recreational experience, giving me the opportunity to learn about different species, their habitats, and the conservation efforts in place. Six or seven months ago, I visited Malaysia, Singapore and Thailand during my holidays, and I went to at least two animal and bird parks there.

Would you like to have a job working with animals? [Why/Why not?]

Yes, I would love to have a job working with animals. Animals have always held a special place in my heart, and being able to work closely with them would be a dream come true. It would give me the chance to contribute to their welfare, promote conservation efforts, and make a positive impact on their lives. 

IELTS Speaking Interview


Describe your visit to a place related to art, culture or knowledge.

You should say:

What was the place and when did you visit it?

Who was you along with?

What did you see, feel and experience?

And if given a chance, would you like to revisit.


IELTS Speaking Interview

People definitely experience excursions to several places in their lifetime. Visiting places containing different essence brings amusement and joy to our daily ordinary lives. I also happened to visit a place embodying the ancient art and culture. Through my interactions and reading of inscriptions, I truly added to my knowledge. They were the majestic caves of Ajanta and Ellora, located near Aurangabad in Maharashtra. They are basically the mural paintings on walls and roofs dedicated to the teachings of Hinduism and Buddhism. They were built by Rashtrakuta rulers of 7th century.  I visited them in my school summer break, back in 2020.

I went there along with my family; my mother, father and my elder brother. My brother was having his college break at that time. My brother always used to talk about the caves as a masterpiece of art and culture. So, my father applied for leave at his office, made our travel bookings by train and we together left for Aurangabad.

IELTS Speaking Interview

Well, as for me, it was a fascinating experience visiting the caves which are a museum of ancient art and culture. I was mesmerized to see the craftsmanship of the workers involved in this architecture. I saw the wall paintings and engravings of several Hindu gods and goddesses. Natural kaleidoscopic play of colours in these paintings is still intact. Krishna temple is the most fabulous temple inside.

I totally felt like carried away by the tides of time. I was amazed to see the art marvel built in times of no technology and heavy machines. Simultaneously, I was getting goose bumps after reading and discussing the details of various temples in the precinct.

That trip triggered my love for ancient Indian art and culture. I even recorded the details in my diary. If I get another chance to revisit, I would definitely be more than willing. Those memoirs of the beauty carved in the stone are the indelible imprints in my mind, which keep on calling me for another visit.

IELTS Speaking Interview


How could art exhibitions attract more visitors?

Art exhibitions can be conducted on holidays so more people are free to visit. They can also arrange membership for regular visitors and art enthusiasts.

Are art exhibitions popular in your country?

There are people who enjoy artwork who also are ready to spend money to buy good artworks that they like. So art exhibitions are popular, especially in cities.

IELTS Speaking Interview

Do you think people should have to pay to visit art exhibitions?

Conducting an exhibition costs money and it is necessary to manage all the exhibitions. If the fee charges are reasonable people will come and visit the exhibition.

How will art exhibitions change in the future?

The exhibitions in future might get more engaging and interactive. People will spend more time and money at the exhibition. But some people who want to buy artworks may also look for buying it online as more things are being made available online. 

What can you do to support an artist?

We can buy their work and visit their exhibitions. We can also share their work to our friends and relatives and spread the word about their work if we like it.

IELTS Speaking Interview


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BEST IELTS Speaking Interview, 16th September
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