BEST IELTS Speaking Test, 2nd March

BEST IELTS Speaking Test, 2nd March

IELTS Speaking Test

What is your full name?

My full name is Fatima Rana.

How may I address you?

You may address me as Fatima.

May I see your ID?

Sure, here it is.

IELTS Speaking Test

Do you like wearing t-shirts?

I love T-shirts, especially V-neck and striped ones. They’re versatile and I prefer a simple, casual style with some added details like a necklace. I enjoy putting together outfits.

How often do you wear t-shirts?

I wear T-shirts every day in summer. I prefer pure cotton ones for comfort and to avoid post-workout odour. I wear them on weekdays and weekends.

Do you like t-shirts with pictures or prints?

I prefer small, subtle prints like badges. T-shirts with large, eye-catching pictures can look tacky.

IELTS Speaking Test

Would you buy t-shirts as souvenirs on vacation?

Yes, I like buying T-shirts as souvenirs to commemorate experiences. I’m also drawn to co-branded or artist-designed Tees. Slogans and graphics on T-shirts can be calming.

What is your favourite wild animal?

I am a big fan of tigers. I think tigers are very majestic and powerful. I like their beautiful stripes and their fierce eyes. I also admire their hunting skills and their agility.

When did you last see a wild animal?

If memory serves me correctly, I last saw a wild animal when I went on a safari trip in Africa last year. I saw many different kinds of animals, such as lions, elephants, giraffes, zebras, and rhinos. It was an amazing experience to see them in their natural habitat.

IELTS Speaking Test

Do you like visiting zoos?

Yes, I’m really keen on visiting zoos. I think zoos are a great way to learn about different animals and their characteristics. I also think zoos can help raise awareness and protect endangered species. I enjoy seeing the animals up close and feeding them sometimes.

IELTS Speaking Test

Being a social butterfly, I have a huge friend circle in which my all friends are as talkative as I.

Hence, I am going to talk about one of them who is in the top list of chatter box. He is none other than my best friend shubham who is in my touch since 2019 as we met back then. Interestingly, he is the one who can talk over anything because he has a great deal of knowledge regarding each and every field whether it is about education, sports, politics, history or others.

The reason that why he has a considerable amount of information is bookish nature of him as I always find him reading variety of books which assist him to have such type of knowledge thoroughly. Moreover, I clear- headed that once he gave a speech in the class of physical education about the benefits of playing sports especially outdoor games without having no preparation in prior at all. He performed very well in the entire class.

Therefore, not only my class teacher but also all student admired his speech. Since then, I have realised that he can explain everything confidently. Last but not least, if I talk about my feelings that how I feel about so I must say that I can also discuss regarding my problems as well as share my feelings without hesitation.

IELTS Speaking Test

What communication skills are important?

Ans. basically, there are main two types of communications namely: verbal and nonverbal. If I talk about verbal communication, it is important for individuals to express their thoughts as well as their feeling in front of others by conveying a clear message. On the other hand, nonverbal communication, transfer of information from one person to another person without the use of spoken language. Which can occur in a variety of ways including: facial expressions, gestures, body posture or position.

Are you talkative?

Ans. Certainly, I am, I call myself a chatter box who can talk, discuss or explain any particular or a random topic to others. This type of nature makes me able to have a great deal of social circle. By which, I not only express my feelings towards others but also I come to know about others’ opinion about certain topics ranging from education, sports or history.

Did you ever snap at a person who talks a lot and later feels bad about it?

Yes, once I snapped at my younger sister who was enthusiastically talking about a debate she won in her school. I was busy writing a difficult code constant talking was disturbing my concentration. So I scolded her, sending her out of my room. Her face dropped and she left my room but later I felt bad for scolding her and crushing her excitement.

IELTS Speaking Test


BEST IELTS Speaking Test, 2nd March

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IELTS Speaking Test

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