BEST IELTS Speaking Test, 6th March

BEST IELTS Speaking Test, 6th March

IELTS Speaking Test

What is your full name?

My full name is Jey Shetty.

How may I address you?

You may address me as Jey.

May I see your ID?

Sure, here it is.

IELTS Speaking Test

What type of noises do you often hear?

Well, it depends on where I am and what I’m doing at the moment. If I’m at home, I might hear the sound of my pets running around, the TV or music playing, or just the normal sounds of everyday life. If I’m out and about, I might hear the sound of traffic, people talking, or maybe some construction going on. There’s just a lot of different sounds that I encounter on a daily basis.

Are there any sounds you like?

Yeah, there are definitely some sounds that I really enjoy. I love the sound of nature, like birds chirping or the rustling of leaves in the wind. I also really enjoy listening to music and find that it can really lift my mood and set the tone for my day. There are just so many great sounds out there that bring me joy and happiness.

IELTS Speaking Test

What kind of noise do you dislike most?

Hmm, that’s a tough one. I guess if I had to pick the noise that I dislike the most, it would probably be loud, jarring noises. Things like loud car alarms or construction noise can be really annoying and disruptive, and I just find them really grating on my nerves.

Is your area becoming noisier?

I’m not really sure, to be honest. I think it kind of depends on where I am and what I’m doing. Some areas are definitely noisier than others, but overall I don’t think the noise level in my area has changed all that much. There are just always going to be some noise and activity going on, no matter where you are.

IELTS Speaking Test

What kinds of teachers do you like best?

The best teachers are those that understand that everyone has a different way of learning. They understand how to guide a student towards the answers and one key trait is patience. I think another great characteristic of a good teach is a sense of humour.

Have you ever had bad teachers before?

Yes, I definitely have had bad teachers. Some of the worst I can remember have been university lecturers. For some reason, some of the professors who have excellent knowledge of their respective subject are actually terrible teachers. I guess that teacher training is not a prerequisite.

IELTS Speaking Test

Who was your favourite teacher when you were young?

I would have to say it was a young student teacher. Her name was Miss Downing and her family owned the local bakery called Downings. She organised a school outing for all of us to go and see the bakery. After a tour of the bakery, we were all given our choice of cakes. I chose my favourite chocolate cake.

Would you like to be a teacher in the future?

No, I have no ambition to be a school teacher. I tried it for a while and after my first practical I decided it was not for me. There is no discipline in the classroom and classroom management is unbelievably hard.

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IELTS Speaking Test

Like most people, I like to have fun and take care of my health at the same time. The problem is, we can’t really enjoy life until we enjoy doing healthy things once in a while. Of course, each person has a different favorite healthy activity, but swimming is the finest in my book.

IELTS Speaking Test

One of my favorite summertime activities as a child was swimming, which I did often at the society pool. I used to swim for 30 to 45 minutes in the evenings.

I used to adore swimming with my brother, and he would always go with me. I truly learned how to swim from him. I vividly remember him holding my hand and guiding me into the swimming pool of our society when I was seven years old. He then gently started teaching me how to swim, and I’ve been having fun with it ever since.

The distinction is that, although I used to enjoy swimming for its own sake when I was younger, I now swim primarily for health reasons. Furthermore, I now spend the majority of my time swimming in the city where I currently live, connecting with several other members of my social circle while doing so.

In the process, I’m trying to establish a swimming club in my city so that swimming can be seen by more people as an enjoyable activity than only a health one.

IELTS Speaking Test

Do you think people in your country are less healthy today than they used to be? [Why/ why not?]

I believe that before COVID-19, people were typically unhealthy since they did not exercise more and ate recklessly. But after COVID-19, people realized how important it was to keep their health, started watching what they ate, and started exercising more.

How can the government encourage young people to stay healthy?

Governments have a big part in encouraging better health for all of its citizens, regardless of age. Governments should make sure that helpful health courses and guidance are provided to students in schools and institutions. It’s important to motivate senior citizens to exercise more. They should also provide clear directions so that, whether they are eating in a restaurant or any other public place, they are not able to get any unhealthy food. This endeavor can also be aided by expanding the amount of public parks and sports facilities.

Which one is more important for a healthy life – a healthy diet or a regular exercise plan? [Why?]

To be honest, I’m not an expert in health. But based on what I’ve read about health and the recommendations of medical professionals, I think that maintaining good health requires regular exercise and a well-balanced diet. After all, keeping up a regular exercise routine helps us manage our weight while preserving the function and health of our vital organs, like our livers, hearts, and lungs. Hence, leading a generally healthy life requires both eating a balanced food and doing regular exercise.

IELTS Speaking Test


BEST IELTS Speaking Test, 6th March

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IELTS Speaking Test

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