BEST IELTS Speaking Test, 20th March

BEST IELTS Speaking Test, 20th March

IELTS Speaking Test

What is your full name?

My full name is Ferman Singh.

How may I address you?

You may address me as Ferman.

May I see your ID?

Sure, here it is.

IELTS Speaking Test

Do you like wearing T-shirts?

Yeah, love T-shirts like V-neck and striped Tees. They go with everything, and I prefer that simple, casual style with some details like the necklace. It’s fun to spend a little time building my looks together.

How often do you wear T-shirts?

I probably wear T-shirts every day in summer. The pure cotton ones are my favorite coz they are comfortable to wear and they don’t smell awful after workout. I just wear Tees on my weekdays and also on my days off.

IELTS Speaking Test

Do you like T-shirts with pictures or prints?

Well, I love the T-shirts with pictures and things that are not standing out. It’s because they make the Tees look so tacky. And small prints like the badge design can be better.

Do you think older people who wear T-shirts are fashionable?

Actually, it depends on the outfits and how they look on different people. If a senior citizen that is overweight wears a baggy T-shirt, this person is gonna look like he or she is in low spirits. If the person wears the Tee that is body conscious, and goes well with the trousers or the accessories kind of things, then he or she definitely looks fashionable.

IELTS Speaking Test

Would you buy T-shirts as souvenirs on vacation?

Yeah, I’d like to buy the Tees as souvenirs coz they’re like the reminders of the experiences. What’s more, some Tees are co-branded or designed by some doodle artists. I just feel like I can’t miss them. Sometimes, the slogans and paints on the Tees really have a calming effect.

Do you like singing? Why?

Yes, I do. Although I’m often out of tune when I sing, and I was told that I had no sense of rhythm, I’m still fond of singing because it makes me happy. I usually sing when taking a shower as the acoustics in the bathroom somehow makes me sound better, my voice is deeper and sounds more resonant than usual.

IELTS Speaking Test

Have you ever learnt how to sing?

Yes, I have. Every child in China takes music lessons in primary school/ kindergarten. If my memory serves me right, we started to learn singing at pretty young age. I’ve forgotten most of what I learnt though.

Who do you want to sing for?

Well honestly, I totally have no idea about who I’m gonna sing for because I have social anxiety. And it’s a little bit awkward to sing in public or sing for someone. In most cases, I just sing on my own and the bathroom is really perfect for singing because the sound effects are so amazing.

Do you think singing can bring happiness to people?

My answer is definitely yes; coz if someone has a talent for singing, he or she will probably feel great sense of achievement to finish the whole song. And when somebody’s stressed out, singing is like a way to blow off some steam. And the same goes for everyone who is in bad mood. Singing the songs with bouncy tunes is likely to lift the spirits.

IELTS Speaking Test

IELTS Speaking Test

One friend of mine has got into a habit of eating nothing but street food. By that I mean food stalls, kebab shops, food vans and the like. He has been doing this for as long as I have known him – so almost two years running. He normally kicks his day off at an upmarket café like Starbucks with some donuts and a large cappuccino. Lunch for him has some variety, but it has to include lots of meat or something equally filling and savoury. In the evening he likes treating himself to some ice cream or other sugary dish like pudding.

IELTS Speaking Test

I guess he took it up from the place he works at – a barber shop, that is. His colleagues are usually too busy to cook at home so they stuff their faces with street food whenever they get a chance. Admittedly, this lifestyle grew on me as well, although I do not indulge in food from street vendors nearly as often as he does. You see, he has become a living example of a binge eater.

Maybe they add something to the food that makes you crave it all the time. I am ready to give it the benefit of the doubt and assume it’s just incredibly tasty though. Oh, and another thing is the cost. It all adds up, and I’d wager he spends most of his salary to sustain this eating habits of his.

IELTS Speaking Test

In your opinion, what role does the media have in shaping our diets?

I’d say it first of all affects the more impressionable part of our society – mostly youngsters who are eager to jump at anything new. If young viewers see their favourite movie character chug Coke days on end it makes them want it as well. Subconsciously they strive to resemble the hero they look up to and the easiest way there is to copy their consumption habits. This is not always a thing of concern though because the opposite can be true as well. They might choose to better themselves, abstain from junk food and generally follow a more wholesome life when it comes to food.

Cooking shows is another vivid example of media affecting our choice of food. Those mostly promote healthy eating, artistic approach to cooking and nurture a more conscious vision of what we eat. I’d imagine that somebody might get inspired to turn cooking into their profession and make a living from it. But either way, my point still stands – the media can definitely sway our opinion in whichever direction it wants to.

IELTS Speaking Test

Should advertisements for unhealthy food be banned? Why or why not?

A lot of food sold today can be labeled as unhealthy. A more appropriate approach is to fully disclose how harmful certain foods can be. Maybe advertisers should take a hint from the practices some restaurants have where they list all the ingredients and highlight those that might cause an allergic reaction or be considered unhealthy by some customers. This way people who watch the ad will be fully aware of possible consequences before making a decision to buy it.

Ironically, even if the state wanted to ban junk food advertising, they would think twice before doing that. First of all, companies that make such foodstuffs have enormous profits and thus contribute greatly to state budget through taxes. Secondly, these companies have rather strong lobbies and thus have considerable leverage when it comes to legislation that can make or break their businesses. Finally, it would be possible for them to circumvent such bans by means of product placement, celebrity endorsements and other methods of guerilla marketing.

IELTS Speaking Test

Do you think films and TV-series should promote healthy eating?

Yeah, I definitely think that way. As I have stated previously, people can be easily influenced to do one’s bidding. It is often the case that said people simply don’t know what’s better for them. They instead need role models on the blue screen to set an example that can be followed. Make TV characters eat more vegetables, have them give up fizzy drinks and alcohol, show their disdain for drugs and smoking and you end up with people following in their footsteps. With healthier population everybody wins – people have increased productivity, they create more value and pay more taxes and that in turn improves everyone’s welfare.

IELTS Speaking Test


BEST IELTS Speaking Test, 20th March

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