BEST IELTS Speaking Test, 16th April

BEST IELTS Speaking Test, 16th April

IELTS Speaking Test

What is your full name?

My name is Karan Shah.

How may I address you?

You may address me as Karan.

May I see your ID?

Sure, here it is.

BEST IELTS Speaking Test, 16th April

IELTS Speaking Test

Do you like shopping for new clothes?

Yes Of course! I love shopping for new clothes. Buying clothes makes me happy and it is the only kind of shopping that I enjoy. I often go for shopping when I do some remarkable work and reward myself with new clothes.

About how much money do you spend on clothes a year?

I don’t remember the exact amount, but I think I usually spend around 10,000 to 15,000 Indian Rupees in a year on clothes and I believe that is the minimum amount that an Indian girl spends on her clothing.

Do people dress the same when they are depressed as they do when they are very happy?

I feel people dress up differently when they are in different moods. Such as when people are happy they wear bright and colourful clothes, and they actually try to look better than usual. For instance people are most happy when it’s their birthday or some family function, so they try to look best. On the other hand, when people are depressed, they don’t make many efforts to look good.

IELTS Speaking Test

What do you think about men who wear earrings?

I think it is completely their personal choice to wear earrings. Fashion is all about comfort and if men are comfortable with that, we should not judge them. Fashion has no gender. Wearing earrings is their way of expressing their sense of fashion.

How often do you eat chocolate?

I do not eat chocolate very often. I eat chocolate once or twice a month. Usually I like dark chocolate, which is not very sweet.

What’s your favorite flavor?

My favorite flavor is Cadbury’s dark delight.

IELTS Speaking Test

Is chocolate expensive in India?

Yes chocolate is expensive in India, especially the chocolate of foreign brands, which is available here.

When was the first time you ate chocolate?

I don’t remember exactly, but I have been eating chocolate since I was very small.

Is chocolate popular in India?

Yes, chocolate is very popular in India. We can get all varieties of Indian and imported chocolate.

IELTS Speaking Test

I am from a fairly small non-descript town, so honestly we don’t have too many buildings worth noting. One that comes to mind is the one currently used as a museum of contemporary art. The building itself was erected in the middle of last century. It stands three storeys high in the historical part of our town, with beautifully-laid brickwork that has really stood the test of time. The real beauty of this building is that it blends in nicely with the rest of the street, discreet and dignified.

IELTS Speaking Test

It usually hosts exhibitions, mostly by local artists. Admission is always free so anyone is welcome to come look at the exhibits of representative art. Normally we don’t get any big names coming and hence not many people outside of our town know about the museum.

It’s a shame really because it really deserves more exposure and coverage by the media. However, maybe it is better to keep it the way it is, a hidden gem. It might help preserve the special charm it has now.

IELTS Speaking Test

In your opinion, what are the differences between people living in cities and in the countryside?

The differences are glaringly evident from the get-go. Urbanites are much more approachable as they are always surrounded by others. When you have people around you all the time it is easier to establish new social connections. Rural folks live in more secluded communities so a new person for them is a rare sight. Naturally, they might feel apprehensive towards newcomers.

However, their bond and friendship seems to be much stronger because of the general sense of community. Conversely, connection of people in the city is more superficial because of its fleeting nature. They might not feel inclined to stay in touch with somebody because there are many other people around, so friendship might be seen as something disposable.

Another important point to make is the difference in life experience. Rural folks have more practical skills and knowledge – because they have to do most things themselves. They can fix a roof, milk a cow and raise crops. Most citizens’ skills are focused around their profession, so they have a very limited array of them. All this means is that the countryside people are more adaptable in the hunter-gatherer sense.

IELTS Speaking Test

What can be done to make people living in cities feel more in touch with the nature?

People have to go back to basics to reclaim the sense of belonging, being one with the nature. One way to do so is to give up cars and walk and cycle to places. It helps get the feeling of scale, understand how huge modern cities are and how much time it really takes to get anywhere. It also makes you appreciate what little of nature modern cities still have – trees, bushes, birds. This should in turn encourage you to be more nature-conscious to preserve the remainder of urban wildlife.

This might seem a bit too far-fetched for some. A more down-to-earth approach is to adopt a pet. When you have a cat meowing next to you it serves as a living reminder of beautiful things in our lives. Caring for an animal brings you closer to nature and creates a sense of purpose. On a side note, it also makes you feel less lonely in the concrete jungle of modern cities.

IELTS Speaking Test

In your opinion, what is the most effective way to reduce pollution in cities?

To tackle the issue of urban areas pollution we might want to rethink how cities work. The majority of air pollution comes from cars – that is a well-known fact. So one can either reduce the amount of cars on the roads or shorten the distance they have to cover. The former can be achieved by evenly spreading the traffic load over wider range of vehicles – buses, trams, bicycles.

Carpooling is a great option too, but not many might be down to that. The latter – shorter commutes that is – is more difficult to implement as it would mean forcing people to live closer to their place of work or study. This is a rather extreme regulation, but it can be slowly enacted nonetheless.

Finally, the state could impose carbon offset fees for those unable to give up on driving a car. They could pay for the pollution they generate and the money could then be used for funding environmental projects. Overall, the matter of city pollution is not an easy one and compromises are inevitable. Everyone has to work together to resolve this crisis that is getting more serious.

IELTS Speaking Test


BEST IELTS Speaking Test, 16th April

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IELTS Speaking Test

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