BEST IELTS Writing Task 2, 11th March

BEST IELTS Writing Task 2, 11th March

IELTS Writing Task 2

It is irrefutable that advertising does not have that much impact now as it used to be on individuals. While, I think, this phenomena leads to pessimistic outcome. Which will be explicated in the subsequent segments.

Commencing with the pre-eminent reason that why people are not really lured by advertisement is their hectic schedule. To make it more precise, as it is obvious that they are busy in their professional workings as well as studies. Therefore, it is less likely that masses pay attention towards ads. Secondly, producers and advertisers tend to exaggerate the benefits and downplay the negativity. Thus, consumers get disappointed when their expectations are not fulfilled. Gradually, advertising become less significant in affecting people’s buying decisions as they have lost importance in it.

Moreover, most of the time buyers go online and compare not only quality of product but also prices instead of being influenced by advertising only. To explain it, individuals who are always on internet are found searching product’s information by which they can see reviews and consider it more trustworthy and objective. While, in past pupils were relied on advertisement.

In conclusion, due to sedentary lifestyle and being less productive, ads are more likely to have low potential at present. Also, online research makes it worthless for consumers itself.


BEST IELTS Writing Task 2, 11th March

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