BEST IELTS Writing Task 2, 19th July

BEST IELTS Writing Task 2, 19th July


IELTS Writing Task 2,


Some people regard eating meat as completely wrong.

To what extent do you agree?


Vegetarian diets have become very popular as a lifestyle choice in recent years. I personally believe there are several arguments in favour of vegetarianism: health issues, the ethical/religious argument and environmental factors.

One of the most controversial issues of recent years has been the increase in the number of health scares related to the food industry. One example in the UK was Mad Cow Disease and there are many others which we are less aware of these are obvious reasons to avoid meat. Furthermore, the health benefits of vegetarianism include lower risks of heart disease and cancers such as colon cancer. The risk of obesity and high blood pressure is also reduced.

In addition to the health issues, many people choose vegetarianism because they feel that we should treat animals in a humane way. A number of religions, including Buddhism and Judaism, have teachings on the humane treatment of animals or strict rules about diet. Some people say that animals have rights and we shouldn’t make them suffer. Chickens, for instance, are often kept in crowded rooms of tiny cages (called “battery farms”), which leads to ill-health, short life-span and distress.

Another reason for the increase in vegetarianism is a greater awareness of our impact on the environment. A well-documented problem is the global destruction of forests to provide pasture for meat production. Also, it is argued that raising animals for food is an inefficient way to feed the world population. For example, research shows that one acre of pasture produces approximately 165 pounds of beef, compared to 20,000 pounds of potatoes.

In conclusion, modern ideas about heath, environmental concerns and the ethical treatment of animals have persuaded an increasing number of people in recent years to tum away from a meat-based diet. I myself am vegetarian and believe the benefits far outweigh the restrictions.


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BEST IELTS Writing Task 2, 19th July

IELTS Writing Task 2

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