Common Mistakes in IELTS Reading and Listening

Common Mistakes in IELTS

A number of frequent errors are made by students, which lowers their final grade. Since these errors may be fixed with easy fixes, we’ll talk about the top four faults made in the listening and reading sections of the IELTS today.

 1. Errors in the Listening Section of the IELTS “Transferring” responses: Ten minutes are given at the end of the IELTS Listening test to transfer your responses to the answer sheet. To prevent distraction, you should write the answers on the question paper.

The issue now arises when pupils copy responses quickly onto the answer sheet. They frequently make spelling, grammar, punctuation, and occasionally even shuffle the answers in an attempt to finish the assignment quickly, which costs them points.

Common Mistakes in IELTS

Solutions: – You should write and practice spelling words in English every day throughout your practice period. Learn to spell some of the most frequent and challenging words in English by heart.

– Given the ten-minute time limit on the exam, practice precisely copying your answer on the sheet. You won’t feel hurried and will be able to replicate your responses with ease. To achieve a high score, heed some preparation advice.

Common Mistakes in IELTS

Breaking the word limit restriction

You can be given a question type in the IELTS listening section where you have to fill in the blanks. You must listen to the audio and then write down the necessary details.

A word limit, such as “no more than two words,” is specified for this type of query. You must follow the instructions to determine the word limit. If you write more than the allotted word limit, you will be fined.

Common Mistakes in IELTS

Grammatically incorrect responses:

You may provide grammatically incorrect replies when filling in the blanks.

Once you have the correct information, evaluate your response to see if it fits the term or not. Use the appropriate word (noun, adjective, verb, etc.) whenever possible.

Absent responses:

Sometimes you miss the answer because you don’t comprehend the recording. What would you do in this circumstance? Are you going to ignore the question?

Common Mistakes in IELTS

Not at all! Especially for multiple-choice questions, you should write something. In this manner, you stand a possibility to receive some points.

2. Reading Section Errors on the IELTS

Too much time spent trying to find the solution:

You have 60 minutes to complete the 40 questions on the reading test, which translates to 1.5 minutes for each question. This is a very little time so do not spend too much time on a tough question. If you don’t find any answer just leave it and move on to the next inquiry. If you still have time after the exam, go return to the question and attempt to answer it. 

Common Mistakes in IELTS

You cannot afford to put off answering challenging issues for longer. You will waste valuable time on more difficult questions if you become stuck on just one.

Blindly aligning heads with paragraphs:

You must match a heading in a match the heading question type to the relevant segment of the text. Completing this material while reading is challenging because it is of a somewhat challenging sort. It could be simpler, though, if you chose the heads after reading the text through to the end.

Common Mistakes in IELTS

Without reading the entire piece, it is almost hard to determine which heading is correct because you won’t understand what the material is all about and will instead become confused. Following your reading of the passage, you should eliminate any headings that are irrelevant and cannot be used at all from the possibilities.

Many thanks 🙂

Common Mistakes in IELTS


Common Mistakes in IELTS Reading and Listening

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