HOW TO WRITE BEST Pie Chart Task 1

HOW TO WRITE BEST Pie Chart Task 1
pie chart task 1

HOW TO WRITE pie chart task 1


Writing task 1, which has various types of IELTS writing. Hence, one of them is Pie Chart. Today’s article is all about to help you in writing Pie Chart in an effective manner.

When it comes to the writing of Pie Chart, you are required to wary of the following steps to score higher in this type. 

Must pen down the introduction when describing the particular chart, you should always commence the task with an introduction. Introduction could be wrapped in two or three sentences, as it’s s just the statement that is being paraphrased. Paraphrase the question in an impressive manner. In an introduction must point the two highlights: 

Pie Chart Task 1

1. What precisely the chart is showing? 

2. The time period. 


Next paragraph is of covering the general, basic overview of the pie chart. For this you need to choose primary key features of the given chart and explain them particularly. In this, you can first mention the smallest or the biggest section along with this at the second point you can figure out the ones that didn’t changed over the period of time. Do write the significant changes in task. 

Mentioning Certain Details

While writing last paragraph, you will write specific details. You can divide them in two or three sections. When writing this particular data one can easily note down the sector in which the amount is increased or reached at the peak point. In the second paragraph one can mention the sector that remain constant/remain stable. Added to that one must also mention the sector which faces decline. 

Pie Chart Task 1


Well, there are several points that need to be noted while writing this chart. 

Whenever you start writing must look at the tense in which you are going to write. It means you need to understand, if the pie chart is in the present form so you must note the task with the present tense only. If it is in the past, then your explanation should be in the past tense. 

Word limit should not exceed than 150. It might get rejected, otherwise. Don’t write with excessive content so as to impress the examiner. 

Many times, comparing the two charts is somewhere easy rather than explaining the single details of one chart. So, you must focus on every single detail of the chart. The data you would write in the task must be accurate, i.e. matching with the pie chart. Candidates need to be careful at a great extent. So, take a clear look on the question given. 

Pie Chart Task 1


• Carefully read the heading and data labels so that you understand the main details included and can write a better explanation. 

• Don’t forget to refer the chart which you are going to explain. 

• Show comparison in the subsequent paragraphs. You should write various similarities and differences while describing. 

• Vocabulary should be appropriately used in the task. Use words to relate the data, words like ‘related to’, ‘connected to’ and so on. 

• Commonly, the greatest part in the pie chart is essential. You can skip the sections that will have “other” if you do not have much time, and if the word count is already more than 150 words.

•Prefer to use the different words to describe percentages and proportions. 

•Don’t write down the information that is not shown in the pie chart. 

•Lay focus on the tenses so as to write in accurate sentences and with accurate grammar.

So, this is all about the IELTS Pie Chart. You can use the above mentioned structure and tips to write effectively. 


pie chart task 1


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HOW TO WRITE BEST Pie Chart Task 1

pie chart task 1

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