IELTS Listening Part – 4

IELTS Listening Part - 4 

IELTS Listening Part – 4

In this today article, we would be giving some strategies to solve the IELTS listening part four which seems very helpful in to everyone during their listening time. 

A lecture or other types of talks on academic subjects will be played for you in IELTS Listening Part 4.

There are several ways by which you can polish up your skills related to the IELTS, listening part 4. The best way to do that is to imagine yourself in a classroom where an academic content would be delivered. There are plethora of subjects which were discussed in universities as well as colleges and different topics were taught. If we classify is from sociology ranging from Sociology to Physics and from Literature to Food Technology. Added to this, you just need to focus on the topic which is going to be discussed. You are expected to understand a lecture given on an academic subject just like a university student would.

If we talk about the audio, which is between 5 and 8 minutes long, may be arcane in nature for some, a high school-level student should be able to figure out the meaning even if the topic is unfamiliar.

IELTS Listening Part – 4 

In this section all the candidates will listen to 

A monologue speech. There will be just a single speaker in IELTS Listening Part 4. Unlike the other parts, the entire audio is played without breaks. You have to read all the questions at once before the audio begins playing. You mainly get note completion questions in IELTS Listening Section 4.

Focus on transition words and phrases in the audio helps to orient yourself according to the IELTS Listening Part 4 question paper. Even if you get distracted during the lecture, you might find your way back by listening for transitions.  

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Thank You 🙂

IELTS Listening Part – 4 


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IELTS Listening Part - 4

IELTS Listening Part – 4 

IELTS Listening Part – 4 

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