IELTS Listening Short Answer Questions

IELTS Listening Short Answer Questions

There are many different kinds of listening questions on the IELTS, and short response questions are frequently asked. These questions need you to read the question and use the information from the listening audio to produce a brief response (word limit as instructed). This kind is meant to assess your abilities to create the content within the allotted word count.

The narrator may initially mislead you in an attempt to confuse you; these are known as distractor statements. Later, they will correct themselves and provide you with accurate information. You ought to be perceptive enough to identify accurate information and rule out incorrect information. We’ll talk about how to respond to short answer questions on the IELTS listening section today.

IELTS Listening Short Answer Questions

You may simply respond to a short answer question by using a few basic techniques and advice.

1. Carefully read the questions.

Before the audio tape begins in each section, you have a little window of opportunity to read the questions. Make the most of your time by thoroughly reading the question and the options provided to gain a sense of the subject and the keywords. The basis for the following two steps is laid by this phase.

2: Highlight Important Terms

After reading the questions through, highlight the important terms. To save time, you can highlight them as you read the questions. In case you are unfamiliar with the keywords, these are the key phrases that require your attention when listening to the audio. You can find the word more quickly by underlining it while you listen to the instruction.

IELTS Listening Short Answer Questions

3. Be Aware of Question Words

Observe the question terms as well, such as Where, What, and Why. This will assist you in writing the appropriate kind of response. For instance, you should be on the lookout for the explanation if the query contains the word “Why.” If there is a location, you should go there. Ignoring the question mark will make it more likely that you will find other kinds of information and that your response will be incorrect. Remember that you have 20 seconds to finish the three steps listed above.

4: Crucial Details

Focus as the audio starts since you won’t hear the tape again because once the information is gone, it’s gone forever. Pay attention, pick out the important details from the audio, and discard the rest. How are you going to pinpoint the important details? Typically, the narrator begins with the unimportant details before providing the important ones. For instance, when does the center open?

Here, WHEN and OPEN are the keywords, therefore you must determine the time. The narrator can remark, “Due to high traffic last year, we had to open the center from 6:00 am to 5:00 pm. Later in the year, we extended our hours to 7:00 pm. However, this time, we originally planned to open at 7:00 am but ultimately decided at 8:00 am.” The speaker blasted you with a lot of misinformation or distractions before providing the precise time—8:00 am—at the end. Thus, to receive the correct response, you must be vigilant.

IELTS Listening Short Answer Questions

5. Provide a precise response to the questions.

Although it may seem obvious, a lot of applicants lose important points due to careless notes, particularly when copying answers from the answer sheet. Some people even lose points for handwriting or spelling errors. It’s advised to write in all capital letters to solve this issue. Additionally, you should be proficient in writing dates and numbers on the IELTS listening test. Another thing to remember is to never leave a question unanswered; if you lack information, you should rely on guesswork.

Many thanks 🙂

IELTS Listening Short Answer Questions


IELTS Listening Short Answer Questions

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IELTS Listening Short Answer Questions

IELTS Listening Short Answer Questions

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