Improve IELTS Reading skills by Reading Newspaper

Improve IELTS Reading skills by Reading Newspaper

Three lengthy passages are provided for IELTS Reading, most of which are taken from journals, papers, and articles. In one hour, you will have to answer forty questions based on the provided excerpts. It is extremely difficult, but not impossible, to read nearly 6000 words, comprehend sections, and provide answers to 40 questions in 60 minutes. Your reading comprehension and speed of reading should be quite high in order to finish the reading test on time. Reading newspapers can help to strengthen and improve these abilities.

Why the newspaper, must be your question. The reading practice test is a source of boredom for many IELTS candidates, and they may even pay for the newest content. However, newspapers can be found online for free, and reading them improves vocabulary, reading speed, and familiarity with current events that can help with writing and speaking. To improve your reading score, you should read the newspaper, but you should also follow the strategies listed below for How to Read the Newspaper to Improve Your IELTS Reading Score.

Improve IELTS Reading skills

1. Regularly read

If you truly want to learn something from newspapers, you should practice every day since it’s necessary to reach your goal. I’m not advocating that you read the newspaper for six or seven hours every day, but at least fifteen to twenty minutes every day, five or six days a week.

2. Maintain Concentration

It is essential to maintain concentration when reading because losing focus will prevent you from benefiting from the material because your reading pace will slow down and you won’t be able to comprehend the main points of the news. Here, I would also want to add that the language used in the papers is just what students need to perform well on the IELTS because it is neither overly official nor colloquial.

Improve IELTS Reading skills

3. Take action after reading this?

Certain aspects of language, such as word order and collocation, are easily learned by passive practice but are not amenable to active learning. While mastering the skill takes time, reading newspapers is a fantastic passive learning activity. It is advised you read the paper and then write or speak what you have read in order to get the most out of the exercise. This will boost your chances of remembering the material when you practice on your own.

4. Read for overall understanding.

Because of how complex the terminology used in the news is, it’s probable that you won’t grasp every word. The primary goal is to comprehend the news in its entirety; if, at the conclusion, you are able to grasp its essential concepts, then you have succeeded. Therefore, don’t give up reading because you think you don’t grasp anything.

Improve IELTS Reading skills

A Few Other Pointers to Remember About the Reading Test:

– Since there are no deductions for incomplete answers, you should answer every question.

 You are welcome to take notes on your question paper, but remember that only your response sheet will be reviewed, so make sure you copy or write your answers there as well.

– You should write TRUE or FALSE for the True/False questions instead of writing “T” or “F.”

– Not all questions have a clear answer.

– Comply with the guidelines provided.

– Recognize various question formats and methodologies

– Be mindful of the time.

Improve IELTS Reading skills

We hope you found these tips helpful please your views and suggestions in the comment section. We wish you luck for the test.

Many thanks 🙂


Improve IELTS Reading skills by Reading Newspaper

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Improve IELTS Reading skills

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