Top 5 Public Speaking Tips for Beginners

Top 5 Public Speaking Tips for Beginners
Top 5 Public Speaking Tips for Beginners

Top 5 Public Speaking Tips for Beginners

It is true that public speaking is threatening for the people even for the professionals who have a great experience.

However, the main thing is that this article brings some simple strategies to deduct your fear, inculcate self-confidence and seem like you’re a good presenter- in case you feel it’s impossible.

Maintain proper eye contact

When it comes to create a confident presentation, making eye contact with the audience is superior thing which you can do for yourself. If you’re on stage and glued properly to the notes not with the listeners then it take a lot of time to connect your message to public and you get nervous easily. It is researched that eye contact with the audience enable them to acquire better, remember and create decisions about what you’re saying.

Top 5 Public Speaking Tips for Beginners

Avoid using fillers

The biggest mistake that amateurs do is delivering their presentation full of “uhhh”, ” Ummm”, “yyyy”. Peppering your presentation with these fillers symbolises that you’re not as prepared as you could be and it makes your talk difficult to listen to. By practicing hard, you can overcome this habit. The more you familiarize yourself with the material, the less these words will teem out of your mouth.


Professionals and non-professionals make the similar mistake of focusing all of their presentation on their content and not sufficient on how they are going to deliver it. You might have the best message but if you stuck, no one will receive it properly. Hence, you just need to allocate much time for rehearsing according to their content. Set your mind to the tone, where you can pause for emphasis, and when to take breaks for audiences question and comments.

Less is more

Same as you, your audience doesn’t want to sit through a lengthy and meandering presentation. Build proper focus to edit content by having main points, the less you should say about your topic, whereas your message still delivered better. If you’re trying to say too much, the best trick is to try to say what your presentation is about just using one sentence.

Use body language

Your body language is highly important when it comes to both how confident you feel and how confident you look. If you want to command the room, you’re surely not going to do it with bad body posture, downturned shoulders. Instead, keep your shoulders back, hold your head up and don’t be afraid to move about the room. Doing this helps you to make feel more confident, relaxed and comfortable as well.

Apply these above mentioned tips to your presentation prep and you can bet the whole experience will be a lot easier than you thought.


Top 5 Public Speaking Tips for Beginners


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Top 5 Public Speaking Tips for Beginners

Top 5 Public Speaking Tips for Beginners

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