How to write an Overview in IELTS Task 1

write an Overview in IELTS Task 1

IELTS writing Because Task 1 in Academic and General Training has fewer bands than Task 2, it is seen as less significant. Task 1 has its own score as well, and if we don’t answer it correctly, we won’t get the results we want.

Speaking of which, the summary is the most crucial component of any written work, be it a report or an essay. It is a synopsis of the key elements found in a procedure, map, graph, chart, or assay. It often consists of two to three phrases and appears in the second paragraph of an essay; in reports, it appears in the opening paragraph. You cannot complete writing tasks with seven or more bands without it.

What does the examiner looking for?

An overview is the mirror that demonstrates your ability to select the most crucial data from a graph or chart. The overview is the first section of your work the examiner looks at while reviewing your writing because it tells him about your level of comprehension. Your chances of receiving good bands rise if you presented the summary in an impressive manner.

write an Overview in IELTS Task 1

An overview: what is it?

Let’s first clarify what an overview actually is. To do this, we will use a question from the task 1, which is always the same, as an example.

Summarize the information by selecting and reporting the main features, and make comparisons where relevant.

We simply need to give a summary of the key feature—not a lengthy one—as the question makes clear. The platform where you accomplish this is called an overview, and it involves picking a few of the most important elements from the graph or chart and summarizing them. Here, bear in mind that you should present the broad picture and refrain from endorsing any particular viewpoint; instead, stick to the statistics presented in the graph.

write an Overview in IELTS Task 1

Which main features to be selected?

The fundamental query that emerges in this situation is how to choose or what key elements should be chosen in order to compose an overview. First, we must examine the two primary types of charts and graphs: static and dynamic.

Static charts, on the other hand, display data at a single moment in time, whereas dynamic charts display data over a period of time. This will influence the kind of information we choose.

Among the features of the dynamic graph type that stand out are: – What does the data do from beginning to end?

Do they often increase or decrease, or do they fluctuate?

Is there anything that stands out from the overall pattern?

– Overall rise or fall?

– High points and low points?

write an Overview in IELTS Task 1

When examining static graphs, we ought to consider the following:

– Which values are the highest and lowest?

Which changes are the easiest to notice?

– Are there any parallels?

– Are there any notable exceptions?

If you’re still having trouble with the overview, here are some suggestions.

write an Overview in IELTS Task 1

What about conclusion?

Your thoughts or opinions regarding the supplied statement are expressed in the conclusion. Task 1 does not require a conclusion because you are not expected to provide your personal view or thoughts, while task 2 requires one.

I hope this post is helpful to you. From now on, when you do assignment 1, you should absolutely focus on the overview and attempt to write in a way that will wow the teacher in order to get good grades.

Leave a comment with your thoughts. Requests are always appreciated.

Many Thanks 🙂

write an Overview in IELTS Task 1


How to write an Overview in IELTS Task 1

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write an Overview in IELTS Task 1

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