BEST IELTS Academic Writing Task 1, 5th March

BEST IELTS Academic Writing Task 1, 5th March

IELTS Academic Writing Task 1
IELTS Academic Writing Task 1

The maps detail changes to a town called Lynnfield between 1936 and 2007. Looking from an overall perspective, it is readily apparent that the town became more residential, commercial, and accessible at the expense of natural land, agriculture and smaller shops.

In 1936, to the northwest and northeast of the town were several trees and a river surrounded by untouched land. By 2007, the number of trees had declined and the land around the river became a residential area. To the southwest of the town, a cycling path was turned into a road for cars and on the opposite side of the map a museum and golf course replaced government offices and farm land.

In terms of the center of the town itself, there was a post office, sweet shop and butcher’s in a single row with a lane separating those businesses from the flower shop, bank and library. In 2007, only the bank (slightly expanded in size), library, and post office remained the same. The flower shop had by then been removed in favor of a travel agent, there was a shopping center in the previously unoccupied space between businesses, and the sweet shop and butcher’s were combined and transformed into a large supermarket.


BEST IELTS Academic Writing Task 1, 5th March

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