BEST IELTS Speaking Test, 5th March

BEST IELTS Speaking Test, 5th March

IELTS Speaking Test

What is your full name?

My full name is Mehta Sharma.

How may I address you?

You may address me as Mehta.

May I see your ID?

Sure, here it is.

IELTS Speaking Test

Do you think you are an ambitious person?

Absolutely! I’ve always been one to reach for the stars and never settle for less. I firmly believe in setting high goals and working relentlessly to achieve them. I’m always driven to push my limits and strive for success.

Are you the kind of person who sticks to your goals and dreams?

Without a doubt! Once I set my mind on something, I’m determined to see it through. I firmly believe in staying focused and persevering even in the face of challenges. I’m not one to easily give up on my goals and dreams; instead, I consistently work towards them with unwavering dedication.

IELTS Speaking Test

What is your dream job?

My dream job is to be a trailblazing entrepreneur. I aspire to establish my own business and make a significant impact in the industry. I envision creating innovative solutions, leading a dynamic team, and contributing to the growth and development of society through my entrepreneurial ventures.

Do you have any other ambitions or dreams?

Yes, definitely! Alongside my dream of becoming an entrepreneur, i have a burning passion for environmental conservation. I dream of actively participating in initiatives that promote sustainability and preserve our planet for future generations. I’m motivated to contribute to the global effort of creating a greener and more sustainable world.

IELTS Speaking Test

Did you learn about outer space and stars at school?

Yeah, I definitely learned about outer space and stars in school. We studied a lot of different topics in science class, and I remember learning about the solar system, the different planets, and the stars. It was always one of my favorite subjects and I found it really fascinating to learn about the vastness of the universe and the mysteries it holds.

Would you like to travel to outer space?

Oh man, that would be an amazing experience! I would love to travel to outer space and see what it’s like first hand. It would definitely be a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity and something that I would never forget.

IELTS Speaking Test

Do you think it’s important to study the stars?

I definitely think it’s important to study the stars. There’s just so much that we don’t know about the universe and the stars are such a big part of it. Studying the stars can help us to better understand the world around us and the forces that shape it. It can also help us to appreciate the beauty and wonder of the universe and to feel more connected to it.

Would you like to travel to outer space?

Oh man, that would be an amazing experience! I would love to travel to outer space and see what it’s like first hand. It would definitely be an once-in-a-lifetime opportunity and something that I would never forget.

IELTS Speaking Test

IELTS Speaking Test

Swimming is a very good exercise and essential for keeping good health. So, I regularly swim at the local swimming club here in France. The club comes up with some special facilities for its swimmers. It is a great opportunity indeed to share the experience.

This is an outdoor and public pool and provides the required facilities for the local swimmers. But to practice swimming at this pool, one needs to follow some strict rules and regulations. The pool Piscine Municipale is located at the Avenue Jules Greco in Antibes in France. This is a spacious swimming pool. It is a few minutes walks from my place.

So, I usually visit this pool at different times of the day. A notable number of people use the swimming pool regularly, and this remains crowded round the day. The changing rooms and showers also appear admiring to me.

IELTS Speaking Test

Being a public swimming pool, it is always crowded. If you want to use the pool perfectly, you will need to move in some specific time of the day. Early morning is the best time to move to the swimming pool. Earlier, I used to go in the evening and experienced some unusual situations. I have found a large group of people in the pool and they are passionate about swimming. The accommodation was really difficult despite the pool being a spacious one.

After that, I go swimming early in the morning. It is convenient for me. I swim for around one hour. But when I have to attend my class at the university, I swim in the late evening hours   though it is difficult for me to occupy a swimming space at the pool at that time. Usually, I go alone for swimming. But sometimes my younger accompanies me.

He is also a great swimmer and swims well than me. I have taken swimming as a way to keep myself fit. I have to remain busy round the day with my academic studies and projects. So, I cannot manage time for other physical activities. We all know that health is wealth. It is wise to do some physical movements for better health. Besides, physical exercises also help to keep the mind fresh.

IELTS Speaking Test

Hence, I decided to swim. Sometimes, during the evening hours, I ask some of my friends to accompany me to the pool. They also come with me but cannot continue swimming for long as they have not practiced like me. I took my dad one morning to swim, and he was happy after the event. But he also is unable to manage time for his occupational engagements. As a result, I move for swimming on my own and I welcome it if someone accompanies me.

This is a favorite location for me for some reason. First of all, this is a very spacious swimming pool. I also do not need to pay any charges for using the pool which is another advantage for me (certainly I would have paid if they asked for).

Besides, this is the nearest swimming pool from my residence. Hence, I do not need to use my car to reach the location. Parking is a bit troublesome here, and I am not to bother about that. Another advantage of this location is that I can be here at any time of the day. Based on all such reasons, I prefer this location too much though there are many other options left for me.

IELTS Speaking Test

Should children learn how to swim?

I think that boy children should learn how to swim, and that too as early as possible. Water is all around us, even if it is a bathtub. Children should be comfortable with water. Secondly, swimming is a fun activity. If children were given this opportunity, they would do it readily. This will also keep them physically fit. As it is, childhood obesity is on the rise. Many modern schools have swimming pools in their campuses.

Who can teach swimming well?

Swimming can be taught by swimming instructors, who themselves know swimming very well. It is important that the instructor is certified by the proper authorities.

Why can swimming help people become healthier?

Swimming can help people become healthier as it is a low-impact aerobics exercise. Swimming also releases endorphins, which aid in mental health. The joint movement made in water has been seen to prevent and cure arthritis.

IELTS Speaking Test


BEST IELTS Speaking Test, 5th March

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IELTS Speaking Test

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