BEST IELTS General Writing Task 1, 13th January

BEST IELTS General Writing Task 1, 13th January

IELTS General Writing Task 1

Dear Sir or Madam,

My name is Andy Fowler, and I live in an apartment in the south block of the Stavrolia Apartment complex, operated by your agency.  And the reason, for which, I am writing this letter to you is that I want to renew the rental agreement for another two years since my current lease agreement is about to expire in the next couple of months. 

I have been living in this apartment complex for the last two years, and my entire family have enjoyed living here since the day we arrived here because it is a nice neighbourhood.  But, the main reason, for which, I want to renew my rental agreement is that a major highway has recently been built, close to this apartment complex, which cuts my commuting time to work to almost half.  

By the way, I would also like to include a new term in the contract which should say that I will not be using the laundry facility of this apartment complex since I have got my own laundry machine now.  So please deduct this service cost from my monthly charges. 

I would like to request that please renew my lease agreement for another two years with the new term in it at your earliest convenience. 

Yours faithfully,


BEST IELTS General Writing Task 1, 13th January

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