BEST IELTS Speaking Interview, 19th October

BEST IELTS Speaking Interview, 19th October


IELTS Speaking Interview



What is your full name?

My full name is Casio Smac.

How may I address you?

You may address me as Casio.

May I see your ID?

Sure, here it is.

IELTS Speaking Interview

What is your favourite dish?

There are numerous dishes to choose from, all of which are delectable due to the restaurant’s inclination. Most importantly, I enjoy Mexican food.

Have you always had a preference for the same foods?

I don’t believe I eat the same type of food all year because I prefer to eat different foods as the seasons and meteorology change.

Do you have any food preferences?

Well, I enjoy all types of food, including habitual and fast food. As a result, there is no food that I dislike.

IELTS Speaking Interview

Can you describe a typical meal in your country?

Rice is a favourite food of all tribes in my home country of Nigeria. Every country prepares it in a unique way.

Are you eating a healthy diet?

Yes, I am a health-conscious individual, so I always try to consume healthy foods such as fruits and exotic vegetables. I also prepare a balanced diet chart that I adhere to on a daily basis.

How do you feel about fast food?

To be honest, I enjoy fast food and believe that everyone else does as well, because eating home-cooked meals on a daily basis is difficult.

Which meal of the day do you consider to be the most important?

Breakfast is consistently referred to as the most important meal of the day in my opinion. It gives us energy for the day. I believe that eating high-calorie, nutritious foods for breakfast will boost our energy and metabolism throughout the day.

IELTS Speaking Interview

How about trying some new foods?

I am a huge foodie who enjoys trying new foods and feeling engendered. For example, I recently tried a Korean dish with a lot of exotic vegetables that was also very healthy.

Who usually prepares food in your household?

My mother is the one who cooks and creates new cuisines for my family.

Where do you usually eat?

I usually eat at home. Apart from that, I eat outside occasionally with my family or friends. 

IELTS Speaking Interview

Do you believe it is necessary to learn to cook?

I am a firm believer that cooking is requisite for everyone for a variety of reasons. To begin with, cooking ability helps us as we age to prepare food for our loved ones, and most importantly, if one moves abroad for studies, this ability will assist them in surviving in an non-native country. So we must learn to cook as early as possible.

Have your eating habits changed in recent years? If so, how so?

Yes, my eating habits have changed in the last few years. I used to eat clutter, but now I eat greens and pure home-cooked food, and it has helped me stay healthy for years.

IELTS Speaking Interview


Talk about something important you lost in the past

You should say:

– What you lost?

– How you lost it?

– Where you lost it?

And explain how you felt about it?


IELTS Speaking Interview

Life has all sorts of surprises for us which we keep getting from time to time. We find some of them overwhelming while some others make us sad and distressed. Today, I’ll like to talk about a mobile phone which I lost. I still remember that evening very well although it happened around ten years back.

I had gone to a local market that day to get some stationary for my upcoming exams. I stood on the counter and told the salesman to show me some gel pens and writing boards. I had my phone in my hand as I entered the shop but kept it on the counter to have a look at the stuff lying in front of me. In the meantime, a middle aged man also came there and asked for something. Then, he left in five minutes or so without purchasing anything. I didn’t sense anything at that time, I bought whatever I needed and paid the shopkeeper his due amount.

IELTS Speaking Interview

As I was about to leave, I just remembered to pick up my phone. All hell broke loose when my mobile was nowhere to be found. I searched all over the counter and even on the floor. The salesman told me that the man who entered the shop and left abruptly must be the thief. We tried to locate him on the street but he seemed to have vanished in the by lanes.

I just can’t explain that feeling when I lost something so dear to me. Certainly, I was shocked beyond words as right in front of my eyes someone took away my phone while I remained oblivion. Also, I was worried because all my contact numbers and other important details were in there. Then, I filed an FIR in the nearest police station and also called up my service provider to lock my SIM card.

This experience has made me more careful of my belongings and now I try to keep my phone as securely as possible.

IELTS Speaking Interview


What can we do to prevent losing important things?

Making a list and taking extra care of our possessions are the first steps we can take to avoid losing valuable items. We are able to maintain awareness of the items we are holding. We can only avoid losing things by paying attention. The only thing we can do to prevent losing things is this.

What would you do if you saw something valuable but didn’t belong to you on the street?

Finding the original owner of that particular valuable item is the first thing I would do. If it is an important thing purse, I would definitely report it to the nearest authorities or the police station so they can locate the owner and return the item. If it is a very valuable item, I would post an announcement in the local newspaper or on social media so the person can get in touch with me and retrieve the item from me.

IELTS Speaking Interview

What kinds of things have you lost so far?

Well, I frequently misplace items, and I often feel terrible about it. Once, I lost my purse and in addition to the money, it also included my identification documents. I also misplaced my lunchbox, phone, and other items.

What do you usually do to look for lost items?

The first thing I do when looking for a lost item is to get in touch with the local authority for the person in charge of the area. They can assist us with the item, and if it is found, they will definitely return it to us. I can also request a copy of any CCTV footage, which can really help me locate the item if it is lost or stolen.

IELTS Speaking Interview


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BEST IELTS Speaking Interview, 19th October

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IELTS Speaking Interview

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